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Asterix at the Olympic Games
by Rene De Goscinny | Humor
Registered by Atenea-Nike on 6/15/2003
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Journal Entry 1 by Atenea-Nike on Sunday, June 15, 2003

10 out of 10

What can I say about Asterix? If you haven't read these lovely comics, you *have* to do so. They are highly enjoyable, easy reads that are guaranteed to make you laugh.
(Don't mention the horrible movies made out of them - ouch!) 

Journal Entry 2 by aris1 from Nea Smirni, Attica Greece on Monday, May 10, 2004

10 out of 10

Received a few days ago by mail! Thanks Atena-Nike!
I have a full collection of all Asterix series in Greek, but this is the first book I read in English. I kinda hated the characters' names (the greek names for Dogmatix, Geriatrix and Vitalstatistix are Idefix, Panoramix and Majestix)but the edition is better than the greek one.

This is one of my favourite books of the series, and I find it very, very smart. If Goscinny would rewrite it today, just 100 days before the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, he would probably add some jokes with the delays of the olympic features' constructions and the huge traffic jams everywhere in Athens ;))) Anyway, the Games will eventually be held successfully, and everything will go as scheduled! Come and visit Athens in August!

I will release this book in August, as part of a great "Olympic Release" I am planning. Lets hope that many bookcrossers will visit us!


Journal Entry 3 by aris1 at Athens historical centre in Athens - Αθήνα, Attica Greece on Sunday, August 29, 2004

This book has not been rated.

Released on Sunday, August 29, 2004 at Athens historical centre in Athens, Athens Greece.

Last day of the Olympic Games today :(

Tonight we are all expecting a glorious Closing Ceremony... Since tomorrow, most of Athens visitors will start departing for their countries or for the greek islands to complete their greek summer vacation. Meanwhile, there are very few sport events today so most of Athens’s visitors are practicing their favourite sport: sightseeing!!! I went on a loooooooong walk today, covering most of the historical centre of Athens, I even "climbed" the Acropolis Sacred Hill. During this walk this afternoon, I "seeded" all the books I planned to release during the Olympics. Lets hope some of them will "grow" and get journaled!

This journal entry concludes my OLYMPIC RELEASE PROGECT. A great thanks to indymomto2 and all theother BookCrossers from all over the world that helped me out. I never received about 15 books indymomto2 sent me in the m-bag, something must have happened on the way and instead of receiving a whole m-bag, separate packages arrived in different dates. So I will go to the Post Office first thing Monday morning. If I manage to find them, I will release them during the Paraolympic Games, in two weeks time...

As for you lot, you are all Olympic Champions in my heart!!!!!

Journal Entry 4 by wingAnonymousFinderwing on Tuesday, August 31, 2004

10 out of 10

I was taking a walk with a friend at Plaka area, when I noticed Asterix staring at me! He (I mean the book, of course) was comfortably sitting on a bench at the ancient greek agora area, doing some "people-watching"! Well, it was the first time I got to read an english translation of Asterix and I really enjoyed it, especially because the certain adventure takes place in Greece during the Olympics! Goscinny and Uderzo did a great job with this comic book; Although it was first edited in 1968, the year of the Mexico Olympics, it seems extremely apropos, especially the part with the "magic-potion doping" of the Roman athletes!!

This is the first time I read about Bookcrossing, fortunately there was an explanatory brochure in the comic book. I think it is a nice effort, but I will not become a member yet, I am kinda cautious with free internet memberships. I am a junior-high teacher though, and I will donate the book to the school library. The new school-year starts in a few days, and maybe some of the english class students will use it to improve their english. Our library has internet access too, so, I hope your book will get journaled again...


Journal Entry 5 by wingAnonymousFinderwing on Thursday, February 03, 2005

10 out of 10

Hello! My name is Ismini and I am 12,5 years old. My friends Giorgos and Lili and I found this Asterix book in the school library and we read it in english class. Asterix is so funny, but we like Ovelix better!
We asked our english teacher about bookcrossing and she explained that it is about a large group of friends that love books and meet in the internet. She also told us that you set books free so that people find them and read them without having to buy them! We make this journal entry with her help, because she told us that we must be careful when using the Internet, and that we should always have a grown-up with us.
We will do an essay about the internet and we will use you as an example. We hope our english is good because we are now learning.


Journal Entry 6 by wingAnonymousFinderwing on Monday, March 24, 2008

This book has not been rated.

Today I was watching on the television the ignition of the Olympic Flame for the 2008 Beijing summer games. It was an excellent ceremony, the priestesses in the archaeological site of ancient Olympia were beautiful, and by now the torch is already travelling.

Then I remembered this copy of Asterix in english that I first saw in the school library some time ago (I am the teacher in charge of our school library this year). I read it once more, had quite a laugh and then I noticed the BookCrossing label!

I've read about BookCrossing in a magazine before. Well, I see now that the book has travelled a bit! I am writing these lines to let the previous readers that this book is still alive and well (well, maybe a little crumbled, being in a school library and all), and that the kids are always reading it!

My best wishes to the Beijing Olympics this summer!  

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