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From Paisley, Scotland United Kingdom

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***IF SENDING ME A BOOK, please go by the title and author written in by me NOT the random book cover that bc puts there!!!***

If sending me a book, you can send me a wishlist book or if you have something similar you think I might like, you can PM me to ask if I'm interested or if I've read it. I don't want anyone wasting their money to post something I'm not going to read, with postage so expensive! Plus I don't have the money myself to pass on books received that I've read or am not going to read.

Favourite books are prepper fiction, zombies, EMP & pandemic disasters, true life mountain climbing books, urban fantasy without the sex or love triangles/instaluv, gory Dinosaur fiction, fast paced horror, apocalypse.

For the SGG/HGG:

-wishlist books
-bookmarks of any kind
-Lindt chocolate (no dark, nuts or raisins please!)
-postcards of European mountains (Eiger, Matterhorn etc)
-unwanted UK compatable PS3/PS4 games (shooters, action/adventure, space, monsters etc) for dad
-unwanted PAL Region 2 DVD-martial arts/foreign films, action, adventure, horror, scifi, monsters,
-flavoured, unused lip balm
-colouring books
-BCID and address labels
-quilting fabric on favourite subjects(see below)

I collect any memorabilia connected to: Elvis, Henry VIII and his wives, Deadliest Catch, Eddie Stobart, Harry Potter, Texas Rangers, New Orleans Saints, Game of Thrones, US Presidents and Snoopy(except for the books-I have all of them!).

I'm looking for any 7" Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings figures and also the smaller figures of Ginny Weasley and Lucius Malfoy from The Order of the Phoenix/Half Blood Prince range to complete a set.

QUILTING FABRIC: I'm doing a special quilt based on my life and I'm looking for certain designs to add to it(if they even exist!)-US flags/stars and stripes design,saltires,US Presidents,Canadian maple leaf,thistles,shamrocks/leprechauns,Tudor Roses,RSA flags,sunflowers,cartoon monkey faces,cricket bats/bails/wickets,darts,both kinds of football,baseballs,dinosaurs,Snoopy,Count Von Count and other Sesame Street characters especially Cookie Monster, Oscar and Grover and Bert and Ernie,a nice fabric with little books on it,cartoon vampires/zombies/bats,wolves,pandas,mountains,Harry Potter,Lord of the Rings,Elvis,Ancient Egypt,squirrels,Deadliest catch/crabs,puffins,Texas Rangers and New Orleans Saints related,warships,aircraft,hummingbirds,mythical creatures, GOT and any design you think is related to any of my interests. Scraps are fine-I don't expect anyone to buy big sheets of fabric for me!

Tea/coffee which I don't drink, recipes, calenders, religious material, girlie gifts, jewellery, make-up, cat things, bags,


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