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I'm Carol

I'm a unique, arty, fifty three year old individual girl who lives in jeans and loves anything Red or Turquoise. I don't look my age so I rarely act it and believe in behaving as young as you feel.

I read anything I can get my hands on, but I particularly like Post-apocalyptic stories, comedy, sci-fi and I enjoy a romantic beach read/chick lit. I also read non-fiction, again anything that catches my eye – Music, science, maths, travel, survival... whatever. As I’ve only been a member of bookcrossing for a short time, I don't yet feel that my Bookcrossing bookshelf reflects my eclectic taste in all its full glory and it may also contain quite a few books that I have picked up or bought to sent off to other people as RABCKs.

My wish list is always kept up to date with the books I can think of that I would enjoy but it definitely isn’t a closed booklist. There are thousands of books out there in the world that I don’t yet know that I need to read, I just require people to point me in the right direction!

Last year I decided to re-read or read for the first time, some of my favourite childhood stories. This led to me deciding to start a few classics and then books from the 1001 list. Now I am discovering books that I probably would never have given a second glance.

My interests, outside of reading, include Nature, the countryside, the mountains, the coast, birds, flowers and walking. I’m into arts and crafts, and enjoy having a go at whatever takes my fancy at the time. I'm music obsessed and love just about any kind of music the world and history has to offer me. I love going to see bands and musicians play live and I enjoy singing. I'm a huge fan of the NZ post-apocalyptic TV show "The Tribe".

I'm definitely up for trading (be that books, postcards, music, photos, craft tips - whatever), so please feel free to PM me with any requests. I’m happy to post smaller lighter things internationally, but usually I will only be able to afford to post anything heavier within the UK.

I love trying to find all my books happy new homes. I enjoy doing RABCK’s and I always check if a book I have just finished reading is wanted by anyone else. Whenever I post a book box, I always try to work out what the next person, or the next but one person would like to read, and I hope that those of you who have received books from me have enjoyed them.


If you reading my profile to get some ideas for things to send me for secret santa, a gift exchange, a sweepstake or something else like that, then here are a few ideas.

Anything handmade - coz there's no better feeling in the world than knowing that someone has made something for me.

Christmas cards/holiday cards/Postcards/letters/Birthday Cards - I do celebrate Christmas and Easter so religious cards are welcome but all other cards are great too. I love receiving letters and postcards.Tbh, anything that drops through my letterbox that isn’t a bill or junk mail makes me very happy.

Music - I'd really enjoy receiving a home made compilation CD. I love absolutely everything that history and the world have to offer!! It would be great to hear your favourite songs, or old and modern traditional music from your area, or anything you'd like me to listen to. Songs don't have to be in English as I love other languages. Just go wild and send me some music!

Craft bits and pieces - I do crafts myself and also lead craft groups with teenagers and older people and would like to add to my supplies. My local art shop can be a bit limited so if you've something that you don't want, feel free to send it my way.

Any Decaffeinated coffee or tea - I can't have E150(a,b,c,d, and e) which is called Caramel Colouring – it’s a brown colouring, so if you could just check please. It tends not to be added to tea or coffee anymore these days but if it is it should be listed on the ingredients)

BC supplies - They are always going to be useful.

Wish list books - My wish list is always up to date, but it isnt a closed list. There are lots of books that I just haven't realised that I need to read!

Books that you think I will like - surprise me!

Chocolate – I do try not to eat a lot of chocolate as I am having to watch my sugar levels but I do love it, so a little bit is okay – Again, with any chocolate just check that it doesn't contain E150 Caramel Colouring as it does sometimes get added.

Stripy/bright/patterned, ankle socks UK size 5 - I wear bright, stripy or patterned socks all the time. I seem to get through quite a few pairs in a year as I always end up with either a hole in the toe or a hole in the heel. Don’t be afraid to go for really bright or clashing colours! As I do walk about a lot I get uncomfortable wearing trainer socks, over the knee socks or socks with toes, so avoid those please.

"I'm not Harry Jenson" dvd if anyone has a dvd or a copy of the full version of this film that they could send me, I'd really appreciate it. The film was available online, but it was without the credits - My name is within the credits and I've never yet seen the film or my credit!

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