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From Hønefoss, Buskerud fylke Norway

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Hi there,

I'm a book worm from Norway. I do also collect postcards, and I'm also a member of postcrossing. My username at postcrossing is Norway_girl.
I do send used stamps to a charity called Tubfrim, so I would really appreciate real stamps on the envelope if you send me a book. But that's just a wish, not an obligation :)

I love fantasy and fiction, also in combination with history and mythology. I like books about animals as well, for instance the books about the street cat Bob (by James Bowen). I do also like other novels, non fiction and some biograpical books (preferably about ordinary people). I consider myself pretty openminded when it comes to books.
As for the languages I read: Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and English. Spanish, German and Portuguese if the language is simple (more like children book level).
If I find a book which seems interesting, I tend to buy it, even though I've got a huge pile of unread books. But it seems like I can't read fast enough, because my Mt. TBR just grows! :)

-Books in my wishlist, or other books you think I'll like. For instance: Novels and non-fiction about animals, history, maritime, astronomy, mythology, ghost stories, fantasy. OR other novels. (I'm not a fan of criminal stories, though.)
-Cooking books (I do eat meat, so book containing meat recipes are fine. But vegetarian/vegan recipes are intereting as well!)
-One of your favourite recipes! Cakes, desserts, dinners, lunches etc!
-Audio books, in CD/ mp3 CD format.
-CD/mp3 CD with relaxing nature sounds, especially running water, waves, birdsong, cricket sound, wind chimes. Or with relaxing music.
-Tea (preferably no green tea or oolong tea, please, as I usually find them too bitter). Ice tea powder as well (preferably not containing other sweeteners than sugar).
-Instant soups, coffee, hot chocolate, or other hot drinks.
-Candy and snacks.
-Bookcrossing stash (labels, stickers etc) (Preferably no children book labels in English, please. I rarely register children books, and I do, they're most likely in Norwegian.)
-Postcards, preferably fully written (written to me, please :) I'm not that interested in receiving postcards that has been sent to someone else). But unwritten postcards are fine as well. You can see what kind of postcards I like here
-Left over yarn of 100% wool (sheep, goat, (agora) rabbit, alpaca, camel or other warming animals) that I can use when knitting for the project Ull og omtanke (Wool and thoughtfulness). Not very thick yarn, please, it should approximately fit size 5 mm needles. Thinner yarn can be knitted double, so that's not a problem. (Knitting needle size converter table)
-Used stamps that I can send to the charity I'm supporting.
-Wings wouldn't hurt either:)
-Or maybe something I've forgotten?!

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