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We hope you enjoy our books as much as we have!

My book rating system (borrowed from a few and edited to fit me).

10: Excellent – LOVED IT! Will read it again.
9: Great book – just a few little items that make it not quite a 10.
8: Good, solid book – will most likely read it again.
7: Good book; however, I won’t read it again.
6: Decent, casual reading book – Enjoyed it somewhat but won’t read it again.
5: OK book – Finished it because I started it. Not necessarily worth reading.
4: OK book – Didn’t finish it. May have skipped to the last page to know how it ended. Not my “cup of tea”.
2 - 3: Has major problems. I didn’t finish it.
1: Couldn’t get past the first few pages. I didn’t even skip to the last chapter to see how it ended.


If you've found or received one of my books it’s yours to do with as you wish. Keep it forever, share it with your friends, or release it to continue its journey in the wild.

My only request from you is that you PLEASE journal the book when you receive it. We'd love to know the journey our books take.


My bookshelf contains mostly books I’ve read and a few from my boys. We have always passed books along after we’ve read them and just started (January 2017) labeling them with Book Crossing. While we do purchase some books new, we also tend to pick them up from thrift shops.

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