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Move this
maybe under here?

Not sure how to move. I'll probably need to create a same-name zone under -- Highways, Roadsides & Services --: Cities and then merge the two. Will get back to it tomorrow when I get a bit more time to do that.

Thanks for keeping BC tidy! :)


Edit: A day or two later... I haven't forgotten, I promise! I snooze this tab every day, as work just isn't letting up. Will get to the last one, too, soonish.
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Thank YOU vedranaster : )
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Great job Delphi Reader and vedranaster ! Many thanks to both of you.
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I posted a while ago on the "Newbies" forum regarding the etiquette on release zones. It's a long story, but I am familiar with many areas in Greece and elsewhere and I am willing to suggest some corrections on the listings here on BC for those areas, but... I do not wish to step on someone's toes.

What is your opinion on this? I do not see much action on the Greek forum right now or anyone paying much attention on keeping the listings clean and tidy to be honest...
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Nothing to say, just congratulate you for spending time tidying up the Greek release zones. I joined Bookcrossing only two years ago but if you have any question, please feel free to send me a PM (English or Greek).
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whenever I have time I'll try to point out dublicates etc. No need to congratulate me, I think it is something eveyone here should do every now and then. : )

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