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From Manchester, Greater Manchester United Kingdom

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Hi All

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"The Person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it"

Alphabet Challenge 2005 A to Z By Author

Books I have read

A = Olivia's Luck : Catherine Alliott Started 01-01-05 Finished 14-01-05

B = To my MOTHER with Love : Susan Beresford

F = The 70's :Julie Fogerty

G = Sickened : Julie Gregory started 15-01-05-Finished 27-02-05

G = The light in the window - June Goulding (2 G Books)

H: One Hundred Secret Thoughts Cats Have About Human : Celia Haddon

H = Trackers Peter Haren (made me cry)

M =Winnie the Pooh's little Book of Friendship : AA Milne & EH Shepard

P = My Sister's Keeper : Jodi Picoult

S = Change Your Life Without Getting out of Bed : Sark - Started 14-01-05 Finished 14-01-05

N = The Time Traveler's Wife : Audrey Niffenegger

V = Detox for Life - Carol Vorderman

W = What not to wear Trinny Woodhall & Susannah

Z = Women who love Cats too much : Allia Zobel Constantine

Alphabet challenge 2005 A to z by title of book

A = A cup of Tea and an Asprin :Helen Forrester

B = By the waters of Liverpoll : Helen Forrester

C = Cats or Dogs : Aardman

F = Flamimals : Ricky Gervais

J = Julie Walters is ann Alien (A voyage to planet America) : Julie Walters & Graham Stuart

L = Lime Steet at Two : Helen Forrester

L = Liverpool Miss : Helen Forrester

R = Ruby Fruit Jungle : Rita Mae Brown

S = Star Quality : Aardman

T = The five people you meet in Heaven : Mitch Albon

T = The Diary of a Killar Cat : Anne Fine

T = Three women of Liverpool :Helen Forrester

I am also trying to read 50 books this year

So far I have read 26


Writers Notebook - International Ring (written in sent to Talkland)

Jack The Ripper - Case Closed - International Ring (waiting for)

Bookrays I am in
Moonheart-Charles de Lint (read and sent on)

My first Bookring Matabele Gold - Michael J Hunt

I am getting the Matabele Gold Bookring on way. Here are the details of those taking part as promised

1 Mytilusgirl -UK)
2 ladyofunicorns -Mexico USA)
3 Greyflank - Brick New Jersey USA)
4 Caligula03 -California USA)
5 Mochagirl - Australia-Sydney)
6 Lesezeichen - Germany)
7 boucli - France)
8 Back to me BreakEveryRule - UK not home yet :(

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How Clean is your house - Woodburn Mackenzie

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