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BookCrossing Convention Oslo – 21st - 23rd April 2017

The Anniversary BookCrossing Convention will in 2017 be in Oslo, 21st to 23rd April.

Our website is now up and ready to take your registration:

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The Anniversary BookCrossing Convention will in 2017 be in Oslo, 21st to 23rd April.

Our website is now up and ready to take your registration:
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For the Convention in Oslo, Norway 2017 we have a Athens Convention Discounted Price of NOK 400 (until 31 May 2016).

Available for everyone, you are not required to have attended the convention in Athens.
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In 2015 Aegean Airlines started a direct flight from Athens to Oslo twice a week (Wednesdays and Sundays).

Norwegian ( also got direct flights Athens to Oslo twice a week in April and May.

It's too early to get info about April 2017 yet.
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You are fast, wow!

Thanks for saying, StrangeEmily:-)

Thank you so much for the wonderfull Athens convention, Greek bookcrossers! I had a great time. We have an expression in Norwegian, "jumping after Wirkola", which is explained here:
Now we feel like "jumping after Wirkola" when taking over after Athens. We can't beat the wonderful food, and we can definitely not beat the temperatures, we had to come up with something else. So we opted for being early, and hopefully we will come up with some more good stuff as we go along:-)

I hope many of you Greek bookcrossers have gotten a taste for the international bookcrossing conventions after hosting one yourself, and want to join us here in Oslo next year.

A bit more about the direct flights from Athens to Oslo:

If things are the same as for the 2016-season, there will be direct flights between Athens and Oslo offered by two airlines, Aegean and Norwegian. Aegean flights are on Wednesdays and Sundays both ways. Norwegians flights are on Thursdays and Sundays both ways. But the airlines will probably not set up those flights for booking before September/October.

We had the same issue coming to the convention in Athens. Right after the Oxford convention we wanted to book flights, but we had to wait until September/October for Aegean and Norwegian to set up the direct flights.

I went back to Oslo this morning. When we landed at 12:15 it was a temperature of 8 degrees. This period a year ago was exceptionally warm in 2015, with daytime temperatures at 15 - 20 °C - 59 - 68 °F, fingers crossed it happens again in 2017. But just in case, bring some warm clothes to be prepared if it is on the cold side if you are coming for the convention:-)

Really hope you will join us for the convention in Oslo!
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(Is it possible to pay with PayPal from Greece with the current capital restrictions? If not, contact us at and we will find a solution on the payment of the convention fee.)
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Looking forward to the convention in Oslo, do you want to read a book by a Norwegian author translated to Greek?

Visit Flickr to see all book covers of Norwegian books translated to Greek through translation grants from NORLA or The Nordic Council of Ministers from 2011 to 2015 (the 2016 covers are not posted yet):

We have also made an article about this at our webpage about the convention:
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Reminder to those of you that have signed up for the Convention in Oslo in April:

To participate in the Not So Secret (NSS) gift giving, please sign up before 11th March. If you don't remember if you have signed up, you can check the list here:

To sign up:

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