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November 4, 2006
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Opportunities Galore in the Forum

So much has been going on of late, that it's a little hard to get all the news into this issue. So be sure to click on over to the forum for all the news and info to sate your BookCrossing Soul. As the Aussie Convention reports roll in, information for New Zealand's 2007 Convention is up and registration for Charleston 2007 (Anniversary and North American Convention) begins. There are tonnes of challenges offered, a Halloween Contest and chances to share your holiday spirit, cards and ornaments with other BookCrossers. If you know of an event or opportunity that you would like to share with the rest of the BookCrossing world, consider submitting a member article on it, or send the information to us via the Contact Us link. (Be sure to use the fourth option which says This is just FYI — no need to reply to me. Thanks!

Licensed to BookCross

Book lovers in Nebraska might just do a double take when they pass longtime member 4libros on the road, and BookCrossers probably smile. Her license plate bears her BookCrossing screen name and proclaims her love of books. Wouldn't it look great with a BookCrossing License Plate Frame around it? For your creativity, we're giving you wings for a month. Congrats!

New Products in the Supply Store: Stickers, Lunch Bags and Red, Red, Red Totes!

The Supply Store is brimming with fabulous new products, all at the suggestion of members just like you! Now our very popular denim tote bags and larger beach totes are also available in a bold red. Both have the same sturdy construction as before and include Ballycumber's image. Need a new lunch sack? Our exclusive coolers made by Koozie are now in. These soft, supple material sacks condense easily for small storage and the water-tight design makes for easy clean-up. Available in bold blue and red-alert red. Our tiny BookCrossing stickers are so popular that we've expanded the line and added new stickers which can wrap around the spine of a book so you can tell at a glance to your shelf which books are ready to release. There's even room for the BCID! Our thanks (and wings) to jennyscott and lightwavz, who each developed spine stickers that gave us the inspiration to create ours. There is no better way to decorate your bookshelf than with Ballycumber! Available in rolls of 50 so you won't run out. (And if you've noticed the excellent quality of our artwork this year, it's probably because saine has leant her tremendous artistic skills to us to design many of our new products. Thank you so much!)

In The News

BookCrossing's recent media splashes include:

It's All in Adelaide! Australian Convention 2006; October 20-22

All over Australia, eyes turned to Adelaide and the Aussie Convention 2006 October 20-22. Nothing airy fairy about the plans for the weekend! The programme was a corker and good time for all. Zillions of books released in Australia seemed to race by in the Recently Released column! All the best to our BookCrossing sheilas and blokes down under.


On A One Way Trip Around The World
by Cornelia Amiri (cornelia)

Rather than tell you what happens in my dark age, Celtic/Romance novel, One Heart One Way, I’m going to tell you what happened to a registered copy of the book. One Heart One Way embarked on its own quest for adventure. A saga spanning time and space from 8th century Wales to all over the 21st century world. After reading The Saxon Chronicles, the entries on Cuthred of Wessex and Ethelbald of Mercia intrigued me. The monks recorded in the year of our lord 740, Cuthred was crowned king of the West Saxons and reined for fourteen years while he battled Ethelbald, king of Mercia. The monks noted in 743 AD, Ethelbald and Cuthred fought the Welsh. Then, in 752 AD, they were back to fighting each other when Cuthred battled Ethelbald at Burford and “put him to flight.” But in 753 AD, Cuthred fought the Welsh again. The chronicles’ last listing of Cuthred is 754 AD, the year he died. Elisedd of Powys was the Welsh king whom Cuthred and Ethelbald battled when they weren’t fighting each other. The monks didn’t deem to mention Elisedd by name in The Saxon Chronicles. But his great grandson, King Cyngen, memorialized Elisedd’s deeds far and wide with a monument which stands in Wales to this day, Elise’s Pillar. It’s a four-meter standing cross with a colorful and descriptive record of Elisedd’s victories against the Saxons. ...

[read it all at]

How BookCrossing Indirectly Feeds a New Addiction
by ResQgeek

We all know that BookCrossing is a great way to promote literacy and the love of books. Turning the whole world into a library is one of our fundamental goals. We all love the thrill of having a wild release caught, and getting a new member to join as a result is just icing on the cake. But how many of those new members ever make another journal entry, or register another book? A quick browse through the member profiles shows that many new members never become fully infected with the BookCrossing bug. But what about the people who become addicted to the books, if not BookCrossing?...

[read it all at]

Release a book in the wild and it will come back to you signed by the author
by Veronica from Seattle (fama)

I released We say No by Eduardo Galeano on Sunday, April 24, 2005, at one of Seattle's BookCrossing zones. In May 2006, Eduardo Galeano (who lives in Uruguay, South America) came to town and I thought about the book. Even though I didn't get any journal notification I had the feeling that it probably wasn't at the same location anymore. Then, as the months went by, I forgot about it. Until today. ...

[read it all at]


by Rosie Mitchell (SwanOfKennet)

Sometimes releasing in a coffee bar just isn't enough. Sometimes you just have to find that special place to set your books free....

[read it all at]

or the "Eischt Lëtzebuerger BC-Meetup"
by Risa29, qualsevolnit (Risa29)

Do you know Luxembourg? It's one of the smallest countries in the world situated in the very heart of Europe. With about 2,500 sq km it's slightly smaller than Rhode Island. But nevertheless it's a sovereign country of its own....

[read it all at]

How BookCrossing Got Me Out From Behind My Computer
by hotflash

As I sit here at an Air Canada gate in the Toronto airport, waiting for my flight back to Arizona, it suddenly hits me. If not for BookCrossing, I wouldn’t be here in this airport, at all. ...

[read it all at]

Anticipating Adelaide
by Jan Carr (Sherlockfan)

As I start packing my yellow BookCrossing tote bag and carefully wrapping my BookCrossing earrings ready for the trip to Adelaide later this month I think about the recent BCUK UnConvention and remember its delights....

[read it all at]

Great response at a public release event
by Diamondlucy & Linguistkris (Diamondlucy)

Last weekend was an important and exciting one for the BookCrossers of Graz: while the huge annual autumn book sale at a local church has provided us with ample opportunities to get our weekly book fix and of course to stock up on materials to read and release, and our last meet-up was honoured by the visit of a journalist hoping to promote the BC idea in a literature supplement appearing in a well read newspaper statewide, we have also been worried about our well-loved regular meet-up venue and OBCZ of one and a half years, the Coco House. Rumours have finally been confirmed that the restaurant is about to be closed down. This past Saturday then came the big day: we were going to meet at the “Traminer Weinstube”, our prospective new local and OBCZ for the very first time. While we knew that member fritzfritz had filled in the landlady about our favourite pasttime and found her quite supportive, we had no idea just how nice our welcome would be. We (Diamondlucy and linguistkris) were the first to arrive - our backs still aching from carrying home the loot from yet another raid at the book sale - and had hardly made it through the door of the Weinstube when we were already being shown to our table by the landlady. Wondering how she could have recognised us before you could say “Ballycumber”, it turned out the landlady had recognised us from the newspaper article that had, unbeknownst to us, come out that very day! ...

[read it all at]

Recent bookcrossing media splashes caused a Greek Bookcrossing Invasion in the "Hot Threads".
by aris1 (aris1)

On October 14th, the greek magazine "Tahidromos" (greek for "Postman") decided to publish an article about BookCrossing. The guy who did the story scanned many of our bookshelves and found interesting stuff to tell, for quite a few greek and non-greek bookcrossers. As a result, over 150 new greek members have already joined, and flooded our forum. That’s why much of the "Hot Threads" was lately all greek to you! ...

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

The book winked at him!
by KarenZero

4 years, 3 months
and from New York to Arkansas

This gives me hope! :0D
by saidenuj

Okay, you plan to wild release some excess OBCZ stock ...
But then you notice it's garbage collection day. No, it's not the books being in danger of being released to a landfill, but rather noticing how much books people throw out. And returning with just as much books as you left. .. (in Dutch).
by Stoneshop

"the concept is pure gold" -- one of my vacation releases is caught before...
...I could get home and make the release notes- and a nice catch it is:
by GoryDetails

Journal after 3 years, 2 months and 7 days... with newbie!

To the bookcrossers who found this book before me:
I'm sorry, that my journal is only written today!
I had found the book in the metro at Cologne (anno 2003), but I didn't hear the conversation between that "nice man" anf the bookcrosser.[1] That nice man has left the book where it was.

I didn't hear about bookcrossing before, and I was really thrilled of this activity. The book, in contrast, was quite boring...

Now to my "excuse": After reading the book, I surely want to know, who had the book before. Unfortunatly, the site wasn't reachable at that moment. So the book became forgotten (due of a move at that moment) and was disappeared in a bookbox. After another move, it appeared again and is now in Berlin.
Soon it will be released in the big, wide world and I'm really anxious who will find it!

[1] The release note tells the story of its release, which was in fact a little conversation between a nice man (nm) and a bookcrosser (bx):
nm: "Hey you've forgotten your book"
bx: "That stasys there, it's looking for a new reader"
nm: "oh"
by Wyando

Colorado to Texas and now on to... China!
by saidenuj

Great catch for Hobbit - and a new member!
by IrishBookFan

This book's catch is too funny!
by yvensong

"Alas we have no computer so Ben sat on a bookshelf..."
This family has found the book a couple of months ago. In just the sweetest spirit, they have worried about journalling too late- and then about journalling at all, since they don't even have a computer!

by LemmiSchmoeker

'It was like being a kid at an Easter egg hunt"

She joined up, too.
by kiptrix

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