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Hide and Seek
by Iaian Rankin | Mystery & Thrillers
Registered by babyimran of Kajang, Sultanate of Selangor (Shah Alam) Malaysia on 11/17/2005
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Journal Entry 1 by babyimran from Kajang, Sultanate of Selangor (Shah Alam) Malaysia on Thursday, November 17, 2005

This book has not been rated.

I have enjoyed reading his books. Got this at a bargain from the Popular bookstore.

Jan 23, 2008 - in my quest to clear my bookshelf for new purchases and to quest my thirst for reading before classes start, picking this up for my next read.

Jan 25 -
Taken from the back cover of the book:

An Inspector Rebus Novel: 2
A junkie lies dead in an Edinburgh squat - spreadeagled, cross-like on the floor, between two burned-down candles, a five-pointed star daubed on the wall above. Just another dead addict, until John Rebus begins to chip away at the indifference, treachery, deceit and sleaze that lurks behind the facade of the Edinburgh familiar to the tourists. Only Rebus seems to care about a death which looks more like danger every day, about a seductive danger he can almost taste, appealing to the darkest corners of his mind.

This book should be a fast read - nearly half way through and its less than 24 hours when I started the book. It has a dark tone to it - having the Pentagon and covens drawn into the story. Plus, the book is in such a pristine condition that I just love going through the pages.

The book has mentioned Hades, or the House of Hades. I have come across this many times and I keep forgetting what it is. To ensure that I should not forget again, I will 'engrave' what I have gathered from Wikipedia:
Hades (from Greek Άιδης, Hadēs, originally ᾋδης, Haidēs or Άΐδης, Aidēs, probably from Indo-European *n̥-wid- 'unseen'[1]) refers to both the ancient Greek underworld and the god of the dead. The word originally (as in Homer) referred to just the god; Άδού, Haidou its genitive, was an elision of "the house of Hades". Eventually, the nominative, too, came to designate the abode of the dead.

In Greek mythology, Hades and his brothers Zeus and Poseidon defeated the Titans and claimed rulership over the universe ruling the underworld, sky, and sea, respectively. Because of his association with the underworld, Hades is often interpreted as a grim figure.

Hades was also called Pluto (from Greek Ploutōn), and by this name known as "the unseen one", or "the rich one". In Roman mythology, Hades was called Dis Pater, Pluto, and Orcus. The corresponding Etruscan god was Aita. The symbols associated with him are sceptre, cornucopia, and the three headed dog, Cerberus.

In Christian theology, the term hades refers to the abode of the dead, where the dead await Judgement Day either at peace or in torment.

I love when the writer goes beyond the norm. For one, each chapter is divided into the days of the week. Second, he twist and turned the word H-I-D-E to mean the noun, verb, a place, a name. Finally, it reminisce on the Elizabethan period which brings me pictures of the movie An Interview with a Vampire.

Journal Entry 2 by babyimran from Kajang, Sultanate of Selangor (Shah Alam) Malaysia on Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This book has not been rated.

I have searched the wishlists for any request for this book. I have found several names which will be listed here. Just PMed them if they are interested.

JohnSteed, Switzerland -> agreed
Jebbie74, Canada
hak42, USA -> agreed
lightwavz, USA -> request to be passed
aunt-sophie, Canada -> request to be passed

Feb 6 - posted the book to JohnSteed.


Journal Entry 3 by JohnSteed from Bad Zurzach, Aargau Switzerland on Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This book has not been rated.

The book reached my mailbox. It's in good shape and eager to be read. Thanks Babyimran. Btw: you write some awesome journal entries.


Journal Entry 4 by babyimran from Kajang, Sultanate of Selangor (Shah Alam) Malaysia on Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This book has not been rated.

Thank you for your kind comment. I do love to comment/blog/research-for-master's. And this is one of my best days - shopping the whole morning, Backstreet Boys concert, a positive note for my application for a new job (which includes a Ph D offer at USA.  

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