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The Forest Lover
by Susan Vreeland | Literature & Fiction
Registered by Flashgirl of Minneapolis, Minnesota USA on 10/30/2003
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Journal Entry 1 by Flashgirl from Minneapolis, Minnesota USA on Thursday, October 30, 2003

This book has not been rated.

Review copy, will not be available in stores until February 2004. Have not read.

Description on jacket:
"It was Emily Carr (1871–1945)—not Georgia O’Keeffe or Frida Kahlo—who first blazed a path for modern women artists. Overcoming the confines of late Victorian culture, Carr became a major force in modern art. Her boldly original landscapes are praised today for capturing an untamed British Columbia—and its indigenous peoples—just before industrialization would change it forever.

In her latest novel, Susan Vreeland brings to life this fiercely independent and underappreciated figure. From illegal potlatches in tribal communities to prewar Paris, where her art was exhibited in the famed Salon d’Automne, Carr’s story is as arresting as it is vibrant. Vreeland tells it with gusto and suspense, giving vivid portraits of Carr and the unconventional people to whom she was inevitably drawn: Sophie, a native basket maker; Harold, the son of missionaries, who embraces indigenous cultures; Fanny, a New Zealand artist who spends a summer with Carr painting in the French countryside; and Claude, a French fur trader who steals her heart. The result is a glorious novel that will appeal to lovers of art, native cultures, and lush historical fiction."

Journal Entry 2 by Flashgirl from Minneapolis, Minnesota USA on Sunday, November 02, 2003

This book has not been rated.

I don't want this book to languish on my To-Be-Read shelf while it's hot and others could be excitedly devouring it, so..... BOOKRING! PM me to join.

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Journal Entry 3 by wingAnonymousFinderwing on Wednesday, November 19, 2003

6 out of 10

Made me want to have a picture-book of totem poles, and an illustrated book of Emily Carr's work, to refer to while reading. Lots of historical reference here & some good stuff about the different tribes on the Northwest Coast. Wanted a map, too, with Carr's travels marked on it.

Carr herself, as a character, is disappointing. Comes off as kind of prissy, which is odd since she's an artist, for one, and for two is going on all these wild adventures, pretty rare for a white woman 100 years ago. Dialogue awkward & sometimes banal, esp in the beginning. Despite this, the relationships (family, friends) feel pretty real, sometimes moving.

I'd recommend it for folks who have an interest in Northwest art, tribes, history, or Emily Carr.


Journal Entry 4 by amymehta from Media, Pennsylvania USA on Saturday, November 29, 2003

7 out of 10

Just received this in a bookring a few days ago. Thanks for sending it on Flashgrl!

I enjoyed this book - not quite as good as her other books, but it was nevertheless an interesting story. I can't wait to go back and look at the pictures my family took on their trip to Canada/Alaska last year. It was an interesting look into the life of a female artist that made capturing the totem poles in the BC area her life's work. A bit too much description of painting techniques for my taste - this book is for the true practiced artiste!

This has been sent on to Caracas on 12/10 - It should take about a month to get to Germany. Enjoy!


Journal Entry 5 by Caracas from Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany on Wednesday, February 04, 2004

5 out of 10

Arrived yesterday, thank you amymehta. And thank you Flashgirl for organising this Bookring! Will start reading this weekend...

Though I think I wasn`t in the right mood to read this book, it is a lovely story about the painter Emily Carr ^_^
My favorite quotation: "If she could sing like that trush, what would she sing?
She would sing the forest eternal.
She would place her body in the womb of trees.
She would bleed into the earth.
She would place her bare feet onto moss and spiced pine needles, peat and mud, and up between her toes and through her pores would ooze the rich dark syrup of Mother Earth, and over her ankles would swarm tiny insects, and around her shoulders would float the exquisite flowing drapery of her green hemlock cape. She would take great gulps from slender bars of silver light, forest-filtered, like incandescent starnds of old women`s hair.
[...] She would drink the forest liquids and drench herself in possibility."

"The Forest Lover" will now be on its way to malaysia.

pic: Emily Carr, "Indian Church"

Journal Entry 6 by Caracas at on Sunday, February 29, 2004

This book has not been rated.

Released on Saturday, February 28, 2004 at Mailed to a fellow Bookcrosser in n/a, n/a Controlled Releases.

On its way to selangor malaysia ^_^
Wish you a good read hathyia.

pic: Emily Carr, "Guyasdoms d'Sonoqua"  

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