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Journal Entry 1 by Rutchmather from Rock Island, Illinois USA on Sunday, December 16, 2007

10 out of 10

There is an encouraging trend toward the restoration of daily devotions, both on an individual and family basis. This book is the perfect answer to anyone who has this aim in view. The emphasis in this volume is on Scripture, with comments interspersed where questions are apt to arise, or where desirable application comes natural.

The gist of the entire Bible is contained between the covers of this book. The passages omitted are almost always summarized wherever possible. To reduce a passage to the proper length, verses are naturally omitted in whole or in part, but in such a way that the narrative or teaching remains clear and unimpaired.

The book will be read through in one year where morning and evening devotions are maintained. Where only one devotional per day is possible, observance of the second date, which is inserted below the first in smaller type, will render the volume useful for two full years.

It is hoped that the enjoyment of the selected extracts may lead the reader to establish or to continue the excellent practice of daily devltions and Bible reading.

--The Publishers
Baker Book Houose Company, copyright 1987

It is certainly a wonderful read however the type is just a wee bit small. It's been 17 years since I read it the first time so perhaps it's me.

This is the *same* book as listed here: BCID: 5119707, I just goofed. 

Journal Entry 2 by Rutchmather from Rock Island, Illinois USA on Wednesday, March 12, 2008

9 out of 10

I am going to part with my friend at the close of 2008. I'm getting older and feel a need to share this volume with others because it has meant so much to me.

It is going to be a Bookray which means it will never return home and will hopefully be kept on it's journey with earnest readers.

This is a devotional book meant to give you a steady dose of Bible reading and Spurgeon commentary. He originally set it up so you can approach it two ways:

  1. Read one page in the morning and the other in the evening - get finished in one year.
  2. Read one page per day and take two years to complete.
Of course, the first time I read it I treated it like a novel and poured through it as fast as anyone can read 788 pages :)

In this BookRay I place NO obligations on the reader except to pick a method and send it on. Knowing this, those who sign up for the BookRay will have to understand it will be at each person's residence for at least a year!

At some point in the future I'm going to expire and not maintain this list: that should not matter because someone down the road will recognize that and "take over" - meaning, place it on the BookRay forum and let others enjoy it.

It is a hardback book so will cost a little more than 'normal' to send on to the next individual. Please consider that your tithe to the next reader because someone bore the cost to get it to you.

I'll begin compiling the list of readers here and will do my best to keep it up. It is my prayer that in reading, some of your needs will be met, some questions resolved, and a deeper love of our Lord will result.

Bookray Participants
elizardbreath - Oregon, USA - 1 year plan 

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