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I just made 6 wild releases and they're not showing on either:
- My stats, or
- The book hunting page for the area in which I live

I clicked each book in my bookshelf and then 'make release notes'. They're now showing as 'travelling' but they've not popped up in those places.

Did I do something wrong?
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Were your releases still 'planned' (set in the future) when you looked? They seem to be showing up now.
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Not to worry! As Moem said, the books are visible on the hunting pages now. (The pages only show books with release dates/times that have actually occurred, so future releases won't appear until the appropriate time.)

As for your stats on your profile, those will update presently - there's an interval between database updates, so it can take several hours, but the numbers should appear eventually.

Good luck with your latest releases!

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