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September 14, 2006
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A Word on Wings

Those fluttery things that appear around some members' names are called Wings, and are given in thanks for support of BookCrossing, either by a direct donation or in recognition of something wonderful done for the site. Sometimes those efforts are mentioned in the newsletter, but more often than not, there are stealth wingings done by our staff and volunteer Support Team. Wings can also be received as a gift. Member articles and SSM suggestions which are featured in the Newsletter also earn wings. Finally, patronage of our Supply Store or a subscription via Magazania can also set your name flying. Wings usually last a month, unless purchased for a longer period from the Supply Store. Certain BookCrossing features, such as advanced member search results, fewer and less obtrusive ads, and additional sort options for book lists are available to members only while their wings are flying. These features will never be essential to using BookCrossing, because we want to keep the core functionality of the site free for all members. That means that without wings, you should always be able to register a new book, or make journal entries and release notes. All our members are valued and appreciated at BookCrossing, and you all soar high in our eyes, whether you have wings or not.

700 Libri for BookCrossing Italy!

Big things are going on for the Italian mirror site — 700 things, in fact! That's the number of books donated to BookCrossing Italy by an anonymous donor. The books are in the process of being labeled and are listed on vf's bookshelf. The game plan the Italians have come up with for sharing the books with the world is two-fold: adoption (either of an actual book, or a virtual adoption of a title you have read already and would just like to make a journal entry) and then a release event in November for the remaining books. Details can be found here. Wings to EdoM, DocTrigor, Tallmaris, Agnul, Alfiere, Keoma, Fuocoblu, Micoool, ValentinaM, Xenia, Zazie, Lizzyblack, last-unicorn theut, vocenarrante, lisolachenonce and certainly not least, LiberLiber.

Put Your Book on the Map

Member VVilliam has opened the door to a whole new level of cyberspace BookCrossing adventures with! He has created a site that (in his words) lets you enter a public BCID (all but the first three digits of a BCID) and see a map of the book's travels. Questions, comments feedback and suggestions can be directed by private message to VVilliam, placed in this forum thread or emailed to bookcrossingmaps AT gmail dot com. Happy mapping! (P.S. For the great idea and brilliant logo, wings on us for a month!)

The Challenge of BookCrossing

The stampede on the sidebar of books recently released alerted us to the turn of the calendar to September, and the start of what has now become an annual event: The You're Such an Animal Release Challenge, hosted by Secretariat. But we have several other notable, long running challenges, as well. There's the Keep Them Moving 2006 Challenge, hosted by guinaveve, the Never Judge a Book By Its Cover Challenge, hosted by Danesnboxers (who cleverly chose Farm Animals for the cover picture on the week the Animal Challenge began!). And there are tons of other wonderful-sounding challenges to test your releasing mettle: The Well Traveled Wild Release Challenge, Pick a Pair Challenge, challenges to clear your TBR pile, World Peace Day Challenge and challenges to honor just about every event you can think of. Huge thanks to all our challenge hosts and participants. We challenge any site to come up with members as grand as you all are!

Lots Up Down Under!

Lest you think that the only upcoming Australian event is the Aussie Convention 2006 on October 20-22 in Adelaide, South Australia, take another look. On the first of October, in partnership with the Kalamunda Shire Council, the Kalamunda Bookshop & ABC Centre will be doing a Mass Release. Over 150 books will be scattered around town. The books are being collected on auroranorth's bookshelf, so have a look. And if you're in the Perth area, be sure to keep a sharp eye out along the Zig Zag for a wild book! The Kalamunda Release will be an appetizer and warm up for the huge Mass Release planned October 21 in conjunction with

Work on Site Continues

As many of you noticed, the BookCrossing Forums were closed to non-winged members as we did some site work. The Forums have now reopened to all, though the work continues. Thank you to everyone for your patience as we deal with the site's traffic load behind the scenes. We've turned the forums back on for everyone, but we still have work to do to manage the load. That's the official word from Ron, a.k.a. Reno, the Founder of BookCrossing, as of Sunday, August 31. If you experience problems, please use our contact us link, which can be found on the left side bar under home. Please be sure to give us as much detail as you can as to the nature of your problem so we can sort things out for you and for the site. Thanks!


Using BookCrossing in a teacher education program for literacy
by Terence W. Cavanaugh (tcavanau)

After being a BookCrossing member and enjoying my experiences, I decided to include BookCrossing in the educational technology courses that I teach at my university, usually as an example of an effective online community. During this last summer though, I was teaching a graduate education course called Technology for Literacy to elementary teachers in St. Johns County Florida and I included BookCrossing not only as a digital community, but also as a strategy for helping children get excited about books. ...

[read it all at]

A guide to organising a convention
by the organisers of Christchurch’s 2005 NZBC Convention (FutureCat)

If you’ve been hearing about all the fun in Toronto, Dunedin, Adelaide, Birmingham and Thessaloniki, and wishing there was a convention near you, then stop wishing and get planning! Here’s a quick guide to running your own BookCrossing Convention....

[read it all at]

Erich Hoyt celebrates by releasing 25 copies of his first book
by Erich Hoyt (OrcaMan)

Twenty-five years ago this month, my book Orca: The Whale Called Killer was published by Dutton in New York. A lot has happened in that time, including my discovery of BookCrossing....

[read it all at]

The National Library of Finland has now documented BookCrossing for the booklovers, the ex libris enthusiasts and the researchers of the future
by dotdot

On Book and Rose Day (World Book Day in Finland), the 10th of May this year, BookCrossers of Helsinki region were handing out books to new readers at the main event of the day. One of those getting a book from our stand was my immediate superior. She chose a Finnish rarity Aavemorsian (Ghost Bride) by Paul Hamari....

[read it all at]

Germany meets Austria and swaps books!
by Amberkatze

Over the last few months a big BookCrossing event was planned. The BookCrossers of Vienna decided to invite their friends from Germany to their lovely city to talk books! The whole operation was organised by 5Schwammerl and T-Shirts were even made by Bookpoli! ...

[read it all at]

Let the adventure begin...
by Lorel Shea (organicmom)

My pulse is racing, I can't sit still, and it's all because I've just discovered BookCrossing! As a homeschooling Mom of four, I've enjoyed helping the kids with their at-home adventures, such as trading Flat Stanleys or postcards from the 50 states. Our Flat Stanleys traveled far and wide before getting waylaid in the midwest. The Flat fellow we hosted went on a Duck Tour in Boston, had his photo taken with students in Harvard Yard, got lost in a corn maze, and went snowshoeing. We've had a lot of fun and learned a bit along the way. I'm just tickled pink to now find my own venue for exploration, in BookCrossing. Step aside, children, it's Mama's turn to have fun! ...

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

Book turns up in Vienna after being MIA for a year
Here's a book that I registered and released for one of Secretariat's famous challenges in ealy 2005. It traveled to England as a RABCK (which is no surprise to me, as I was the one to stuff it in the parcel and send it!) to help stock an OBCZ there. It disappeared from view in April 2005 and has now turned up in Vienna, with a friend I got to know better via the BookCrossing Community on Live Journal! I'm so happy to know it's found a new home! Feed it some tea and biscuits, durst it off and send it on its way again with my love!

bookczuk waves to verenka!
by bookczuk

A strange wild catch in Egypt
By special request, I'm X-posting my Chit-Chit thread here:
by miketrollstigen

Whimsical catch indeed - I tagged the book on a whim, released it...
...on a whim, and to my great surprise got a catch and a new member:

Chalk up another one for "you never can tell"!
by GoryDetails

Two and a half years, Dunedin to Perth
by Skyring

Found a book waiting patiently for nearly two years in the same place
I had posted this news on ChitChat and Scottish Hoosier suggested I post it on SiteWatch as well. While I was waiting on my wife yesterday in a yarn shop, I found this book

which was apparently let go just short of two years ago in the very same New Hampshire coffee shop. How about that? I took it home to Maine--the book told me nobody ever takes her anywhere: -)
by Badgerjim

Caught on Thetis Island, BC by an 11 year old!

This is just so amazing. I left the Beverly Cleary book at the Prince George Library OBCZ. It was caught by a 12 year old who took it on a sailing holiday up the BC Coast. The next catch was by an 11 year old girl who found it on Thetis Island- I had to look that up to see where it was:

Now the book is in Canmore, Alberta (think edge of the National Parks!) - waiting for it's next adventure.
by KarenBC

Journalled finally after just over three years!!!
This was one of the earlier books I released and it has finally surfaced metres from where I released it!

by boreal

"Couldn't have been found by anyone more interested.."
Pleased with this catch!
by Anne-Elliott

about 3 years later
I released this book 3 months after I joined bookcrossing.
It was caught quickly and released again somewhere.
Now almost 3 years later someone else has found it. :o)
by rarsberry

For those who like 'round' numbers *100*
With my latest journalled catch I've finally achieved 100 catches from wild released books. These are all truely wild books, ie I do not count those passed on at meetups, etc. I am always optimistic and anticipte that many more of my old releses will show up one day!
by swan-scot

Catch over the weekend beat me home
Since I joined the 52 Weeks/52 Towns challenge this year, I've been taking several BC road trips. I gather up a dozen or so books (to pick from), head out on the road (when I've got a half day or so), and release books in 4-5 (or more) new towns each time. Headed down the road towards Baltimore Saturday, hit 4 new towns with 5 books, and 1 town where I've released before (had to let some books in that cute little gazebo that's been tempting me for several years).

Had this nice catch waiting for me when I got home, and it's a 3-fer. She made a journal, joined, and used me for a reference. Why can't they all be like this?
by MaryZee

So excited! 6 different catches in a day!!
So excited as I was getting a bit despondent about my catch rate but today I've had six journal entries- all by different people and at different times including one I left at the MAC in Birmingham in July! Hurrah! I love bookcrossing!

This has spurred me on to release even more!
by house-elfdobby

SSM 39

SSM 39 What a Monster! September 10, 2006 AND September 17, 2006

Blame it on the fertile minds and imaginations of of the Southern Kansas City BookCrossers (SKCBC). (Kansas City straddles the state line, so members come from both Kansas and Missouri.) One of the world's favorite monsters is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the original US appearance (yes, it was earlier elsewhere, but the idea came in from a stateside group, so we'll go with their dates!) Members of the SKCBC group invite you to have a rousing good time of releasing books in the big guy's honor: monster books, lizard books, Japanese books, and, of course, books about the that city-crushing king himself. And if you want to be really sporty, you can try for releases related to all of Godzilla's friends, like Mothra and Rodan and Gamera, or books that were made into movies starring Raymond Burr (who was in the US version of the movie.) Even the "Jurassic Park" movies would fit the theme! As to where to release the books, think of where Godzilla would go — anywhere he wanted to! Wings to gwennach, DragonGoddess, sdkelley, cwbyfn and bountifulpots. If you need a hint to help you know what to do for the SSM, click here. And be sure to pop on over to the SSM Forum to post what you release and your results. P.S. Because the Newsletter didn't get out as expected, we've extended the SSM date to include September 17 as well. You just can't keep a good monster down!

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