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the wheelbarrow project

See screen name target="_blank">thewheelbarrow. This is an entity that was created by myself with a whole lotta help from my friend target="_blank">SGinger. We created a SHORT film for a less-than-amateur film festival we had in Sonoma in mid-September 2003. The idea for the inspiration behind the film is explained in target="_blank">the wheelbarrow's profile. Check out the wheelbarrow project website above. The movie turned out pretty good for a first try. I keep telling everyone I am going to send a copy to Ron Hornbaker and Oprah Winfrey! One day...

the lomographic bookcrossing journal

(click link above for more info)

Historically, the best journals, the most vibrant and fleshed out, have been those with a mix of words and other, cartoons, pressed flowers, hair clippings, maps, tears...Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient references a journal thick with the journaler's life. The books of Nick Bantock are often modeled after journals that encompass art & life within the pages. There is the diary that was published in 1999 of Leonardo Da Vinci's paint mixer, Luigi Cannelloni, with illustrations on nearly every page. A lover of literature, I see a journal's pages as the palette upon which a writer can mix the colors to make their work a reality. Thus this mix of pictures and words within one tome. A collaboration of color and ink.

A Story

I am a former chef, but a current insurance guru - I am an idealist working undercover for The Man. Reading is lifeblood, 2nd to none. Writing is air, 2nd only to reading. And eating is lots of fun too, especially when it's tasty and weird and colorful. It says above to "tell other BookCrossers about yourself or your organization!" I've told you a little about myself, so now I'll tell you about my organization. I have wonderful organization skills. I alphabetize CDs, records (yes, like vinyl), books, files, DVDs, videos, and anything else with text and/or a title. I color coordinate my closet to the chagrin of my husband and I insist that he leave his mess on his side of the armoire. Yes, our armoire has SIDES, that's what organization is about, you know. I organize spices not alphabetically but rather by cuisine. Cumin, oregano, chile. Tumeric, curry, garam masala. Clove, cinnamon, nutmeg. Organization can also be expressed in, on and around your desk; paperclips, staples, notepads, rubberbands, pens, erasers, pencils, scissors, rulers, post-its, pencil sharpeners, envelopes, and everything else can all have it's own place in the home or office. I ought to be employed by Stacks & Stacks or Crate & Barrel. Then I could be paid for my organization by another organization.

And that is the story of myself & my organization.

The end.

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