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I have a few Sci-fi/Fantasy books that need a new home. Please post here if you are interested and I will draw a winner on Feb 15th

These are a combo of hardcover and paperback. No requirements except please journal them when they arrive.

JudySlump612 (Box mailed and received)
Stephario(Box mailed and received/journaled)
hyphen8(box mailed and received/journaled)
hostile17(box mailed and received/journaled)
nimrodiel(Box mailed and received/journaled)
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If I'm the lucky winner, I'll share with DrSlump and with Quietorchid. And anything we don't want will go on the shelves of one of the Twin Cities OBCZ.
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I wish I knew which books they were...
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You can check my available book list for the titles that are ready to move
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I'd like to enter for a Star Trek book! thanks
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I have another post for star trek books, this box will not contain those.
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I'm in!!

I love Sci-Fi/Fantasy!
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I'm always on the lookout for good SF/Fantasy, and we're having a big give-away in May so any extras may be released then.

To be fair, if you pick me for one box, please pick someone else for the others where I've thrown in my name.
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got everyone entered so far
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still open to enter
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Thanks for posting all of these fun RABCK's.
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this is my favorite set of genres
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Please pm me your address and I will get your box out to you. Thanks for entering and enjoy your books!
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Oh wow! You are so very sweet and generous!! Thank you so much, and thank you for holding these great RABCKs. You're just the greatest!!
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We are all winners ???
You are amazing. I am humbled by your generosity.
Thank you so much.
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Thank you! Stephario and hostile17 said it perfectly!
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Oh wow.

You are the best, lady. Thank you so much for sharing with us!
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Thanks so much bookstogive! I just received the box of these wonderful books today. I just finished journaling them. I'll add them to my TBR list on my home page as soon as I whittle it down some. They're already, of course, on my "master" TBR list...the one in my head that knows which boxes are outgoing and which boxes are incoming. :)

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