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August 2, 2006
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Creativity Corner: Mandalas, Labels and Convention Pretties

Bright colors and pretty designs to delight even the most recalcitrant BookCrosser were found in the Forum this month. First off is a hand-painted trivet that the Charleston, South Carolina BookCrossers (aka CharlestonBCers) are offering as a fund raiser for the 2007 Convention. They comissioned a local artist to capture Ballycumber's best side! For details on the event, click here. The other bit of BookCrossing creativity was created by boirina to beautify your books. Wonderful beautiful, glorious labels in several languages! There's a design to match most any mood you wish. With such a plethora of delightful images, it was hard to select just one to illustrate here, so click on over here and see for yourself. Wings to both member shelves for the month!

Looking Down Under: ABC 2006

October 20-22 is the date for the annual gathering of Australian BookCrossers in Adelaide, South Australia. Lots and lots of good information can be found at their website and in the Forum. So, why not pop over and say "G'day"? Or better yet, if you are able, send in your registration! It's sure to be fair dinkum!

In The News

Here's what caught our eye of late regarding BookCrossing:

Panda Reading: 16th Edition Bookplate Now Available

The National Zoo in Washington, DC celebrates them. Stephen Colbert fears them. Millions and millions of folks worldwide adore them. Now BookCrossing has them. Pandas! Picture a perfectly peaceful panda perusing a paperback, or perhaps a hardback — found exclusively on our 16th edition bookplate. Be sure to add this fabulous design, by artist Sherry Tucker, to your BookCrossing bookplate collection. Click on over to the Supply Store today to order! While you're there, don't forget to check out the other great stuff available only at our store: bookplates, charms, t-shirts, caps, key chains, clingies, stickies and much more. And remember, school is just around the corner, so why not pick up a backpack to tote your books to class, or meet up or wherever you are headed!

Some UK Tidbits

If you live in or are visiting any where in the UK in August, chances are you are not too far from a BookCrossing Meet-up. (Would that be a chapter of BookCrossers? A volume of BookCrossers? Whatever, you know they'll all be on the same page of enthusiasm about sharing books!) There is a lovely list of UK gatherings for August posted in the Conventions and Meetings forum here so be sure to check it out. And we know the fab BookCrossing features are ongoing on BBC Radio, including one on July 27, with details here. Plus, the BCUKers are busy trying to tie down the location for UnConvention 2007. Info on voting (which is over August 1) is here. And don't forget the Edinburgh (Scotland) Book Festival, August 12-28. Click for more information.


Eine Stadt, von den meisten als nicht existierend ignoriert, bleibt beim "BookCrossing".
by Martyna Ewa Wolski (Bluemchenblatt)

Märchenland? Nein, nicht ganz. Selbst wenn die meisten Deutschen die Existenz dieser Stadt ignorieren, in der Hase und Igel einen Wettlauf veranstalteten, wo die Hunde mit dem Schwanz bellen und Figuren aus traditionellen Märchen präsent sind. Wie es der Zufall so will, bin ich eine Bürgerin eben dieser Stadt....

[read it all at]

A town, neglected by most as not existent, keeps BookCrossing
by Martyna Ewa Wolski (Bluemchenblatt)

Fairyland? No, not at all. Even though most Germans ignore the existence of the town, where the match between rabbit and hedgehog was held, where the dogs bark with their tails and characters from traditional stories are present. As a matter of fact, I'm a citizen of this wonderful place....

[read it all at]

Who is Paul?
by Teresa Ostler at PaulsBooks (PaulsBooks)

On August 2, 2005, the unthinkable happened. Our 15 year-old son, Paul was fatally struck by lightening while lying on his cot in an adirondack at a scout camp in the Uintah Mountains of Utah. A valiant effort was made to resuscitate him. ...

[read it all at]

Monthly BookCrossing meetings for the English speakers!
by Amberkatze

Some months ago I met with some fellow BookCrossers at the monthly BookCrossing meeting in the Cafe Schwammerl OBCZ. I hadn't met these BookCrossers before but there were certain books that we had come across on each other's bookshelves that we wanted to trade. So we decided to get together. ...

[read it all at]

One BookCrosser's view
by Semioticghost

I thought I’d write in with my highly incompletely and utterly biased view of the recent Unconvention in Birmingham, UK. I’d intended to travel up there with a friend, but his car was sick, so I curled up in the cross-country train to March, where I hung out for the best part of half an hour (it’s not the most happening place on this island), then squeezed into the train to the city affectionately known as B’rum and fell asleep. I arrived at New Street Station and lazily swung into a cab to the soulless, but conveniently located, Express by Holiday Inn on Lionel Street, which has been home to the majority of unconventioneers for the last three events now....

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

An encouraging catch for calinga and a new member!
I sent six books with my sister, calinga, on her trip to Las Vegas last week, and she already has a catch and she got a new member as well! Yay!
by gomboggit

It took a year, but it finally got caught!
I hope kittybee hadn't given up on this one. It didn't travel far, but it did finally get journalled!
by cmbohn

Another long-time catch
This finally made it after 3 1/2 years!
by MaryZee

Nice catch for rureading - and a clever release spot:

I've seen people suggest that before but I've never tried it- maybe I should give it a shot!
by GoryDetails

AF finds "the best book ever"
more than three years after its release!
by mojosmom

Six year old sets a good example for parent by *pretending* to read

I love this catch!
by Grorser

My book release hits news. X-post from Chit-chat
Imagine my surprise when I opened our local paper today and saw a photo of a book I released a month ago together with the following article

The thing I find strange is that the book has not been journalled

Why would someone be interested enough to take a photo of the book at the spot I left it and presumably then inform the press yet not bother to enter the BCID and give me my first wild catch?

Still good publicity for BookCrossing though.
by Ardachy

"I'd ... dreamed of the delight of catching a bookcrossing book."
A good witch's wish granted on the top of a bollard:
by xoddam

3 readers so far for book left on cruise ship
I left this Finnish translation of an Agatha Christie mystery on a Finnish cruise ship. Already on that first cruise, three people read the book!

Two nice things about these entries- firstly, that the (Finnish-speaking) readers were not put off journalling by their assumption that they should do so in English, and secondly, that the book is still on the ship, which means they jotted down the BCID to take home with them, and remembered to make the journal entries when they got home!

EDIT: here's the link:
by Potok-fan

Indiana freak out
the book was freed by me at a meet up where Scottish Hoosier picked it up, now she's from Indiana, it then went to another person an AF and they took it with them to Hungry and passed it onto the next AF who is from. ..... Indiana

im like totally freakin out dudes
by vicar-of-dibley

Immigrant from China finds book for 4-year-old son.

He/she already read the stories in Chinese as a child- - serendipity from PaperbackPal's OBCZ (via a homeless man).
by Megi53

"This most wonderful treasure"
This happy catcher is so poetic he/she should write a book:
by bluenoser

Found in another continent after 3 years!
This book, which I released in Washington D.C. as I was passing through in 2003, turned up a month ago in Switzerland! Well, it does feature angels- perhaps it flew over the Atlantic for a change of scenery.
by freesia

A Non-Reader finds....and Reads!!
I hope it's OK if I brag on this catch I got from a wild-release. It made my day!
by buffra

"Totally charmed by the notion of 'Bookcrossing'. "

And I was charmed by this journal entry: :)

A confession- in an effort to convert some of those "I'll never release a book in the wild-ers," I cross-posted this in Chit-Chat. :)
by annulla

SSM 38

SSM 38: Release in Peace - August 6, 2006

On August 6, 1945, the world changed forever when an atomic bomb fell on Hiroshima. Soon after came the end of World War II. Now we find ourselves in a world once again filled with turmoil and war, of causes in conflict and the tragedy of loss of human life. In commemoration of the tragedy of Hiroshima, and in hopes of peace to come, we introduce SSM 38: Release in Peace. Find books about peace, hope for the future or solutions to the problems our world today faces, books about non-violence, with "peace" in the title or with a dove on the cover Release your books in a location of peace, like a memorial site, a place of hope or of beauty. Cyberkedi, who sent in this SSM (and will receive wings for a month in appreciation) suggested that release sites could be any place associated with peace and peaceful change, such as the Martin Luther King Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

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