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Glad to see you got to visit so many locations during your stay in London. I love the 'Cat' one as that lion statue is really nice.
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Great photos!

Thanks for sharing! I love the lion statue one too. :)
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The photos are terrific; I especially like the Wilkie Collins release, and I'm curious about the book in the middle. What was it, and did you leave it there?

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Wilkie Collins release... the book in the middle. What was it, and did you leave it there?

It was "The Woman in White" by Collins, and, yes, we left it there, in the company of the protected books (we: lils74 was there too, we had our own little meet-up and cemetery release tour).
In case anybody ever goes to Kensal Green cemetery: Thackeray's grave is there too (but I didn't have any book by him with me...)

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I like the bus, bench and Primrose Hill releases.
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Great stuff ApoloniaX! Now you have inspired me to do some themed releases here, even though it's MINUS 15C....PS: We had just arrived in London (Convention 2008) and went for a stroll. What should we find at the foot of Emmeline Pankhurst's statue? A Dorothy Parker book! A few days later, at the Eagle and Child Pub in Oxford, we found 2 Colin Dexter "Morse" books. One of them, left by EmilytheGoat, had been there for THREE years. Whoohoooo!

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