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August 21, 2006
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Bem vindos! Venham visitar-nos! Welcome to the Portuguese Support Site!

Portuguese speaking BookCrossers now have a wonderful resource for all their questions just a click away. The Portuguese Support Site can he found at Our Portuguese-speaking members (whether from Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, or elsewhere) can add another link, besides the Portuguese Forum, which can help them catch up on BookCrossing in their native language. Many thanks to syrin and company for all the work involved on this venture.

Hey Mate! Join in Australia's Biggest Release on October 21!

As if having the Australian Convention in Adelaide, South Australia from October 20-22 wasn't enough, now the Aussies, coordinated by byokidscomau have pushed the envelope a tad more and planned an attempt to set a record for Australia's biggest BookCrossing Release in one day. For more information, click here. Leah Squire, owner of said "We're excited about the response from BookCrossers Australia wide, however we still need more people on board. We don't just want to break the record we want to smash it." And we think it's a simply smashing idea, too!

In The News

BookCrossing's recent media splashes include:

  • The dog-eared days of summer USA Today
  • Catch and Release, Orlando Sentinel, FL, USA (p.s. Welcome back!)
  • Here's The Story, a blog posting by member verenka on an interview she did for a future article on BookCrossing.
  • BookCrossing was numbers 8, 9 and 10 in the August 15 Glasgow Evening Times '10 Things You Need to Know About Books' feature. (Number 8 gave information about the meets happening in Glasgow. Number 9 was a lovely description of what BX is all about while Number 10 gave a nice little plug to the City's two OBCZs. It's not online but was spotted by drusillamac (and father), pumpkin-head and laura0141.

Pick a Theme, Any Theme

It seems the sidebar has been awash of late with creative releases, some spurred on by challenges in the Release Challenge Forum, others inspired by circumstances that popped up. So hats off to uppity for seven (one for most notes of the scale, perhaps?) musically-related books at a Jazz Festival (listed here) and cmbohn and the young bohns, who released 101 Dalmations at a pet store. Then there's author member dickcote, who went to release a copy of his book Mary's World at the grave of the lady herself. When he got to the graveyard, he found Death of a Salesman there waiting! Themed release tag! But tied for our favorite are the release of Blackberry Wine (pictured left) made by Twicky, and I Love Capri, released by katybean (pictured right) as part of UK-based themed challenges going on over at the BCUK Extra boards. Lets hope none of these members have a Fear of Flying as they've now got wings on us for a month!

Better for Babies? La Leche League Discovers BookCrossing!

The World Breastfeeding Week Release challenge hosted by anozira86 was noticed by La Leche League where there is an online feature about it. The challenge is still going on so there is still time to find your books and make your releases. A big welcome to new members who came to us via this challenge and a heartfelt congratulations on the new little reader in your life. And anozira86, we've extended your wings so you'll fly through the rest of the challenge without fading!

Stay Safe and Take Care

We have said this before, but it bears repeating. The world is changing all around us. While there is much that is grand and glorious, there are, unfortunately, changes of a darker nature. In the years since the BookCrossing started, we have witnessed an increase in tragedy and terrorism. These events have struck many countries. Our hearts go out to all the victims of terrorism, as well as those who have been impacted by the perils of nature.

But it brings to mind an important reminder for all of us who leave our precious books out in the wild: take care where and how you place wild releases. Items considered discarded and unattended, no matter how innocuous they may seem, can be mistaken for something more sinister. Consider supporting or starting local OBCZs or starting a Bookring with that wonderful tome you just completed. And, when you do a wild release, be considerate and careful. We would certainly cringe to have a BookCrossing book be the cause of public concern! Above all, stay safe. You are the heart and soul of BookCrossing and extremely important to us.


Wendover Woods - 22nd July
by wubbaducky

What are other BookCrossers like? Are they a bit... dare we say it? Weird? Am I the only normal one out there? After all, you know what they say about people on the Internet... Oh hold up, Twicky BookCrosses too. That's at least one other normal BookCrosser. Dare we meet some others without the fear of meeting a) axe-wielding maniacs, or b) strange Internet geeks who have the palest white skin from not seeing enough sun and live in their anoraks, or c) people who run out of conversation when the book topics run dry? ...

[read it all at]


A New Member's "Pay it Forward" Experience

Being a new member of BookCrossing, I entered this adventure with the perception that my activities would be a combination of “paying it forward” and the “guiding journey of fate”. After all, what causes us to choose a certain book to release or a specific location to use? How would the outcomes differ, or our books be caught by different people, if we simply chose a different time of day or night? I recently experienced my most memorable book release so far and its journey of fate....

[read it all at]

Twenty books, doomed to be recycled, regain their freedom. (Dutch version below)
by Moem, Stoneshop (Moem)

Well, it's not exactly a release... But on the other hand, those 20 books were released from inside a waste paper container, to be able to see daylight again....

[read it all at]

BookCrossers Help an Orphanage in India
by KarenBC

Can something as simple as a colouring book make a difference in the life of a child? The answer to that question is a resounding – YES! ...

[read it all at]


by last-unicorn

The whole thing began with Stumble Upon. In a thread on the Italian forum, where we post the sites we stumble upon, lllsss came up with Oceangram, a lovely site where you can leave virtual messages for others to read. Well, releasing a book is quite like leaving a message in a bottle; no wonder eltano77 had the idea to use this site to "spread the word", an idea I liked. So I sent a message, too, offering a book to the first person who'd write me a PM via Then testuggine asked if we could do this on a bigger scale-- not just the Italian BookCrossers but anyone who wanted to join in. That's how the idea of an International BookCrossing Message in A Bottle Day was born – a day when as many BookCrossers as possible should send a message in a bottle offering a book. ...

[read it all at]

Putting The Random Into Reviews
by erik ryman (erikryman)

I must admit that I am a latecomer to the whole BookCrossing experience, but like a lot of converts I have turned into a total acolyte overnight. Yesterday, I released my first book into the wild - and though I'm not sure if it is the done thing - it was doubly exciting because it was the first copy I had received of my own novel. But before you switch off and think that this is another sorry tale from a bandwagon-jumping author trying to plug his wares, you'll notice that I haven't and won't mention the name of my book, as that isn't the point I wanted to make. ...

[read it all at]


Want to write for BookCrossing? If your article is accepted, you could see it featured here in the next newsletter. What topics do we need? Anything about books, reading, or BookCrossing — tutorials, release and catch stories, well-traveled book stories, funny BookCrossing experience stories — you get the idea. Write it up, then submit it here:


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

"Paradise" found! And a nice mix of opinions on this one...

Goes to show that the books you love might bore others- and the books that bore you might fascinate others!
by GoryDetails

A "maze" book released and caught in a maze
Lovely photo too!
by meganh

4 catches when I checked my e-mail today:
from the You're Such an Animal 2005 released 9/13/05

from the Eccentrics Release Challenge released 1/12/05

from the Christmas in July and Noun Challenges released 7/11/06

from the Tick Tock Release Challenge released 10/31/05
by solittletime

The sweetest lady found this book!
by IrishBookFan

Travel book found by an interested traveller
I released this book on European cruises because I wasn't planning on going on one myself anytime soon. And it actually found someone who is!

by katintheboots

My book checked in after 22 months
and a new member also YIPPEE
by AceofHearts

And this 1 checks in after 3 1/2 years!

proof once again- patience is rewarded!
by tempestsans

Almost four years later, another book resurfaces...

It was donated to a book sale and the finder claims to have gotten it there, but whether the finder bought it four years ago and is only journaling now or if the book's been bouncing around all this time and only recently wound up in another book sale I have no idea. But at least it's phoning home {grin}.
by GoryDetails

A tiger hitches a ride from NZ to Poland and on to the USA...
A book I released for last years animal release challenge turned up in a hostel in Poland, I would love to know how it got there: -)

by boreal

My book made it to Norway and was journaled in less than 24 hours!
Living in Scotland, there are lots of castles around. Yesterday I took the kids to one not far from where we live. We go there often, but usually just go around the grounds. This time I treated them to a trip inside the castle and also around the gardens. I took along four books to release and left one in a little building in the gardens. This morning I've already received the journal entry that it was found and taken back to Norway by the group that found it! The finder is going to re-release it, too. Makes me smile!
Found the book in a small stone cabin, at Crathes Castle, when on tour with
Haugesund Drillkorps. We are a youth drum and drill music corps, with
drummers, and baton-girls. The book has now arrived in Norway. In
Haugesund, Norway. And from here, I am going to give the book to people
living in my neighbours hospitality room.
by ScottishHoosier

Another book being in the right place at the right time...
or the Lord works in mysterious ways...

I found the book on the base of a dedication statue at the cemetery
that my
great-grandmother is buried in- Holy Family and St. Joseph's Church
Cemetery. I go there often to reflect on life and to ask her for
with tough decisions. I had just decided to leave when I was compelled
drive through the whole cemetery and past the statue instead of just
leaving as usual. That is when I found the book. I have not completed
reading the book, but have already found myself entranced with the
story of
Edith's life.
by AgathaMars

Andromeda Strain infects two Anonymous Finders and they join BC
This book was wild-released on the Helsinki metro, and the finder joined bookcrossing. That person then wild-released it on a ferry, and the next finder also joined up!

EDIT: link:
by Potok-fan

"The best, most humanity-affirming thing I've ever experienced."
great catch!
by la-sonrisa

This catch is why I love this site
Released it in a phone box at some motorway services, while on a trip with my Mum. ALl part of the the plan to get her interested in Bookcrossing. I have sent her the link, so she can share the fun too.
by suedo

"It's not a great book but BookCrossing is a fantastic idea!"
by saidenuj

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