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From Meare, Somerset United Kingdom

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Extended Profile

I have three passions (besides the DH and family);

gardening (when the weather allows);
reading (even more when the weather does not allow gardening!);
and our animals (any and all weathers).

I also enjoy walks in the country; good food and wine; evocative scents ranging from beautiful flowers or after-rain garden to ocean breeze or woodsmoke/bonfires; jewellery; artisan craft ~ especially wood and glass; and too many other things to mention in the woefully short amount of time I seem to have!

I am happy to swap for wishlist books from availables and/or TBR as funds allow. As I (along with most other Bookcrossers I know) seem to have a large TBR pile, I'm happy to quickly read a book from TBR if I can fit it in.
I also like the serendipity of RABCKs and NSS events. [Hint, I often find some of my 'wishes' whilst looking for NSS books, so do please check my lists.]
I am back on RABCK dot com since it has restarted, otherwise please pm for my details if required.

Please also note that some of the books on my shelf are from my DH who (not so) secretly shares my bookshelf and occasionally some specifically picked up for releasing by my sister (rainbow3) when she has no access to the internet.

My current Wish List is here on Bookcrossing (however, see below).

I had intended to run down Cliff's wishlist and just use the Bookcrossing one but I am still maintaining Cliff's wishlist (though not always in so timely a manner!). I am (normally) one of the "wingless" brigade, so there are things I cannot do, however, I do extensively use the Global Bookcrossing facility. Both wishlists were up to date 25 March 2015, but only the Bookcrossing one has been regularly updated since then.

Currently reading : Dr H E Stanton; The Plus Factor
And : Susan Orlean; The Orchid Thief (Book club) (stuck on this one!)
And :
And :
And :
And : Virginia Ironside; No! I don't want to join a Bookclub (Book Club)

Books read in 2017

Peter Ackroyd; The Limehouse Golem; October 2017 (SIY42)
Jeffrey Archer; Best Kept Secret; May 2017 (Book Club)
Mary Balogh; More than a Mistress; January 2017
M C Beaton; The Wicked Godmother; April 2017
Anne Berry; The Hungry Ghosts; January 2017 (Book Club)
Robin Blake; A Dark Anatomy; February 2017 (SIY39)
Stephanie Bond; 3 Men and a Body; June 2017
Rhys Bowen; Her Royal Spyness; October 2017 (SIY42)
William Boyd; Any Human Heart; March 2017 (SIY39)
Lilian Jackson Braun; The Cat who went Bananas; March 2017
Andrea Camilleri; The Paper Moon; March 2017
JoAnna Carl; The Chocolate Cat Caper; January 2017
JoAnna Carl; The Chocolate Bear Burglary; April 2017
Eve Chase; Black Rabbit Hall (SIY41)
Tracy Chevalier; Falling Angels; August 2017 (Book Club)
Laura Childs; Chamomile Mourning; September 2017
Jenny Colgan; Looking for Andrew McCarthy; July 2017
Nicola Cornick; Claimed by the Laird; January 2017
Lisa O'Donnell; The Death of Bees; January 2017 (SIY39)
Mark Douglas-Home; The Sea Detective; May 2017 (SIY40)
Carola Dunn; Dead in the Water; April 2017
Carola Dunn; Styx and Stones; April 2017 (SIY40)
Carola Dunn; Rattle His Bones; May 2017 (SIY40)
Carola Dunn; To Davy Jones Below; May 2017 (SIY40)
Carola Dunn; Buried in the Country; June 2017 (SIY40)
Kaitlin Dunnet; Kilt Dead; January 2017
Gillian Flynn; Gone Girl; February 2017 (SIY39)
Jasper FForde; One of our Thursdays is Missing; May 2017 (SIY40)
Jasper Fforde; The Woman Who Died a Lot; July 2017
Karen Joy Fowler; The Case of the Imaginary Detective; January 2017
Karen Joy Fowler; We are All completely Beside Ourselves; September 2017 (SIY41)
Diane Gaston; Bound by a Scandalous Secret; February 2017
Kate Griffin; The Glass God; August 2017 (SIY41)
Michele Giuttari; The Death of a Mafia Don; January 2017 (SIY39)
Gabrielle Grillo; WTF Knits; October 2017
Mohsin Hamid; Exit West; June 2017 (Book Club)
Erin Hart; Haunted Ground; October 2017 (SIY42)
Susan Hill; The Beacon; February 2017 (Book Club)
Victoria Hislop; The Thread; August 2017
Wendy Holden; Gifted and Talented; January 2017 (SIY39)
Sherrilyn Kenyon; Fantasy Lover; August 2017
Michael Kinsley; Old Age a Beginners Guide; June 2017 (SIY40)
Margo Lanagan; Black Juice; March 2017 (SIY39)
Daniel Mason; A Far Country ; October 2107 (Book Club)
Donna Leon; Acqua Alta; August 2017
Andrea Levy; Never Far From Nowhere; February 2017 (SIY39)
Debbie Macomber; Sweet Tomorrow; February 2017
Jillian Madison; Damn you, Autocorrect!; March 2017
Jill Mansell; Nadia knows Best; June 2017
Hilary Mantell; Every Day is Mothers Day; July 2017 (Book Club)
Henning Mankell; The Dogs of Riga; November 2017 (SIY42)
Henning Mankell; Italian Shoes; January 2017
George Mann; The Executioners Heart; March 2017
Edward Marston; The Railway Detective; April 2017
Edward Marston; The Excursion Train; April 2017 (SIY40)
Andrew Martin; Death on a Branch Line; April 2017 (SIY40)
Holly Martin; Christmas at Lilac Cottage; September 2017
Carole Matthews; The Chocolate Lovers Wedding; September 2017
Robin McKinley; Sunshine; January 2017 (SIY39)
Charlotte Mendelson; Almost English; April 2017 (Book Club) (SIY40)
Ted Meyer; The Butt Hello and other ways my cats drive me crazy; February 2017
Derek B Miller; Norwegian by Night; February 2017 (SIY39)
Rick Mofina; Vengeance Road; September 2017 (SIY41)
Mike Nicholson; Grimm; March 2017 (SIY39)
Maggie O'Farrell; The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox; September 2017 (Book Club)
Maggie O'Farrell; Instructions for a Heatwave; November 2017 (SIY42)
Robin Paige: Death at Gallows Green; May 2017 (SIY40)
Robin Paige: Death at Daisy's Folly; June 2017
Robin Paige; Death at Devils Bridge; August 2017
Robin Paige; Death at Rottingdean; August 2017
Robin Paige; Death at Whitechapel; August 2017
Robin Paige; Death at Epson Downs; August 2017
James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge; Step on a Crack; July 2017 (SIY41)
Zoe Pilger; Eat my Heart Out; October 2017
Terry Pratchett; Witches Abroad; January 2017
Janice Preston; The Governess's Secret Baby; February 2017
Caro Ramsey; Dark Water; February 2017 (SIY39)
Imogen Robertson; Anatomy of Murder; February 2017 (SIY39)
Donal Ryan; The Spinning Heart; March 2017 (Book Club)
Lynn Shepherd; Tom All Alone's; September 2017 (SIY41)
Nicholas Sparks; The Notebook; January 2017 (SIY39)
LaVyrle Spencer; The Hellion; January 2017
Rosie Thomas; Constance; July 2017 (SIY41)
Adriana Trigiani; Rococo; June 2017 (SIY40)
Christos Tsiolkas; The Slap; November 2017 (Book Club)
Bruno Vincent; Five on Brexit Island; October 2017
Wendy Lyn Watson; Scoop to Kill; May 2017
Julia Williams; Coming Home for Christmas; October 2017 (SIY42)
Katherine Woodfine; The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow; March 2017 (SIY39)
Various; Once Upon a Regency Christmas; June 2017 (SIY40)
Various; Stolen Moments; November 2017

Book Rings / Rays / Boxes joined in 2016 / 2017

Tailchaser's Song (Tad Williams) hosted by weeder joined 16/4/17; arrived 31/10/17
Pompeii (Robert Harris) hosted by cassandra2020 joined 5/2/17

World of Crime bookbox hosted by Plum-crazy joined 18/10/17
Wrap it up bookbox hosted by Nataliec7 joined 26/9/17 (arrived 10/11/17; sent out 15/11/17)
Mixed authors bookbox hosted by Diane-Fraser joined 22/7/17 (arrived 8/9/17; sent out 13/9/17)
Chicklit box hosted by Charlotte 1924 joined 16/4/17 (arrived 22/6/17; sent out 26/7/17)
Easy reads bookbox hosted by HerbertLooby joined 10/4/17 (arrived 29/4/17; sent out 3/5/17)
Glorious Genres bookbox hosted by T_richardson_x joined 8/2/17 (arrived 6/3/17; sent out 10/3/17)
Wrap It Up bookbox hosted by Nataliec7 joined 11/16 (arrived 30/3/17; sent out 5/4/17)

Challenges joined in 2017

SIY42 (13 : 5 any time on tbr / 5 from unregistered plus 3 Book Club (3/3/2)
SIY41 (10 : 5 any time on tbr / 2 from unregistered plus 3 Book Club (5/2/3)) Completed.
SIY40 (15 : 6 any time on tbr / 6 from unregistered plus 3 Book Club (6/6/3)) Completed.
SIY39 (18 : 8 any time on tbr / 7 from unregistered plus 3 Book Club (8/7 + 3 Book club) Completed.

Books read in 2016

Isabel Allende; Ines of my Soul; March 2016 (SIY35)
Donna Andrews; Revenge of the Wrought Iron Flamingos; August 2016 (SIY37)
Brodie Ashton; Everneath; December 2016
David Ashton; Shadow of the Serpent; March 2016 (SIY35)
Sebastian Barry; On Canaan's Side; February 2016
C Bateman; Mystery Man; February 2016 (SIY35)
Anya Bast; Witch Fire; February 2016
Lauren Beukes; The Shining Girls; December 2016 (Book Club)
Scott Blackwood; See how small; April 2016 (SIY36)
Elizabeth Boyle; How I met my Countess; September 2016
Ken Bruen; The Guards; June 2016 (SIY36)
Gail Carriger; Blameless; January 2016 (SIY35)
Gail Carriger; Heartless; January 2016
Gail Carriger; Timeless; January 2016 (SIY35)
Ray Celestin; The Axemans Jazz; November 2016
Mavis Cheek; Janice Gentle gets Sexy; September 2016 (SIY37)
Susanna Clarke; The Ladies of Grace Adieu; December 2016 (SIY38)
Jenny Colgan; The Christmas Surprise; December 2016
Suzanne Collins; Hunger Games; August 2016 (SIY37) (Bookray)
Suzanne Collins; Catching Fire; August 2016 (SIY37) (Bookray)
Suzanne Collins; Mockingjay; August 2016 (SIY37) (Bookray)
Nicola Cornick; Desired; April 2016
Ann Cleeves; Hidden Depths; February 2016
Sheila Connolly; Fundraising the Dead; February 2016
Jo Davis; Trial by Fire; July 2016
Jo Davis; Under Fire; July 2016
Louise Doughty; Whatever You Love; July 2016 (SIY37)
Carole Nelson Douglas; Cat in a Golden Garland; March 2016
Helen Dunmore; The Lie; August 2016 (Book Club)
Carola Dunn; Valley of the Shadow; February 2106
Kaitlin Dunnett; A Wee Christmas Homicide; November 2016 (SIY38)
Chris Ewan; Dark Tides; December 2016 (Somerset Big Read)
J Jefferson Farjeon; Mystery in White; December 2016
Jasper Fforde; The Well of Lost Plots; July 2016 (SIY37)
Jasper Fforde; Something Rotten; July 2016 (SIY37)
Jasper Fforde; First among Sequels; August 2016 (SIY37)
Alan Furst; Mission to Paris; April 2016 (SIY36)
Michele Giuttari; A Death in Tuscany; June 2016 (SIY36)
Daisy Goodwin; The Fortune Hunter; May 2016 (Book Club)
Alex Grecian; The Yard; January 2016
Alex Grecian; The Black Country; January 2016
Alex Grecian; The Devils Workshop; June 2016
Laura Lee Guhrke; His Every Kiss; September 2016
Matt Haig; The Humans; September 2016
Alison Penton Harper; Housewife in Love; October 2016
Paula Hawkins;The Girl on the Train; August 2016 (Book Club)
Mavis Doriel Hay; The Santa Klaus Murder; November 2016
Victoria Hislop; The Sunrise; January 2016 (Book Club)
Antonia Hodgson; The Devil in the Marshalsea; March 2016 (Book Club)
Kazuo Ishiguro; The Buried Giant; September 2016 (Bookring)
Dinah Jeffries; The Tea Planters Wife; February 2016 (Book Club - lent)
Maureen Johnson; The Name of the Star; January 2016 (SIY35)
Maureen Johnson; The Madness Underneath; January 2016 (SIY35)
Jonas Jonasson; The Girl who Saved the King of Sweden; November 2016
Jackie Kay; Red Dust Road; November 2016 (Book Club)
Sophie Kinsella; Can you Keep a Secret; November 2016 (SIY38)
Victoria Laurie; Better Read than Dead; February 2016
Victoria Laurie; Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls; December 2016
Johanna Lindsey; A Gentle Feuding; December 2016
Kylie Logan; Buttoned Up; February 2016
Gennita Low; Into Danger; February 2016
Robert MacFarlane; Landmarks; October 2016 (SIY37/38)
Amanda Maclean; Stonehaven; April 2016 (SIY36)
Debbie Macomber; Summer Brides; June 2016
Debbie Macomber; A Good Yarn; October 2016 (SIY38)
G M Malliet; Death of a Cozy Writer; June 2016 (SIY36)
Sarah Mallory; Temptation of a Governess; September 2016
Paula Marshall; Emma and the Earl; November 2016
Emma Marriott; Bad History; September 2016 (SIY37)
Andrew Martin; The Necropolis Railway; April 2016 (SIY36)
Andrew Martin; The Blackpool Highflyer; May 2016 (SIY36)
Andrew Martin; The Lost Luggage Porter; October 2016 (SIY38)
Andrew Martin; Murder at Deviation Junction; October 2016 (SIY38)
Edward Marston; Instrument of Slaugher; January 2016
Deon Meyer; Dead at Daybreak; April 2016 (SIY36)
Richard Moore; Etape; May 2016 (SIY36)
Viviane Moore; A Black Romance; January 2016 (SIY35)
Erwin Mortier; Marcel; April 2016
JoJo Moyes; Me Before You; October 2016 (Book Club)
JoJo Moyes; After You; October 2016
Robin Paige; Death at Bishops Keep; June 2016 (SIY36)
Anne Perry; Shoulder the Sky; March 2016 (SIY35)
Anne Perry; No Graves as Yet; March 2016 (SIY35)
Anne Perry; Angels in the Gloom; March 2016
Jodi Picoult;The Storyteller; July 2016 (Book Club)
Chil Rajchman; Treblinka: A Survivor's Tale; March 2016
Joanna Rossiter; The Sea Change; April 2016 (Book Club)
Ferdinand von Schirach; The Girl who wasn't There; June 2016 (SIY36)
Marcus Sedgwick; A Love like Blood; December 2016
Marcus Sedgwick; Midwinterblood; October 2016 (SIY38)
Marcus Sedgwick; Killing the Dead; November 2016
JD Sharpe; Oliver Twisted; October 2016 (SIY38)
Anita Shreve; Testimony; February 2016 (SIY35)
Graeme Simsion; The Rosie Project; early (May/June?) 2016
Graeme Simsion; The Rosie Effect; November 2016
Rick Stein; Under a Mackerel Sky; June 2016 (Book Club)
Mary Stewart; Madam will you Talk; October 2016 (SIY38)
Jodi Taylor; Just One Damned Thing after Another; October 2016
Jane Urquhart; A Map of Glass; November 2016 (SIY38)
Barbara Vine; The Brimstone Wedding; October 2016 (SIY38)
Lucie Whitehouse; Before We Met; February 2016 (Book Club)
Marcus Waring; The Old Timer's Guide to Life; August 2016
Jacqueline Winspear; Pardonable Lies; January 2016 (SIY35)
Jeanette Winterson; The World and Other Places; September 2016 (SIY37)
Jacqueline Yallop; Kissing Alice; June 2016
Various; The Heart of Christmas; January 2016
Various; Regency Brides; August 2016
Various; Steampunk; August 2016

Book Rings / Rays joined in 2016

Crime / thriller book box hosted by Plum-crazy joined 13/1/16 (arrived 5/3/16; sent out 8/3/16)
Prize bookbox hosted by Plum-crazy joined 13/1/16 (arrived 5/4/16; sent out 11/4/16)
The Buried Giant hosted by Lamilla joined 5/4/16 (arrived 17/8/16; sent out 15/8/16)
Hunger Games Trilogy hosted by rainbow3 joined 7/16 (arrived 24/7/16; sent out 30/8/16)
Wrap It Up bookbox hosted by Nataliec7 joined 11/16

Challenges joined in 2016

SIY38 (15 : 6 any time on tbr / 6 from unregistered plus 3 Book Club (6/6, 3 Book club Completed
SIY37 (18 : 8 any time on tbr / 7 from unregistered) plus 3 Book Club (8/6, 3 Book club) Unfinished book completed within SIY38 (but not in totals)
SIY36 (12: 5 any time on tbr / 7 from unregistered) plus 3 Book club (5/7, 3 Book club) Completed
SIY35 (12: 5 (pre 2014 tbr)/ 7 (from 2014/15 tbr) plus 3 Book club) (5/7, 3 Book club) Completed

Books read in 2016 : 108
Books read in 2015 : 102
Books read in 2014 : 80
Books read in 2013 : 87
Books read in 2012 : 81
Books read in 2011 : 75
Books read in 2010 : 73
Books read in 2009 : 70
Books read in 2008 : 60

(I now keep all my previous reading lists in a personal spreadsheet).

The weather in the area for me: (Since Weatherpixie seems to have dived over the horizon, I've been trying for another weather forecast, though none I've tried seem to work on here. I'll keep trying periodically).

And lastly, width="440" height="220" >
I have visited 10 countries (4.44%)
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visited 30 states (13.3%)
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visited 24 states (48%)
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Both book maps last updated February 2014

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