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yaroujidai, please PM me your mailing address so I can send you a few used stamps. :)

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Hello BookCrossers who read both English & 日本語! (I'm having fun cutting & pasting since I have no idea how to enter the characters on my keyboard even though I do have some Japanese fonts..)

I was given a copy of this cute little book entitled いやだいやだ

It's meant for young children and written entirely in kana, so I struggled my way through it - my Japanese is SO bad I don't even have the vocabulary for a tiny kid's book! - only to discover that someone has torn out the last page (or possibly 2). So anyone reading the book won't know what Lulu did in the end. :(

I originally intended to release this book ( using one of imuzak12's handy bilingual labels - ), but now I can't, and I hate to throw it away. If by chance you ever happen to come across a copy, I'd love it if you could scan the last few pages and e-mail them to me; then I could print them and add them to the back of the book. I realize that it's not likely that one of you will find a copy of this book, but I thought I'd ask just in case.

The last page that hasn't been torn out says: そうしたら ルルちゃんは どうするの?

So I figure there's at least one illustration (and possibly more text) missing.

Anyone know this book? If you do, please send me a PM.

手伝ってくれて、ありがとうございます。 (If I haven't messed that up: thank you for your help!)
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Did you already get lost pages?I want to know how did you get a copy of this cute little book in detail. Do you read a mamy Japanese books?
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No, I haven't gotten one; I haven't checked yet, but I don't think the library here has it. :)

I went to a garage sale on Saturday (it was at a condo, and the sale was put on by the residents) and was looking at some Disney videos (yes, I still have a working VCR). I decided to buy a few of them and since I also picked up this book to look at it, the woman said I could have it too...and I rarely say no to free books!

It has very cute pictures and I think I was able to more-or-less get the basics of the story (Lulu says no to everything, so things start saying no back to her: her mother, her cute little pink shoes, snacks, the sun...). But as I said, my copy of the book doesn't have the end of the story. :(
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I went to the library, and borrowed "いやだいやだ" yesterday.
So I confirmed the last page.

The last page is painting a cute crying girl(rurutyan).Is there the painting on the copy you have?I will send this picture to you by PM.Please wait a little.

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Wow, thank you for going to so much trouble!

Mine ends with text, not a picture; I put a photo up on Flickr:
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yaroujidai, please PM me your mailing address so I can send you a few used stamps. :)

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