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Places to release?

What are some of the best places to release books? I am looking for tips from staff and veterans. I just added a few books and am going to release them soon, but would like to get some tips on good places.

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What are some of the best places to release books? I am looking for tips from staff and veterans. I just added a few books and am going to release them soon, but would like to get some tips on good places.
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Congrats on joining! I started Bookcrossing when I was just a little older than you, and I've found it a very fun addition to my love of books.

My first piece if advice when choosing a release spot is to try and pick some place safe for the book. A book on the edge of a pond, next to a trash can or on a thin window ledge can easily be damaged or thrown out. Then look for places where people stop and look at what is around them. A book in a high-foot traffic area might seem like a good spot, but if everyone is rushing by, they may never even notice it. If someone has to stop someplace and is bored, I think they are more likely to notice a book and take it home.

Some of my favorite places are:
Museums, particularly if I can theme the book to the exhibit in some way
Park, street and bus benches
Playgrounds, for kid's books. I tend to get good catches from "hidden" books on playgrounds, so crawl under the play set and look up, or notice that supporting cross-beam between sections and find a spot that will catch a curious kid's eye.
Memorials or public statuary. Like the museums, I often try to theme these. Someone who stops to read a historical marker is obviously interested in that time period.
Plays. I often find leaving a book in a theatre before a play gets a catch, maybe because these people already like stories.

You can also look at It looks like there are a couple book-sharing spots near you. Little Free Libraries tend to be a very safe place to leave books, and ones I leave are often gone when I come back, although I notice fewer people journal the book on BC than with books found out in unexpected places.
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I don't think there are necessarily "best places" as it is serendipity if the right book happens to be in the right place at the right time to find the right person. Another book in the same place might not have caught that person's eye at all. It's kind of random.

That being said, I tend to release a lot in restaurants and coffee shops, in OBCZs and Little Free Libraries, and in waiting rooms (like in hospitals or doctor's offices).

I tend to release more indoors than out, but when I do release outdoors, I put the book in a Release Bag (from the Supply Store) as I don't trust the weather, especially since you have no idea if the book will be picked up in hours, days,weeks or months.

Good luck with your releases.
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some suggestions for free releases:
- make sure, the book does have a label with the BC-ID-No. and address
- to avoid disappointment dont start with a book you like too much
- bear in mind that still some people dont have internet
- bear in mind that some people are just tooo lazy to write an entry
- sometimes it takes time and you just have to be patient
- best places are e.g. tourist attractions, parks and forests
- People are shy and do not want to be observed when taking a book
- hang your books into trees

After more than wild releases i have some experience and I am sure, most of the books are caught and will be read - and that is good enough for me.
The journal entry ist just the cherry on the cake.....

Maybe you would like some book-watch??
Release a book near a web-cam and look what happens..

Or the old school version, put it on a bench and watch it from the cafe nearby....
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I love this idea to "hang them from trees"!!!
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I love this idea to "hang them from trees"!!!

we once had a special event and decorated one big tree with more than 100 books - that looked great...

such a pity, I can not add a photo here...
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Hi, and welcome! For more ideas, see the Release Techniques forum. And do check out the Site Watch forum, where people post interesting catches - some of those will indicate the variety of release-spots and the different ways in which people choose to journal a BC book.

Hope you enjoy BookCrossing!
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I have gotten journal entries from books I left in doctor's offices and Denny's. Another good place to leave books is on a bench or statue outside the library.
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i love

bus stops :))))
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I had not been an active BookCrosser for a couple of years and this past week released several books into the wild. And one of them was caught and the person took the time to journal it.

I left the book at a laundromat, which I felt was a good place because people doing their laundry might welcome some reading material to save them from having to just watch their load of clothes spin round and round in the dryer. :)

I like the idea mentioned above about hanging a book in a tree, but I haven't tried that one yet.

PS. Just remember when releasing a book outside, weather may damage a book so put it in one of the release bags offered in the BC store or inside a large baggie.
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I release a lot of my books at my local laundrymat. I try to release there on Saturday mornings as I find a lot of people do their laundry on the weekend

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