corner corner anyone seen the new Junglebook movie?

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anyone seen the new Junglebook movie?

I loved it.

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I wasn't a fan in all honest. I much prefer the animated version
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I saw it. I thought it was great, actually. Considering the way movies have been going, I was relieved when it wasn't horrible.
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I haven't seen it yet - mainly because I'm miffed that it continues the dubious tradition of making Kaa into a villain, instead of a trusted (if dangerous) ally of Mowgli's as in the book. The visuals on the new film do look good, but damn, why can't Kaa catch a break? The book-scene at the Cold Lairs was awesome, and would be amazing on screen - hordes of monkeys mesmerized by the Dance of the Hunger of Kaa, with even mighty Bagheera and Baloo falling under its spell until Mowgli led them away - but nooo, that's not good enough for Hollywood. Hmph.

[Yes, I know, the 2016 film was inspired by the animated one, but I didn't care for that either, and as the Jungle Book ( ) has been a favorite of mine since I first read it in childhood, I get tetchy at the ways in which screen-adaptations miss the mark!]

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