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(completed) NZ errors here

Taraniki should be Taranaki

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Taraniki should be Taranaki
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I couldn't find any Taraniki, unless it's a city I'm looking for, not a state.
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Thanks, it is a province showing 2 BC'ers on the list but I couldn't open it so perhaps fixed but not deleted
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Excellent. I will give you a rest and go do some housework now!
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Bookcrosser nz rose should be in WELLINGTON province

BASSiCLY should be in Invercargill, SOUTHLAND not Southern COast

annettep Owaka OTAGO not n/a

mallopuff greymoth WEST COAST not n/a

jannekeriley upper hutt WELLINGTON not n/a

clunygang porirua WELLINGTON not n/a

helenasophia christchurch CANTERBURY not Southland

Thanks Support
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Mallopuff? Oh wait-- I found it under a different spelling.

All done. :)

Let's try to stick to release zones for a bit, though, as the Regions Managers aren't able to change a member's profile. Has to be someone from support to do that. :)

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