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I just joined this site and don't understand how to request a book.
I am looking for the book...Taking charge of your fertility.
I put it in the search and it shows me some and I don't know how to ask for it... bah!!
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Bookcrossing encourages people to release books. It is not a site (like a library) for asking for books. Although sometimes someone will send a book to another member, but usually members who have been on the site for a long time releasing books. Plus it's polite to exchange a book. Many people don't do this very often now though, because of the cost of postage.
I would suggest for your purposes you ask in a library for the book you want. Also, it's often cheaper to buy a book online than have someone post you a book, so check online book sites.
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$3.99 shipping
It is not quite as cheap as mailing out a trade but a faster/easier option.

Welcome to BookCrossing. I hope you enjoy registering your books and watching them travel.
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Thanks a lot!!

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