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I noticed there are a few duplicate zones and wrong listings here that need merging/correction.




Envoye par la Poste ("Sent by post" in French
maybe those should merge with "Controlled Release" ?)

There is a RECU PAR LA POSTE (=Received by mail. Not sure what about it?)

There is a "Rafina Port"
which is nowhere on Larisa prefecture, it should go under Attica prefecture, merged in Rafina maybe

I see also an Ερμούπολη
this is the capital town of Syros Island on Cyclades, there isn't an Ermoupolis on mainland. So this should be merged here

Last but not least, there is an "Athens"
which of course should be merged with the Athens listing on Attica

...and that's all for now lol

Thanks to whoever takes care of those issues!

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mostly done

I said mostly because some of the zones I can't seem to see on the list and therefore cannot consolidate. Maybe another moderator worked on it already?

Kindly check and let us know what is left so we can fix everything.

Thank you!
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I'll have a look and let you know if I think any other change is needed.

I will open a thread in Greek forum to see if people are willing to help tidying up the various listings in areas they are familiar with. I'm sure most Greek BCers speak very decent English, but most of them rarely roam outside the Greek forum. If people check and make suggestions for the areas they are familiar with, I think the Go Hunting Pages for Greece could be more welcoming.

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