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I am EXTREMELY new to this website so bear with me as I try to navigate it and make some sense out of my "profile." I am an avid reader, I lost my sense of the world a while back and... wait for it... stopped reading... *GASP* I KNOW. I MUST have been delusional, but now I am determined to get back to my old self and read AT LEAST a book a week. It really does challenge the brain and open your imagination, something I have lost since living the grown up life. I mostly read young adult novels, I have NEVER read a non-fiction book... I love to live in a fantasy filled world. I am UBER picky about what I read but I can tell you if it's from the young adult section there's a large chance that I will take a peek at it.

Book interests:
Young adult(obviously)
Spanish... like simple spanish(children's books)
Homeopathic Medicine
Being a mother(a new mother(adopted toddler) at that and still learning =], tips couldn't hurt and what better way to get them then a book)

I just have to say this is the most freaking awesome community I have EVER stumbled upon... it is like I have died and gone to book heaven... which isn't a bad place to be in my eyes!
Any who thanks for taking a peek at my profile I hope we can be friends or books traders... or both... whichever way this site works =]
PLEASE NOTE: ANY books of mine in which you receive/ find please feel free to keep OR release, it's your choice =]

Also, I cannot do trades until after May! =]

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