corner corner very well travelled book makes it to convention

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very well travelled book makes it to convention

and I am here too....wonder if I'll see it

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I just loved that book-don't seem to have my own copy now-maybe mine got lent to someone and not returned or maybe it just fell apart! In any case I will definitely look out for another second-hand one to put on Mt TBR. (As if I haven't got enough books on my shelves already!)
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got it again!

as it turns out I found this book on the book buffet. I have handed it to skyring and asked him to be sure that the journey continues
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This will make a very cool themed release. I wish Skyring's daughter success in this.
(Newk, if it's caught in NY please be sure to update this thread, so we get to live vicariously :)
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Oh my! Thats INCREDIBLE. :D What are the odds!
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That book has been travelling more than I have. Great idea for it's next release.

Very nice to finally meet you, Newk, at the Con, and your lovely family too!!
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Thanks SLT. I think pete adlibbed the release bit but it sure is a good idea

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