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New feature

Search Forum - new feature- very helpful.
Thanks Ron

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New feature

Search Forum - new feature- very helpful.
Thanks Ron
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Is this a new feature request, or the announcement of a new feature now available?

I'm confused.

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it is an annoucement of the new feature.
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It is available.
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This is FABULOUS. I wondered why I hadn't seen Ron on the Forums lately- I guess he's been busy working on this!
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Wow, that is nice. Looks like the Complete Message Thread... section has changed, too.

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(for ron h.)

my friends, let us gather together
our voices and glasses to raise
to one of our own
that we have long known
is greatly deserving of praise!

let's celebrate his dedication
his remarkable talent and skill
with grace and with style
with computers agile
there's no doubt that he serves us all well!

ron hornbaker, here is a tribute
for founding this wonderful site
though you're overbooked
you've got us all hooked
releasing by day and by night!

my personal thanks i here offer
in these words, my only true art
though this may not be
very good poetry
it surely does come from the heart
(the heart)
it surely does come from the heart...

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Thank you, Robert. It was your poetry that inspired me to action on the forum search feature - I wanted an easy way to find those great posts. :)
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Very well said Robert! hear...hear! ;)

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