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The sky is full of large ravenous bats

Shoo :( !

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Are they eating your plums? Bad bats!

[I quite like bats, but I've never had to cope with them as garden pests; that might change my views a bit.]
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They are eating my figs (thank goodness figs produce a lot of fruit) and the neighbours pears more. I saw about four or five in the neighbours tree at once. I hear the flap, flap, flap though the night and their squeaks. Plus them landing near or on my house at times. The plums, so far, don't appear badly effected, but I haven't checked my tree this morning yet.
I hear the possums growling at times. This could be at a rival, but I also suspect it's at their rivals, the bats. The dog next door goes mad at them.
Re the figs; I am not eating many of them at present, as figs are not my favourite fruit, but I will eat figs when the other fruit is finished, and figs give me fruit for a month or two after the other fruit is gone. Figs produce continuously through the fruiting season, unlike the other fruit which have their fruit and then no more. Figs tarts are nice, as cooking improves figs. If the bats leave me enough.
I do find the sky more interesting with bats whizzing across it (they can fly fast). It's them whizzing towards my fruit trees I find disturbing.

I think you would have enjoyed a scene I saw once in central Sydney. I was staying in a hotel on the eight floor and I looked out the window at dusk and the sky between the tall buildings was filled with hundreds (thousands?) of bats heading out for the night. Gothic!
Bats in Sydney:

The bats are not as thick above my house as this image, as they spread out, but still plenty.
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My (ex?) father-in-law used to use nets over his fruit trees to keep the ravenous birds away. Do Australians ever use nets against bats?
I'm guessing it wouldn't be as effective, since the bats are larger and might just rip through nets?
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Nets can be used, but we are asked to make the loose net tight, so the bats don't get caught and injured. I plan eventually to cage a couple of my worse effected trees. That will protect the fruit from bats, possums, birds, plus give some protection from hail, if that ever happens.
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However, wild turkeys roam our community and are fun to watch. I love it when I can see them roaming the golf course from our living room or master bedroom windows.
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If they were insectivores, I'd be cheering them on!

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