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Moore, Oklahoma USA

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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

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4 weeksall time

books registered:305,053
released in the wild:0134
controlled releases:1553
releases caught:053
controlled releases caught:1359
books found:1781
tell-a-friend referrals:061
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forum posts:175,755

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Extended Profile

**** I was formerly casseytara ***
I moved in December so if you're sending something and have the address on Gale - that's my old address! If you have the address on Broadway, that's my office and is still a good address.

I have a new Facebook page for my blog. I'm also on Goodreads. And while I don't just accept all random friend requests on my personal Facebook, if anyone is looking for BookCrossing friends I welcome those friend requests if you also message me and let me know you're a BookCrosser!

I will read just about anything and everything, though I tend to lean towards romance more than anything else. I love finding old books at thrift stores, published in the 50s, 40s, 30's. I am always willing to trade a book on my shelf for something on my wish list, or if you have something you think I would like, I'm open to suggestions - I've discovered some great authors that way. I don't mind reserving my TBR books and will move those books up in the pile, but still with the understanding that it may be a few weeks before I get the book read and sent out, depending on how many ring/ray books I get and/or how many I already have reserved. However, keep in mind that I am very anal about reading series books in order, so if it's part of a series and I don't have all the books ahead of it I may have to decline your request.

If you sent me a book and you feel like it has been languishing in my TBR pile for too long, shoot me a PM and tell me so (but don't get nasty about it) and I'll make a point to move it up in the pile, and then pass on. My TBR pile is pretty big and I don't want anyone to feel like I'm hoarding their books.

I try to respond to all PMs within two or three days whether I can send what you want or not. So if you don't hear back from me, for some reason I may not have gotten your message and feel free to send it again! Or you can email me directly at readinrobin at gmail dot com.

MY CURRENT BOOK RINGS/RAYS/BOXES: None active at the moment.

Warning to people who have allergies: We have one dog and two cats, and the cats especially love to sleep sprawled across books!

Books read (since I started keeping track):

2015 - 14
2014 - 97 (plus 2 DNF)
2013 - 71
2012 - 85 (plus 1 DNF)
2011 - 110
2010 - 54
2009 - 32 (plus 3 DNF)
2008 - 86
2007 - 66
2006 - 99 (plus 2 DNF)
2005 - 51 (plus 2 DNF)
2004 - 94 (plus 2 DNF)
2003 - 87 (plus 2 DNF)
2002 - 18

Since June 6, 2006:
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