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Shorten user profile URL

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Um... why? Sorry, but I don't have a problem with the length of the typical site URLs. The forum-post software shortens them for display purposes, and if I'm posting links elsewhere and need them to be shorter I can use TinyURL or some other URL-scrunching site.

If you have a particular reason for wanting shorter URLs, do explain - there may be workarounds you haven't thought of yet.
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Because so practiced and is good for when you are printing on paper. Easy to Remember and find. This is a stylish and perfectly.
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Because so practiced and is good for when you are printing on paper.

Not sure why you need to put your full profile URL on paper... I never have. The books I release are labeled with their BCIDs and the main site URL, and anyone who enters that info can see my profile by clicking on my screen name - I don't have to write it anywhere. If I want to share my BC profile online it's an easy cut-and-paste, but I don't think I've ever needed to write it down!

Aside from whether or not this feature would be an advantage to very many BookCrossers, the change - simple though it sounds - would require a fair amount of work on the site itself, as there are so many features that make use of the existing URL.

Again, as a workaround, you could use TinyURL or some other link-compression site to make your URL shorter; sure, those URLs look a bit cryptic, but you'd save even more than the 12 characters of "mybookshelf/"!
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How about this?
Short enough for you? :-)

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