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I've loved books and reading for as long as I can remember! I first fell in love with books and reading as a toddler when my mom would read Babar the Elephant books to me.

Once I learned to read on my own, I've became hooked on reading books in my free time.... I love mystery & thriller novels, fiction, and nonfiction books too... I tend to read a wide range of books.

I learned about Bookcrossing from my husband (who isn't an avid book reader by the way), when he'd read about it from one of his online news groups. I think Bookcrossing is a lovely venue to share and discuss books with other avid readers.

My screen name came about as the result of our family pet, Roxy, who is a very feisty, orange & cream colored Pomeranian! Roxy is such a sweetheart, plus very smart and very loyal. Roxy passed away in November 2014, was tough to go through. I still miss her so much.

We also have another sweet female Pomeranian we've named Koko, who enjoys nothing more than being held and cuddled in your arms. Koko is a chocolate colored Pomeranian we've had since 2008.

My profile picture is of Koko!

Other interests include:

Traveling, collecting postcards, visiting museums, zoos & aquariums, attending theater events (plays, musicals, opera, book readings, recitals, symphony and dance performances (when time and money allow!!)

I started knitting in April 2014 and have become an avid knitter.... Knitting has become my passion and it is now rivaling my love for reading and blogging... I've even begun a knitting blog to chronicle my knitting journey.

Feel free to send me a private message or email at feistypom2love at gmail dot com.

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