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Hello, everybody!

I am a freelance translator, and I love books!
My favourite genres: thrillers, horror, good old-fashioned whodunits, biographies of interesting people, particularly Hollywood stars.
I like everything associated with the Tudors, with Henry VIII at the top.
I also like Pre-raphaelite images and pictures.
I love short stories: ghost short stories are the best for me!!
No chick-lit or science fiction, please, except for classics in the latter.
I am very fond of cats, and anything cat-related.
I adore chocolate (though I should stay away from it), and different-flavoured teas / coffees / chocolate drinks.
BC labels and stickers are always handy.
I love scented candles and soaps, and in general anything which smells nice. :)

I have recently moved, I no longer rent a flat, but have moved to my own. Very excited, but still surrounded by unpacked boxes.
So be patient with me if I owe you anything, and please don't send anything to my old address." width=150 height=20 border=0>" target=_blank>

Becoming a BC member has been one of the best choices I have ever made...
If there is anything in my AVLs that you fancy, feel free to PM me; I am always happy to send RABCKs, trade books... anything to keep those books going!

Sorry if sometimes I seem to keep them too long; I sincerely promise I do my best to read them as fast as possible. Moreover, this bookshelf is always updated...

Thanks for reading this!

And I am a Winner again! On June, 2009, I have won the Second INTL Book and Bookmark Laugh Day Contest.
Received so far:

-"The Brimstone Wedding", by Barbara Vine; and "Best Poems of the Bronte Sisters" (Yorkshire-lass, England)
-"The Secret Life of Bees", by Sue Monk Jidd (Shelj7k, Ireland)
-"Blood Canticle", by Anne Rice (Moriquen, Belgium)
-"One for the Money", by Janet Evanovich (Hippolein, Finland)
-"The Return Journey", by Maeve Binchy (Chamonix44, The Netherlands)
-"Aches and Pains", by Maeve Binchy (JuneQueensland, Australia)
-"Dust to Dust", by Tami Hoag (Jneni, Singapore)
-"CRusader Gold", by David Gibbins (Releanna, Austria)
_"A NIght to Remember" and "The Night Lives on", by Walter Lord (Hyphen-8, Hawaii)
_"Lizzie", by Evan Hunter (Chucklesthescot, United Kingdom)
_"Murder She Wrote - Majoring in Murder", by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain (Kobie03, Canada)

Thanks everybody, I love the beautiful bookmarks as well!

You Are "I Want to Hold Your Hand"" height="100" width="100">

You are sweet, expressive, and the truest romantic around.

Love inspires you, and you're the type of person who always has a muse.

You are good at expressing yourself. You are quite a verbal charmer.

You could woo anyone into falling in love with you. You wouldn't fall for just anyone though.

ÚLTIMA HORA: Acabo de ganar hoy 22/12/08 la Gran Cesta Navideña del Foro Español.

Cesta para el 1er Premio

"El mismo mar" (Amos Oz) - filoloca (recibido el 30/12/08)
"El pintor de batallas" (Arturo Pérez Reverte) - lulalook (recibido el 2/1/09)
“Las damas de Grace Adieu” (Susanna Clarke) - graze (recibido el 2/1/09)
"El ocho" (Katherine Neville) - luiszama (recibido el 2/1/09)
"La joven de la perla" (Tracy Chevalier) - keikoo (recibido el 2/1/09)
"La casa de los espíritus" (Isabel Allende) - Chiado (recibido el 3/1/09)
"Viajes por el Scriptorium” (Paul Auster) - fabiReader (recibido el 3/1/09)
"Assassini" (Thomas Guifford) - PALANTINO (recibido el 3/1/09)
"Desde mi cielo" (Alice Sebold) - Tarada (recibido el 3/1/09)
“Las intermitencias de la muerte” (José Saramago) - Haddey (recibido el 3/1/09)
"Veronika decide morir" (Paulo Coelho) - Ana La Rana (recibido el 3/1/09)
"Relatos de lo inesperado" (Roald Dahl) - miscelánea (entregado en mano el 7/1/09)
"El cartero de Neruda" (Antonio Skármeta) - Nusky (recibido el 8/1/09)
“Merrick” (Anne Rice) - elewa (recibido el 8/1/09)
“ Poirot en Egipto” (Agatha Christie) - Minervagall (recibido el 8/1/09)
“Sofía de los presagios” (Gioconda Belli) - andromeda23 (recibido el 8/1/09)
"El guardian entre el centeno" (J.D. Salinger) - dibachus (recibido el 13/1/09)
"Donde surgen las sombras" (David Lozano Garbala) - Ankhsunamun (recibido el 30/1/09)
“El pez dorado” (Le Clézio) - Qalaat (recibido el 21/1/09)
"Los doce hilos de oro" (Aliske Webb) - sonja2 (entregado en mano el 27/1/09)
“Los santos inocentes” (Miguel Delibes) - boveda (recibido el 4/2/09)
"Memorias de Agripina" (Pierre Grimal) - Li (recibido el 6/2/09)
"El elfo oscuro" - trilogía (R.A. Salvatore) - carboanion (recibido el 19/2/09)

"El Libro Egipcio de los Muertos" (Albert Champdon) - dulcivall (Never received it!)

"El astillero" (Juan Carlos Onetti) - bookworm-lady (entregado a Miscelánea)

¡Muchísimas gracias a todos, me hace mucha ilusión!

May, 31st, 2007 update:
I have been at The Roebuck Pub in Hampstead (OBCZ),and met Robert, FireDragon, Molyneux, and many lovely BCers! Thought I should share this experience with you all!

Y nuevamente, en 2010, soy la ganadora del Segundo Premio de la Cesta Navideña:

rose84: sakamura, corrales y los muertos rientes pablo tusset (recibido el 29 de diciembre de 2009)
Saphira81: El viaje del elefante - José Saramago. (recibido el 30/12)
xArwenx: Donde termina el arco iris de Cecelia Ahern. (recibido el 30/12)
mafalda25: El ladrón de meriendas, de Andrea Camilleri (recibido el 4/1/2010)
miscelánea: Rosa cuántica, de Catherine Asaro (recibido el 5/1/2010)
tximeleta: El Séptimo Velo" de Juan Manuel de Prada.(recibido el 8/1/2010)
tximeleta: Romancero. (recibido el 8/1/2010)
Bjarstkular: Saber del cielo , de Martín de la Cámara Guerrero (recibido el 12/1/2010)
andromeda23: Casa de juegos, de Daína Chaviano (recibido el 14/1/2010)
bla-bla: El Desencuentro - Fernando Schwartz(recibido el 14/1/2010)
Ankhsunamun: Gatos sin Fronteras", de Antonio Burgos.(recibido el 20/01/10)
graze: Narradores de la noche" de Rafik Schami (recibido el 20/01/10)
bibliotecoptera: Cuentos del reino secreto, de José María Merino (recibido el 26/01/10)
filoloca: El corazón helado - Almudena Grandes (recibido el 29/01/10)
isgoma: Vagabundo en África de Javier Reverte(recibido el 29/01/10)
lorelain37: Diez negritos - Agatha Christie(recibido el 29/01/10)
Sabor: La reina estrangulada - Maurice Druon(recibido el 29/01/10)
Sabor: El rey de hierro - Maurice Druon(recibido el 29/01/10)
Ana La Rana: La Bruja de Portobello - Paulo Coelho (recibido el 29/01/10)
Arima: La emperatriz de los etéreos - Laura Gallego García" width=500 height=400 border=0>" target=_blank>


"Claudius the God and his wife Mesalina", by Robert Graves (COMPLETED with Butterfly-noir, in Portugal.)


"Congo" by Michael Crichton (CLOSED with Bookjunkie1, in Canada - CLOSED)
"In Another Country", by Susan Kenney (COMPLETED with Dubly, in Switzerland- COMPLETED)
"The Man from St. Petersburg", by Ken Follett (COMPLETED with Sirah, in Finland - COMPLETED))
"Before I Say Goodbye", by Mary Higgins Clark (COMPLETED with Piemunga, in Australia - COMPLETED)
"A Demon in my View", by Ruth Rendell (COMPLETED with Silvia-Pco, in Portugal - COMPLETED)
"The Amber Room", by Steve Berry (COMPLETED with Bibliocrates, in U.S.A., COMPLETED)
"Castaway", by Lucy Irvine (COMPLETED with Gringuitica, in Costa Rica, COMPLETED).
"Shadows over Baker Street" (COMPLETED with Pitluv4, in USA, COMPLETED)
"Velocity", by Dean Koontz (COMPLETED with BruceAlexander, in USA, COMPLETED )
"Marker", by Robin Cook (COMPLETED, with Skylerdragon, in U.S.A., COMPLETED)
"Random Acts of Badness", by Danny Bonaduce (COMPLETED with Shelly3110 in Australia, COMPLETED)
"They Do it with Mirrors", by Agatha Christie (COMPLETED with Isamax56 in France, COMPLETED)
"Trece historias de fantasmas", de Rafael Casares y Juan Arcos (COMPLETADO con oOo-Arimao-oOo en España, COMPLETADO)
"The Thirteenth Tale", by Diane Setterfied (COMPLETED with BlackDevil, in Finland, COMPLETED)
"Lost Boy Lost Girl", by Peter Straub (COMPLETED with LadyofUnicorns in U.S.A., COMPLETED )
"Death at the Old Hotel", by Con Lehane (COMPLETED with NMReader in U.S.A., COMPLETED)
"The Mists of Avalon", by Marion Zimmer Bradley (COMPLETED with Afitz, in U.S.A., COMPLETED)
"Bomarzo", de Manuel Mujica Láinez (COMPLETADO con Benceno, en Argentina, desde el 27 de diciembre de 2011, COMPLETADO)
"One Summer", by Rachel Billington (COMPLETED with Storm0103 in Switzerland, COMPLETED)
"The Scapegoat", by Daphne Du Maurier (COMPLETED with Hearthumper, in U.S.A., COMPLETED)
"Cuentos frágiles", de Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera (COMPLETADO con GloriaBC, en Málaga, desde el 23 de junio de 2013. COMPLETADO.)
"Variations on a Theme", by Barbara Delinsky (COMPLETED with Merolia, in Greece, since September, 11th, 2013. COMPLETED.)
"La llanura pampeana: Cuentos regionales argentinos" (COMPLETADO con Vanlat, en Zaragoza. España, el 1 de noviembre de 2013, COMPLETADO)
"The Curse of the Kings", by Victoria Holt (COMPLETED with Tsjara, in The Netherlands, s¡in July, 27th, 2014, COMPLETED)
"Castle Clodha", by Alanna Knight (COMPLETED with LilyKlip. in Germany, on September, 2nd, 2014, COMPLETED)
"One Good Turn", by Kate Atkinson (COMPLETED with Penelopewanders, in Switzerland, since September, 16th, 2015, COMPLETED)
"Stories and Prose Poems", by Aleksander Solyenitzin (COMPLETED with Judygreeneyes in U.S.A, on January, 9th, 2016, COMPLETED)
"The Door to December", by Dean H. Koontz (COMPLETED with Mysticalzoe in U.S.A., on June, 25th, 2016, COMPLETED)
"Black Sunday", by Thomas Harris (COMPLETED with Shahrun, in UK, on July. 27th, 2017, COMPLETED)
"The Husband", by Sol Stein (COMPLETED with Billbooks, in Australia, on October, 20th, COMPLETED)
"Popcorn", by BEn Elton (COMPLETED with Ness08 in Algiers, on November, 17th, 2016)
"Star Island", by Carl Hiaasen (COMPLETED with dschinny, in Germany, on February, 2017. COMPLETED).
"Sleep, Pale Sister", by Joanne Harris (currently with Shahrun, in UK, on March, 26th, 2017. COMPLETED)

"Thinner" by Stephen King (STALLED with Chrissyinbloom, in U.S.A. since October, 17th, 2007; Ladybug74 offered to continue it, and it got stalled away on its way to Cherryprincess!)
"Sleep Demons", by Bill Hayes (STALLED with CongestedChi, in U.S.A. since August, 1st, 2007)
"Waiting to Exhale", by Terry McMillan (STALLED with Stellarv, in Brazil, since March, 22nd, 2008)
"Twisted", by Jonathan Kellerman (STALLED - with WanderingB, in Hong Kong, since March, 19th, 2009; seems to have been lost on its way to Dopsis, who doesn't answer PMs.)
"Ten Thousand Sorrows", by Elizabeth Kim (STALLED with LadyTrinity, in Norway, since April, 21st, 2009)
"A funny thing happened on the way to the future", by Michael J. Fox (STALLED - Sent to msfisher123, in U.S.A., on May, 22nd, 2012, first on the bookray.)
"Los hombres que no amaban a las mujeres" (STALLED in Galatea137, in México, since January, 1st, 2013.)
"Sonetos del amor oscuro", de Federico García Lorca (perdido de camino a Marianro, en Córdoba, octubre de 2009; recuperado gracias a la generosidad de los BCeros argentinos; con Tonarino en Buenos Aires, Argentina, desde el 29 de enero de 2013).
"Soraya, Book of Spells", (STALLED since June, 19th, 2014, lost on its way to the next reader. STALLED,)
"A Taste of Molecules", by Diane Fresquez (STALLEDsince May, 25th, 2015, apparently lost on its way to Esme_Weatherwax? STALLED)

"Mrs Dalloway", by Virginia Woolf (currently with Valpete, in U.S.A., since May, 11th, 2016)
"The Egyptologist", by Arthur Phillips (currently with DianeO, in UK, since May, 16th, 2017)" alt="Locations of Site Visitors" title="Locations of Site Visitors"/>

(I am also registered at

My Birthday Buddy (2007) was Minkymoo76.
My Secret Santa (2007) was Magika.
My Secret Santa (2009) was Hellokt.
My Secret Santa (2012) was Tsjara.
My Secret Santas (2015) were Merolia (INTL) and Yorkshire-Lass (European).

Bookrays / bookrings I have already received and / or passed on during 2007:

"Bitter Herbs", by Marge Minco. (On its way to AnglersRest, in U.K.)
"Possession", by A.S.Byatt (On its way to Sintra, in Germany,)
"Blindsighted", by Karin Slaughter (Received on August, 24th, 2006, on its way to MoleKilby, in Wales)
"The Taking" by Dean Koontz. (Received on August, 31st, 2006, sent to Tammysavala, in U.S.A, on November, 10th. This one is lost, I am afraid...)
"Blind Eye" by John Morgan Wilson. (Received on September, 18th, 2006,sent to Angelfirestar.)
"Trace", by Patricia Cornwell. (Received on September, 20th, 2006, sent to Clawdette, in U.S.A., on January, 4th, 2007))
"The Tenant of Wildfeld Hall", by Anne Brontë. (Received on September, 24th, 2006, sent to Rosiewhippet, in U.K.)
"Blow Fly" by Patricia Cornwell. (Received on October,11th, sent to Jaycee1972, in U.K.)
"Night of the Hunter",(Received on October, 11th, on its way to Menalima, in Portugal)
"A is for Alibi", by Sue Grafton (Received on October, 13th, sent to 4orty7even, in U.K.)
"Dispatch" by Bentley Little (Received on November, 13th, last on bookray)
"Velocity", by Dean Koontz (Received on November, 29th,2006, last on bookray, started a new bookray, sent to TracyR, in Wales.)
"Wide Sargasso Sea", by Jean Rhys (Received on December, 24th, sent to CanberraPenny, in Austria.)
"Inside the Kingdom" by Carmen Bin Laden (received on January, 5th, 2007, sent to BellaMack, in Australia.)
"Life isn't all ha ha hee hee", by Meera Syal (received on January, 24th, 2007, sent to Tournesol73, in France.)
"Sleep Demons", by Bill Hayes (received on January, 25th, 2007, setting up another bookray, sent to Congested-Chi, in U.S.A.)
"S is for Silence" by Sue Grafton (received on February, 13th, 2007, sent to Boucli, in France,)
"Communion", by Whitley Strieber (received on March, 9th, 2007, sent to Marko167, in Switzerland.)
"A Demon in my View", by Ruth Rendell (received on March, 12th, 2007, starting new bookray, sent to Yorkshire-lass, in England.)
"El tunel", by Ernesto Sábato (received on March, 19th, 2007, sent to Kumarimila, in Zaragoza, Spain.)
"Blue Dahlia", by Nora Roberts (received on March, 26th, 2007, sent to QueenSissi, in Portugal.)
"The Bomber", by Liza Marklund (received on April, 4th, 2007, sent to Jinglefish, in U.K.)
"The Constant Gardener" by John Le Carré (received on April, 4th, 2007, sent to Livrecache, in Australia.)
"Panic", by Jeff Abbott (received on April, 10th, 2007, sent to AliceF, in U.K.)
"Scaremongers 2", by Steve Savile (received on April, 10th, 2007, sent to Arturogrande, in U.K.))
"Gone", by Lisa Gardner (received on April, 10th, 2007, sent to Brunton11, in U.K.)
"Random Acts of Badness", by Danny Bonaduce (received on April, 10th, 2007, last in bookray)
"Q is for Quarry", by Sue Grafton (received on April, 16th, 2007,sent to Versavisa, in England)
"Shadows over Baker Street" (received on April, 19th, 2007, last in bookray)
"Hour Game", by David Baldacci (received on April, 19th, 2007, sent to Bluecat07. in Germany)
"The Chrysalids", by John Wyndham (received on May, 7th, 2007, sent to Molekilby, in UK)
"Two Little Girls in Blue", by Mary Higgins Clark (received on my birthday, on May, 9th, 2007, sent to Iliotropio, in Belgium)
"The Dante Club", by Matthew Pearl (received on May, 16th, 2007, sent to Iliotropio, in Belgium)
"The Bell Jar", by Sylvia Plath (received on June, 4th, 2007, last in bookray.)
"The Demon-Haunted World", by Carl Sagan (received on June, 4th, 2007, sent to RonOren, in U.K.)
"Jaws", by Peter Benchley (received on June, 4th, 2007, last in bookray)
"The Alienist", by Caleb Carr(received on June, 13th, 2007, last in bookray)
"I am Legend", by Richard Matheson (received on July, 3rd, 2007, sent to Midlifecrisis, in U.K.)
"Mother Love, Deadly Love" by Andrea Peyser (received on July, 13th, 2007, sent to Visoo7, in U.K.)
"Who Killed Marilyn Monroe", by Liz Evans (received on July, 30th, 2007, last in bookray)
"Kissing the Gunner's Daughter", by Ruth Rendell (received on July, 30th, 2007, sent to Iliotropio, in Belgium)
"The Homing", by John Saul (received on August, 4th, 2007, sent to Jessi626, in Germany)
"Salem Falls", by Jodi Picoult (received on August, 13th, 2007, sent to Opheliaphillips,in U.K.)
"Twisted", by Jonathan Kellerman (received on August, 13th, 2007, last in bookray)
"Death at Bishop's Keep", by Robin Page (received on August, 17th, 2007, sent to Fiellu, in Finland)
"Audition for Murder", by Susan Sussman (received on September, 10th, 2007)
"Miss Pym Disposes", by Josephine Tey (received on October, 8th, 2007, sent to Juliako, in U.K.)
"The Life of Charlotte Bronte", by Elizabeth Gaskell (received on October, 8th, 2007, sent to Drutt, in Scotland)
"Dusk Before the Dawn", by Larry Ketchersid (received on November, 21st, 2007 last in bookray)
"Violets are Blue", by James Patterson. (Received on November, 29th, 2007, sent to Ekke, in South Africa)
"Demon's Delight", by Mary Janice Davidson (received on December, 22nd, 2007, sent to Penelopewanders, in Switzerland)
"Tell No-one", by Harlan Cohen(received on December, 22nd, 2007, sent to Isabelopes, in Portugal)
"Six Feet Over", by Mary Roach(received on December, 22nd, 2007, sent to Samulli, in Germany)
"The Killing Hour", by Lisa Gardner (received on December, 23rd, 2007, sent to Mikrh-Melody in Greece.)

Bookrays / bookrings I have already received and / or passed on during 2008:

"La muerte lenta de Luciana B.", de Guillermo Martínez (entregado en mano el 14 de enero de 2008, enviado a msaa1202, en Málaga,España)
"While She Was Sleeping", by Suzanne Forster (received on January, 21st, 2008, sent to Anadxl, in Germany)
"Vanished", by Mary McGary Morris (received on January, 24th, 2008, sent to AuburnCaMom, in U.S.A.)
"Black Dahlia", by James Ellroy (received on January, 30th, 2008, sent to Bilbi, in France)
"The Loch", by Steve Alten (received on February, 5th, 2008, sent to Isabelopes, in Portugal)
"The Measure of a Man", by Sidney Poitier(received on February, 5th, 2008, sent to Isabelopes, in Portugal)
"Trece historias de fantasmas...", de Rafael Casares (recibido el 9 de febrero de 2008, comenzado un nuevo bookray con Lulalook, en España)
"Los crímenes de Oxford", de Guillermo Martínez (recibido el 26 de febrero, enviado a OlePinto, en Madrid)
"Shroud for a Nightingale", by P.D.James (received on February, 26th, sent to Sota48, in Finland)
"Fried Green Tomatoes...", by Fanny Flagg (received on March, 19th, sent to Ftarazu, in Portugal)
"Ginecología y vida íntima de las reinas de España, Vol. I y II" (recibidos el 14 de marzo de 2008, enviados a Kumarimila, en Zaragoza)
"Accordion Crimes", by Annie Proulx (received on March, 26th, 2008, sent to Flambard, in U.K.)
"The Gun Seller", by Hugh Laurie (received on March, 29th, 2008, sent to LeishaCamden, in Norway)
"Anastasia" by Peter Kurtz (received on April, 4th, 2008, sent UNREAD to AgnesXNitt, in England)
"The Case for Easter", by Lee Strobel (received on April, 18th, 2008, sent to Tubereader, in U.K.)
"Footsteps in an Empty Room", and "When Shadows Fall", by Lilly Sommers(received on April, 18th, 2008, sent to Arturogrande, in England)
"Great Ghost Stories" and "Irish Ghost Stories" (received on May, 28th, 2008, sent to Pinkydinky, in U.K.)
"The Other Boleyn Girl", by Philippa Carr (received on June, 16th, 2008, sent to Zepplin, in U.K.)
"Hell House", by Richard Matheson (received on June, 20th, 2008, sent to Mary-T, in Germany)
"Peyton Place", by Grace Metalious (received on June, 20th, 2008, sent to Ritao, in Finland)
"La tregua", de Mario Benedetti (recibido el 11 de julio de 2008, enviado a Kumarimila, en Zaragoza.)
"Short Stories", by Will Terran (received on August. 18th, 2008, sent to Iliotropio, in Belgium)
"Jizzle", by John Wydnham (received on August, 26th, 2008, sent to Samulli, in Germany)
"The Nun", by Denis Diderot (received on September, 2nd, 2008, sent to Pell, in Italy)
"Miss Marple's Final Cases", by Agatha Christie (received on September, 3rd, 2008, sent to GingerWhinger, in Austria)
"The Crimes of Charlotte Bronte", by James Tully(received on September, 3rd, 2008, sent to Boirina, in Portugal)
"Strangers", by Taichi Yamada (received on September, 10th, 2008, last in bookray, sent as a RABCK)
"Bonk", by Mary Roach (received on September, 19th, 2008, sent to Hyphen8, in U.S.A.)
"The Night Before", by Lisa Jackson (received on September, 24th, 2008, sent to Plum-Crazy, in England)
"What Dreams may Come" and "A Stir of Echoes", by Richard Matheson (received on September, 30th, sent to Cambridgelass, in England)
"Just One Look", by Harlan Coben (received on October, 20th, 2008, sent to Sidney1, in Germany)
"Absolute Fear", by Lisa Jackson (received on October, 22nd, 2008, sent to Plum-Crazy, in England)
"Cries Unheard", by Gitta Sereny (received on October, 23rd, 2008, sent to Pell, in Italy)
"Pantaleón y las visitadoras", de Mario Vargas Llosa (recibido el 27 de octubre de 2008, enviado a Vanlat, en Zaragoza)
"The Detectives", by Agatha Christie (received on November, 4th, 2008, sent to Lydoula, in Greece)
"Vivos y muertos", de Alberto Vazquez-Figueroa (recibido el 17 de noviembre de 2008, enviado a a Didi, en Peñíscola)
"La mujer del cuadro", de Cristina de Josh (recibido el 24 de noviembre de 2008, emviado a Bla-Bla, en España)
"Lost Boy Lost Girl", by Peter Straub (received on December, 12th, 2008, last in bookray)
"Los girasoles ciegos", de Alberto Méndez (recibido el 16 de diciembre de 2008, enviado a Ana La Rana, en España)
"Tokyo", by Mo Hayder (received on December, 19th, 2008, sent to Vexter, in Slovenia)
"You've Been Warned", by James Patterson (received on December, 30th, 2008, sent to EmgeeNL, in The Netherlands)

Bookrays / bookrings I have already received and / or passed on during 2009:

"La que no existía", de Boileau Narcejac (recibido el 3 de enero de 2009, enviado a Qalaat, en Madrid)
"The Truth is...", by Melissa Etheridge (received on January, 8th, 2009, sent to LadyTrinity, in Norway)
"Abomination", by Colleen Coble (received on January, 20th, 2009, sent to Sunfi, in U.S.A.)
"The Genesis Code", by John Case (received on January, 30th, 2009, sent to FireOpal, in Italy)
"A Hard Day's Write", by Steve Turner (received on January, 30th, 2009, sent to Boirina)
"On the road", by Jack Kerouac (received on February, 3rd, 2009, sent to MadNad, in Spain)
"The Painted Veil", by Somerset Vaughan (received on February, 18th, 2009, sent to Tsjara, in The Netherlands)
"Bomarzo", de Manuel Mujica Láinez (recibido en mano el 3 de marzo de 2009, enviado a Siluvana, en Buenos Aires, Argentina)
"The Lake of Dead Languages", by Carol Goodman (received on March, 5th, 2009, sent to Frenchnicola, in U.K.)
"An Unsuitable Job for a Woman", by P.D. James (received on March, 6th, 2009, sent to Nicoleangela, in Germany)
"The Life and Times of Miss Jane Marple", by Anne Hart (received on March,12th,2009, sent to CaptainCarrot, in Germany)
"T is for Trespass", by Sue Grafton (received on March, 27th, 2009, sent to Bilbi, in France)
"While the Light Lasts", by Agatha Christie (received on April, 2nd, 2009, sent to Chich, in France)
"The Lost World", by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (received on April, 2nd, 2009, wild released)
"Labyrinth", by Kate Mosse (received on April, 3rd, 2009, sent back to Frangipani08, in Australia)
"The Voynich Project: Nephilim Rising",by James K. Rollins (received on April, 15th, 2009, sent to Jneni, in Singapore)
"The Stake", by Richard Laymon (received on April, 17th, 2009, sent to Deereads, in Canada)
"El misterio de la casa Aranda", de Jerónimo Tristante (recibido en mano el 23 de abril de 2009, enviado a Fabireader, en Madrid)
"Midwives", by Chris Bohjalian (received on April, 28th, 2009, sent to Canadian-babe, in Italy)
"3 by Finney", by Jack Finney (received on May, 8th, 2009, sent to Ladybug74, in U.S.A.)
"What you Make It", by Michael Marshall Smith (received on May, 18th, 2009, sent back to Samulli, in Germany)
"One More Time", by Carol Burnett (received on May, 27th, 2009, last in bookray)
"The Reader", by Bernhard Schlink (received on May, 28th, 2009, sent to Vilda, in Sweden)
"Paint it Black", by Janet Fitch (received on May, 28th, 2009, sent to Virgulina, in Portugal)
"The Case of the Missing Books", by Ian Sansom (received on May, 30th, 2009, sent to Chamonix44, in The Netherlands)
"The Sunday Night Bookclub", by Various authors (received on June, 8th, 2009, sent to Contraforsa, in Greece)
"They Do it with Mirrors", by Agatha Christie (received on June, 8th, 2009, sent to Hayes13, in Italy)
"The Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes", by Arthur Conan Doyle (received on June, 8th, 2009, sent to Jozebedee, in U.K.)
"The Sign of Four", by Arthur Conan Doyle (received on June, 8th, 2009, sent to Silver-Greece, in Greece)
"The Constant Princess", by Philippa Gregory (received on June, 15th, 2009, sent to Voveryte, in U.K.)
"Primavera con una esquina rota", de Mario Benedetti (entregado en mano el 30 de junio de 2009, enviado a Galatea13, en México)
"When the Husband is the Suspect", by F. Lee Bailey (received on July, 1st, 2009, sent back to HunterRyu, in U.S.A.)
"Atonement", by Ian McEwan (received on July, 1st, 2009, sent to Marcenda, in Portugal)
"The Little House", by Philippa Gregory (received on July, 15th, 2009, sent to Bookowl1000, in England)
"Sex with Kings", by Eleanor Herman (received on July, 20th, 2009, sent to Kalise, in Austria)
"Annapolis Ghosts", by Ed Okonowicz (received on July, 21st, 2009, sent to Kerbam1421, in U.S.A.)
"Brideshead Revisited", by Evelyn Waugh (received on July, 23rd, 2009, sent to Soffitta1, in Portugal)
"We the Accused", by Ernest Raymond (received on August, 5th, 2009, back to Midlifecrisis, in UK)
"Roseanna", by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö (received on August, 21st, 2009, sent back to Cassiopeia, in U.K.)
"Lilian's Story", by Kate Grenville (received on August, 25th, 2009, sent to Karen, in U.K.)
"One Last Dance", by Patrick Swayze (received on August, 26th, 2009, sent to Ythan, in UK)
"Two for the Dough", by Janet Evanovich (received on September, 4th, 2009, sent to 24-7-365Reader in England)
"Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death", by M.C. Beaton (received on September, 10th, sent to Hakkalina, in Hungary)
"Case Histories", by Kate Atkinson(received on September, 10th. 2009, sent to Bjorg, in Iceland)
"Innocent Traitor", by Alison Weir (received on September, 10th. 2009, sent to MarcThomas, in France)
"Vile Bodies", by Evelyn Waugh (received on September, 16th, 2009, sent to iiwi, in The Netherlands)
"Poirot - Short Stories", by Agatha Christie (received on October, 6th, 2009, sent to Hakkalina, in Hungary)
"Sybil", by Flora Rheta Schreiber (received on October, 8th, 2009, sent to Bookcloud, in U.K.)
"Dark Echo", by F.G.Cottam (received on October, 21st, 2009, sent to Reetpetite, in U.K.)
"Replay", by Ken Grimwood (received on October, 28th, 2009, last in bookray)
"Bodies in a Bookshop", by R.T. Campbell (received on November,3rd, 2009, sent to Chich, in France.)
"España insólita y misteriosa", de Juan Eslava Galán (recibido el 6 de noviembre de 2009, enviado a Lorenashan)
"Mr. Nosey", by Roger Hargreaves (received on November, 11th, 2009, sent to Auweia, in Germany)
"Manderley en venta", de Patricia Esteban Erlés (recibido el 13 de noviembre de 2009, enviado a Texeneri)
"Women who Run with the Werewolves", by Pam Keesey (received on Novenber, 2009, sent to Vampirequeen, in Wales)
"Jurassic Park" received on November, 24th, 2009 ( received on November, 24th, 2009,last in bookray)
"The Lost World", by Michael Crichton (received on November, 24th, 2009, last in bookray)
"Second Glance", by Jodi Piccoult (received on December, 2009, sent to Penelopewanders, in Switzerland)
"Death at the Old Hotel", by Con Lehane (received on December, 2nd, 2009, sent to Jo_an_a, in Finland)
"Falling Angels", by Tracey Chevalier (received on December, 9th, 2009, sent to Kiki66, in Germany)
"Crome Yellow", by Aldous Huxley (received on December, 17th, 2009, sent to Deepswamp, in Sweden)
"El caso de la viuda negra", de Jerónimo Tristante (recibido el 17 de diciembre de 2009, enviado a Sonja2, en Madrid)
"Put on by Cunning", by Ruth Rendell(received on December, 17th, 2009, sent to Mafarrimond, in U.K.)
"All She Was Worth", by Miyuki Miyabe (received on December, 21st, 2009, sent to CanPou, in Spain)
"Grandmother and the Priests", by Taylor Caldwell (received on December, 28th, 2009, sent to Mafarrimond, in UK)
"The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest" by Stieg Larsson (received on December, 30th, 2009, sent to Shovelmonkey, in U.K.)

Bookrays / bookrings I have already received and / or passed on during 2010:
"Silk", by Alessandro Baricco (received on January, 14th, 2010, sent to Vilda, in Sweden)
"Hidden Secrets", by Cait London (received on January, 14th, 2010, sent to Icila, in France)
The Girl who Played with Fire", by Stieg Larsson (sent to Amatisti, in Finland)
"The Lost Symbol", by Dan Brown(received on January, 15th, 2010, sent to Bjorg, in Iceland)
"La dama de Urtubi", de Pío Baroja (recibido el 18 de enero de 2010, enviado a oOoArimaoOo, de Cantabria)
"Ciudad", de Carlos O. Antognazzi (recibido el 18 de enero de 2010, enviado a Jotage24, en Ourense, España.)
"Finger Licking Fifteen", by Janet Evanovich (received on January, 26th, 2010, last on Bookray)
"Marrying Mozart", by Stephanie Cowell (received on February, 2nd, 2010, sent to Grubsneerg, in U.S.A.)
"Shutter Island", by Dennis Lehane (received on February, 8th, 2010, sent to Kiyoitsukikage, in London)
"The Prestige", by Christopher Priest (received on February, 10th, 2010, sent to Vekiki, in UK)
First Love, Last Rites", by Ian McEwan (received on February, 10th, 2010, sent to Gyd, in Spain)
"Misericordia", de Benito Pérez Galdós (recibido el 1 de marzo de 2010, enviado a Arabd, en México)
"Travesuras de la niña mala", de Mario Vargas Llosa (recibido el 1 de marzo de 2010, enviado de vuelta a Lainoa, en Navarra, España)
"Menopaws, by Martha Sacks (received on March, 8th, 2010, sent to Babelfisk, in Sweden)
"My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding", by various authors (received on March, 8th, 2010, sent back to AgnesXNitt, in United Kingdom)
"Agatha Christie, an English Mystery", by Laura Thompson (received on March,16th, 2010, sent to Mafarrimond, in UK)
"Katherine", by Anya Seton (received on March, 19th, 2010, last in bookray)
"Always Looking Up", by Michael J. Fox (received on April, 30th, 2010, last in bookray)
"Stiff", by Mary Roach (received on May, 27th, 2010, sent to Marko, in Spain)
"Lady Sings the Blues", by Billie Holiday (received on May, 27th, 2010, sent to ChrissyHam, in UK)
"Perfection", by Walter Satterthwait (received on July, 19th, 2010, last in bookray)
"Lights Out Tonight", by Mary Jane Clark (received on July, 29th, 2010, sent to Silvia-pco, in Portugal)
"The October Country", by Ray Bradbury, and "Mr George", by August Derleth (received on July, 29th, 2010, sent to Silvia-pco, in Portugal)
"Stolen Innocence", by Elissa Wall (received on September, 3rd, 2010, sent to Piemunga, in Australia)
"Swimsuit", by James Patterson (received on September, 8th, 2010, last in bookray)
"Sueños de tinta", de varios autores (recibido el 9 de septiembre, 2010, enviado a Filoloca, en Madrid)
"The Queen's Fool", by Philippa Gregory (received on September, 10th, 2010, sent to Meg72, in Portugal)
"No tengo el placer", de Sergio Algora (recibido el 5 de noviembre de 2010, enviado a FabiReader.)

Bookrays / bookrings I have already received and / or passed on during 2011:
"The Memory Thief", by Rachel Keener (received on February, 14th, 2011, sent to Lisagt, in Australia)
"At the Mountains of Madness", by H.P. Lovecraft (received on August, 12th, 2011, last in bookray)

Bookrays / bookrings I have already received and / or passed on during 2012:
"Never let me go", by Kazuo Ishiguro (received on July, 30th, 2012, sent to 727, in Lithuania)
"The Edinburgh Dead", by Brian Ruckley (received on September, 17th, 2012, sent to Earthcaroleanne, in Scotland)
"Death Comes to Pemberley", by P.D. James (received on October, 11th, 2012, sent to Tsjara, in The Netherlands)
"Lost Time", by Katherine Arnold (received on October, 2012, last in bookray.)
"The Compendium of Vampyres and Other Perilous Creatures" (received on October, 31st, 2012, sent to Plum-Crazy, in UK)
"Firefly Summer", by Maeve Binchy (received on November, 19th, 2012, last in bookray.)
"The Lighthouse", by P.D.James (received on December, 27th, 2012, sent to Appelsiini, in Finland)

Bookrays / bookrings I have already received and / or passed on during 2013:
"Psychic Cats", by Theresa Cheung (received on January, 3rd, 2013, sent to Minesayn, in U.S.A.)
"Picnic at Hanging RocK", by Joan Lindsay (received on January, 22nd, 2013, sent to Penelopewanders, in Switzerland)
"The Wicked Girls", by Alex Marwood (received on January, 29th, 2013, sent to Penelopewanders, in Switzerland)
"The Amateur Marriage", by Anne Tyler (received on February, 11th, 2013, sent to Dutchbooky, in The Netherlands)
"My Favourite Place, a Tribute to Scotland (received on February, 11th, 2013, sent to Leahjett, in New Zealand)
"Woman on the Edge of Time", by Marge Piercy (received on March, 28th, 2013, sent to Edwardstreet, in New Zealand)
"Death Message", by Mark Billingham (received on April, 1st, 2013, sent to Alexiapapa, in Greece)
"Candlemoth", by R.J. Ellory (received on April, 23th, 2013; a bookray in memory of Bookckloud, sent to Pam99, in Scotland)
"Now You See Her", by James Patterson (received on May, 20th, 2013, sent to Rrrcaron, in U.S.A.)
"The Door to December", by Dean Koontz (received on May, 20th, 2013, sent to Rrrcaron, in U.S.A.)
"Dragon Tears", by Dean Koontz (received on May, 20th, 2013, sent to Stephario, in U.S.A.)
_"Happy are Those who Thirst for Justice", by Andrew M. Greeley, received on May, 20th, 2013
"The Winter Ghosts", by Kate Mosse (received on May, 31st, 2013, sent to Billbooks, in Australia)
"The King's Speech", by Mark Logue and Peter Conrad (received on June, 21st, 2013, sent to Carmendoran, in UK)
"The Little Book of Questions", by Gregory Stock (received on June, 25th, 2013, sent to JordisLank, in Germany)
"Amsterdam", by Ian McEwan (received on July, 4th, 2013, sent to Lamilla, in Belarus)
"Sweet Tooth", by Ian McEwan (received on July, 8th, 2013, sent to Blue-berry, in U.K.)
"It's a Little Book", by Lane Smith (received on July, 15th, 2013, sent to Hesiodo66, in Rosario, Argentina)
"Gone Girl", by Gillian Flynn (received on July, 15th, 2013, sent to ReetPetite, in Uk,on July. 2nd, 2014)
"Down the Plughole", by Steve Dobell (received on August. 1st, last in bookay)
Late Bloomers", by Brendan Gill (received on August, 12th, 2013, sent to Billbooks, in Australia)
"The End of your Life Book Club", by Will Schwalbe (received on August, 15th, 2013, sent to Billbooks, in Australia)
_"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie", by John R. Riggs (received on September, 9th, 2013)
"Everything and Nothing", by Araminta Hall (received on October, 16th, 2013, sent to J4Shaw, in Australia)
"A Decent Cup of Tea", by Malachi McCormick (a book in memory of Holly Marie Hill, received on October, 16th, 2013, sent to Foxy737, in U.K.)
"Hawksmoor", by Peter Ackroyd (received on October, 25th, last in bookray)
"Before I Go to Sleep", by S.J.Watson (received on November, 1st, 2013, sent to Bournemouth, in Germany)
"Cross Lines", by Maeve Binchy (received on December, 5th, 2013, sent to QueenSissi, in Portugal)

Bookrays / bookrings I have already received and / or passed on during 2014:
"Behind the Scenes at the Museum", by Kate Atkinson (received on January, 4th, 2014, sent to Valpete, in U.S.A.)
"The Exodus Quest", by Will Adams (received on January, 8th, 2014, sent to Lilyklip, in Germany)
"The Shrouded Walls", by Susan Howatch (received on March, 24th, 2014, sent to Billbooks, in Australia)
_"Escape", by Carolyn Jessop (received on May, 7th, 2014)
"In Watermelon Sugar", by Richard Brautigan (received on May, 26th, 2014, sent to Tuttasb, in Norway)
_"The Dinner", by Herman Koch (received on May, 26th, 2014)
"A Death Displaced", by Andrew Butcher (received on June, 9th, 2014, sent to LilyKlip, in Germany)
"Nocturnes", by Kazuo Ishuguro (received on July, 1st, 2014, sent to Lamilla, in Belarus)
"The Courage Consort, by Michael Faber (received on July, 10th, 2014, sent to Fifna, in The Netherlands)
"Always Watching", by Chevy Stevens (received on July, 16th, 2014, sent to Penelopewanders, in Switzerland)
"And I don't want to live this life", by Deborah Spungen (received on September, 2014, sent to NowInka, in Poland)
"Bellman and Black", by Diane Setterfield (received on November, 7th, 2014, sent to Tanamo, in UK)

Bookrays / bookrings I have already received and / or passed on during 2015:
"The Ghost Map", by Steven Johnson (received on January, 12th, 2015, sent to Icila, in France)
"Thirteen Reasons Why", by Jay Asher (received on April, 28th, 2015, sent to Icila, in France)
"House of the Sleeping Beauties", by Yasunabu Kawabata (received on April, 30th, 2015, sent to Bibliovore, in Canada)
_"Airport", by Arthur Hailey (received on May, 14th, 2015)
_"Murder in Georgetown", by Margaret Truman (received on May, 14th, 2015)
"Trust your Eyes", by Linwood Barclay (received on May, 14th, 2015, sent to Bluezwuzl, in Germany)
"The Haunted Bookshop", by Christopher Morley (received on August, 24th, 2015, sent to Merolia, in Greece)
"How Reading Changed my Life", by Anna Quindlen (received on September, 18th, 2015, sent to Okarih, in London, UK)
"The House on Tradd Street", by Karen White (received on September, 22nd, 2015, sent to Penelopewanders, in Switzerland)
"The Castle of Otranto", by Horace Walpole (received on October, 11th, 2015, sent back to Andrea99, in UK))
"The Girl on the Train", by Paula Hawkins (received on October, 13th, 2015, sent to LilyKlip, in Germany)
"The House of Silk", by Anthony Horowitz (received on December, 4th, 2015, sent to Amelie13, in Germany)

Bookrays / bookrings I have already received and / or passed on during 2016:
"No Safe House", by Linwood Barclay (received on January, 14th, 2016, sent to Earthcaroleanne, in Scotland)
_"Tricks of the Mind", by Derren Brown (received on February, 5th, 2016)
"Elizabeth is Missing", by Emma Healey (received on February, 16th, 2016, sent to kiki66 in Germany)
"The Girl on Legare Street", by Karen White (received on February, 24th, 2016, sent to Penelopewanders, in Switzerland)
"Forgotten Bookmarks", by Michael Popek (Received on March, 7th, 2016, sent to MargaridaPides, in Portuga)
_"Every Breath you Take", by Ann Rule (Received on March, 24th, 2016)
_"Don't look behind you", by Ann Rule (Received on March, 24th, 2016)
"The Cases that Haunt Us", by John Douglas (Received on March, 24th, 2016, sent to duch-book, in The Netherlands)
_"Criminal Cold Cases", by Charlotte Greig (Received on March, 24th, 2016)
"Cat Selfies" and "PetCam" (Received on April, 1st, 2016, sent to Freuju, in Germany)
_"The Wife's Tale", by Lori Lansens (Received on May, 11th, 2016)
_"The Martian", by Andy Weir (Received on May, 11th, 2016)
"The Miniaturist", by Jesse Burton (Received on May, 18th, 2016, sent to Mecu, in Finland)

Bookrays / bookrings I have already received and / or passed on during 2017:
_"Wannabe a Writer?", by Jane Wenham-Jones (received on March, 3rd, 2017)
_"Mr. Penumbra's 24-hour bookstore", by Robin Sloan (received on April, 18th, 2017)
_"Get Happy; The Life of Judy Garland", by Gerald Clarke (received on May, 19th, 2017)

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