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Kokkola, Keski-Pohjanmaa Finland


Sunday, September 17, 2006

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Extended Profile

I am middle-aged mom of two, a psychiatric nurse and ... I love books!

I love cozy mysteries, travel stories and books about food (not cookbooks as such) and modern writers like Anne Tyler, Paul Auster, Julia Glass etc, but I also love a good classic!
I read both in Finnish and English.

Most of the books in my wishlist are in English, but I would be as happy to get the same book in Finnish :) I update my wishlist very often.

Here you can find the books I read 2007 (113 books), 2008 (131 books), 2009 (128 books), 2010 (119 books), 2011 (147 books), 2012 (130 books) ,2013 (160 books) and 2014 (148 books ) <- doesn't seem to work anymore..

Here's what else I like:
* CHOCOLATE , especially unusual taste or chocolates with filling (rather than plain) like chocolate with pineapple or Irish cream truffle!
* I love the combination of sweet and savory, like chocolate covered prezels or something like that.
* I also love to try new food, cookies, drinks, spices etc.

! Right now I am specially looking for Lapsang souchong - tea bags, can't find that in my town..

* I love to cross-stitch and quilting, usually just don't have enough time
* Notebooks, nice good pens, decorative tapes etc are always nice surprise too, and I enjoy hand-creams, body butters and such, the small sample packets are just fine. And I love woollen or cotton socks, size 40 / 6 uk/8,5 us
* We have the Nescafe Dolce Gusto - coffee machine, so if you have extra coffee , tea, cocoa capsules for it (for ex. type you didn't like after all), I'd be happy to try!
* I like books about food (like memoirs) and cookbooks and kitchen equipment too!

* If someone has The Muppet Show - stuff (used) - especially Fozzie bear - I would be willing to swap it to something (like books, chocolate, you name it!) because my daughter is a big fan and we don't have much of those here in Finland. Just p.m. me! She also loves Doctor Who and other geek stuff.


" Book A Day Keeps Housework Away! "


1. The Jewels of Paradise / Donna Leon
2. Iso / Pekka Hiltunen
3. A Vintage Affair / Isabel Wolff
4. Avioliittosimulaattori / Veera Nieminen
5. Uskon asia / Donna Leon
6. The Hound of the Baskervilles / Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
7. Ruohonvihreää / Carol Shields
8. Fingersmith / Sarah Waters
9. Kaksoisryöstö / David Hume

10. Majakkamestarin tytär / Ann Rosman
11. Finding Nouf / Zoe Ferraris
12. Apteekkari Melchior ja Olevisten kirkon arvoitus / Indrek Hargla
13. An eye for an eye / Bandula Chandraratna
14. Ghost Children / Sue Townsend
15. Drawing Conclusions / Donna Leon
16. Georgia's Kitchen / Jenny Nelson
17. Ihminen on iso fasaani /Herta Müller

18. The Gentleman from Finland / Robert M. Goldstein
19. The Cat Who Had 14 Tales / Lilian Jackson Braun
20. Bookplate Special / Lorna Barrett
21. Keinulaudalla / Päivi Storgård
22. Aion tehdä sinut onnelliseksi / Anne B. Ragde
23. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall / Anne Brontë
24. Juna San Pellegrinoon /Jukka Pakkanen
25. Elämäni asennot / Claire Dederer
26. To Siberia / Per Petterson
27. Swimmer / Roma Tearne
28. Kätilö / Katja Kettu
29. Devil's Trumpet / Mary Freeman
30. Elämäni nomadina / Päivi Kannisto

31. Deadly Nightshade / Mary Freeman
32. Elinkautinen / Liza Marklund
33. Bleeding Heart / Mary Freeman
34. Viattomuuden aika / Edith Wharton
35. Garden View / Mary Freeman
36. Tuntsa. Purjeveneellä yli Atlantin. /Teppo Turen
37. Pahaa pelkäämättä / Inger Frimansson
38. Vish Puri & kadonneen palvelijattaren tapaus / Tarquin Hall
39. Kuolemanjärvi / Qiu Xiaolong
40. Kaarnalaiva / Reidunn ja Sakari Kiuru
41. Hyvää yötä, rakkaani / Inger Frimansson
42. Varjo vedessä / Inger Frimansson
43. Zen ja moottoripyörän kunnossapito / Robert M. Pirsig

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