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From Kimberley, Nottinghamshire United Kingdom

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Where do I start. I'll read anything!! Although, having said that, I'm not that fond of biographies!
I love most science fiction books.
I love Terry Pratchett and his sort of writing.
I love mysteries. I adore cookery books (down girl) - bit of a sore point here, DH makes me clear them out every so often. I will, when I have the time (more likely forcibly made time - ie -"get rid of those books cos they're taking over the house again") make them all available to bookcrossers! (Honest).
I have so many books to put on here it is going to take ages but, nil desperandum, it will happen!
Love the idea of bookcrossing - whoever thought of it is a genius!

My new screen name is Welsh for Iris. I thought it was pretty. My old bookcrossing name was Rissy. My new picture is supposed to be me!!!! It's an avatar from somewhere; I can't remember where though (it's my age you know!)

My Wish List is here!
Thanks to Cliff1976.
This is my Amazon Wish List which is more up to date!

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