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Christmas Blessings
by Sian Keogh | Arts & Photography
Registered by Cordelia-anne of Someplace, Georgia USA on 12/22/2009
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Journal Entry 1 by Cordelia-anne from Someplace, Georgia USA on Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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Dear Reader,

This is really a silly book, albeit with great pictures of animals, sort of a miniature little stocking stuffer. So I'm letting it go but not before I share a few legends of the animals at Christmas.

The first I heard one Christmas morning myself. It was told to all of us who had assembled before daybreak in an old Cathedral. Once, the priest said, the animals had a conference. They had heard that God's Son was to be born so they went to God to offer their services for the great coming event. First, the magnificent lion approached God's throne. Dear Lord, he said, I am the King of Beasts, surerly it is Your will that I stand beside Your Son always, to guard Him and to protect Him, to let others know that he is their King. Not humble enough, said the Lord, but thanks just the same. Then the fox came forward. Dear Lord, he said, I am the most wily of your creatures, and I can help build your Son's Kingdom and obtain for him anything he needs. I always have my ways of obtaining things. Thank you dear Fox, said the Lord, but your methods often lack integrity. My Son shall be a Prince of Truth. Then the goat came forward. Dear Lord, he said, I am lord of my domain. I eat what I find and I protect my territory. I am independent and strong. Too individualistic said the Lord, my Son will be one of his people. Finally the Ox and the Ass came forward to congratulate the Lord. Dear Lord, they said, we are beasts of burden, we endure abuse and we work tirelessly from sun to sun. We don't feel worthy to be of service to your son. My dear beasts, said the Lord, you two will be closest to my Son after His birth for He, like you, will be a bearer of burdens and He will serve his people without question. So the Ox and the Ass warmed our young Lord in the manger after his birth at Christmas.

Other short tales of animals have grown to accompany the story of Christmas through the years. On Christmas Eve, some legends maintain, people can hear all of the farm animals speaking to one another. The legend goes that they were all given the gift of speech when Jesus was born for that one night of the year. And there are legends of the animals of light and warmth. Baby Jesus was cold, and there was very little heat from the few bits of wood on the fire. A little Robin roosting in the stable flew down and fanned the fire into flame with his wings. As the fire strengthened and warmed the Child and his mother, the Robin's breast became scorched. Afterwards the Robin was given a beautiful red breast and his tribe today still wear it in memory of that holy night and the Robin's gift of love. In another tale, a little glow-worm had nothing to give the shivering child, so it carried a small green leaf it found as its gift. Baby Jesus delighted in that humble gift, and touched the dull little worm, which ever afterwards has glowed with the glory of Christ.

So Merry Christmas. And may 2010 be blessed. 

Journal Entry 2 by Cordelia-anne at Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia USA on Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This book has not been rated.

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It was a really lovely day at the airport today. Everyone seemed happy. Turning into the ladies room off of the Atrium, I noticed a sign: "Lynelle in charge of this facility." There was a wonderful, happy woman there singing and wishing everyone Merry Christmas. I turned to her and said, "you must be Lynelle." "That's right," she said, "and this is the happy bathroom." I replied, "Merry Christmas." Then I gave her this book. She hugged me. Merry Christmas to all and to all Christmas blessings. 

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