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Hello bookcrossers!
My name is "LaLiberaLibri" and it's like "The books relaser" (more or less).
I'm in Milan (North Italy), I love reading and I immediatly went crazy for Bookcrossing that allows people share books and books travelling around the world. you soon! 😊📚
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Welcome to Bookcrossing. I see you got right into it. If you have any questions, this is the place to ask. Enjoy.
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Thank you so much!
It's so nice to be welcoming.
Actually, I'm a bookcrosser since September, but I didn't introduce myself at that time.
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We are glad to have you with us. :))
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Thanks a lot! It's a pleasure to be part of bookcrossers community.
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Thank you. I've been in Grece, it's wonderful.
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Welcome from Australia. Lovely to see you have had a catch already. Hope you have a lot of fun here.
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Hello and thank you so much for welcoming me!
I'm having fun and... I'm going on.
Bye bye and... read you soon :-)

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