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July 18, 2006
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In The News

Here's what caught our eye of late regarding BookCrossing:

Need an Excuse for a Cup of Viennese Coffee? The Second Vienna Meets Cologne Celebration is August 19

Last year at the fabulous BookCrossing meet-up in Köln 'Vienna Meets Cologne' it was decided that another big meet-up should take place in 2006. The idea was to hold the next meet-up in Vienna. We're passing on the word about Bookrossing Meet-up Vienna 2006 on Saturday August 19. Details can be found here or send a private message to 5Schwammerl or Amberkatze. The homepage (German only right now) is here.

A Simply Magical Way to Support BookCrossing

Looking for a fun way to support BookCrossing? TracyShannon has come up with a simply magical method. She is sponsoring the Magical Mid-Year Support BC Contest which is a mouthful in any language and has the members of the Newsletter team singing The Magical Mystery Tour while we work! All you need to enter are wings, which can be had for a pittance or a purchase at the Supply Store. (Faded are okay to enter, as long as TracyShannon gets your entry before your wings fly off.) But be sure to enter by July 30, if you want to be eligible for all the fabulous prizes, donated by BookCrossers all over the world. Thank you TracyShannon, thank you prize patrol, and thank you all you wonderful members participating. You're all magical in our book!

Thank You, Siriradha

For many years, the name siriradha has been synonymous with OBCZs in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Siriradha managed to manage a huge number of OBCZs, from the intriguingly named Bud’s Mufflers and Literary Salon to Boulder Street Coffee Roasters. But all good things must come to an end, and siriradha is stepping down from managing the zones. Four of the Colorado zones are seeking new caretakers to nurture them, provide an occasional book or two and wipe the errant coffee spill from the shelf. If you're in the area and interested in helping maintain a zone, feel free to volunteer! And remember, there's a whole forum of Managers to help you out should you need it, plus an OBCZ Primer with lots of tips that may prove handy. To see the zones needing a new manager, click on over to theOBCZ finder site (maintained by Netstation.) And as a token of our thanks to siriradha, we've given her wings to fly into the next phase of her BookCrossing life.

Follow Homer to the very first Greek BookCrossing Convention!

World Cup is over. Wimbledon's done. And all those cyclists in the Tour de France are probably wishing they'd signed up to head to Thessaloniki, Greece, instead of heading into the Pyrenees. That's where the very first Greek BookCrossing Convention was held on July 14! It's all very exciting and it looks like great group of BookCrossers attending. Visit their website for more information and a list of who attended. Then try to match the names with the faces here! And for the occasion, Ballycumber has donned a toga and changed his name to Homer!

Be a Book Worm at bookwormzonline!

Searching for an independent bookseller in your area? On vacation and want to find a great local bookstore? Well, Cinnamon-Girl and her husband recently launched a website to identify and list independent bookstores via a user-supported database. The site is Cinnamon-Girl says "It's definitely a work in progress, and currently is set up to only list US stores, although we hope eventually to open it up to additional countries. You can search by zip code, and the site will show any stores within a 25-mile radius. Since we depend on the public to supply the listings, I would like to enlist my fellow BCers' help in adding stores and spreading the word. This is a completely free site, and does not require membership (either by users or bookstores)."



by braemar

On Saturday, the bairn (my nine year old daughter) and I went into town for one of our “girls only” days. Every three months or so, having saved up her pennies, we head off to replenish her vital stocks – craft materials, bath bombs from Lush, chocolate from Thorntons, fancy things for her hair and anything else that she thinks is a priority and not readily available in the village. We also had three books to liberate and she’d decided that she was in charge. Anyway, first release outside M&S, a bit of furtive looking around and then a quick sprint over to the benches and mission accomplished. She was really chuffed with herself....

[read it all at]

UK Registered Charity thanks BookCrossers for their support
by YokoSpungeon

Two months ago, a UK BookCrosser made a post in the Chit Chat forum about an appeal being held by a charity she volunteers for, called Thatu (you can read the post here)....

[read it all at]

International BookCrossCamping in the Netherlands
by Elefteria

Eindelijk was het zo ver! het laatste weekend van Juni 2006. We hadden er lang naar uitgekeken: onze jaarlijkse mega-meeting in Castricum aan zee. Voor nog meer plezier besloot een aantal bookcrossers te gaan kamperen op "de Berenweide" in de buurt van Castricum. Elefteria was de eerste die de tent opzette, op woensdagavond al. Vrijdagmiddag volgden Jgralike en Zwerver en later op de avond vonden Moem en Stoneshop het bookcrossingveld en Rubberchicken kwam ook. Het was nog rustig op de camping en we hadden tijd om de boeken uit te lezen die we mee wilden nemen naar de meeting op zondag. ...

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Or, What to Give a BookCrosser Who Wants no Wedding Gifts
by Antof9

When I heard about Emperor-Fool's upcoming nuptials, I felt compelled to do something. Sure, I could send a gift or a card, but it was a surprise wedding. That is, she and the FoolMan invited guests to a barbecue/picnic, and when everyone arrived, they would be witnesses at the wedding! So what's the point of a surprise wedding? Well, you could argue that there are many, but isn't one of them "no gifts"? So if there's a "no gift" rule, and you are friends because of the wonder that is BookCrossing, what's the etiquette, and what's appropriate? (I'll give you a minute to think about that)...

[read it all at]

or... BookCrossers are true gems
by PokPok

Belmont Diamond Youth Council is a model, a safe haven, a place and programs, and a way to reach at-risk youth before they become involved in juvenile delinquency, substance abuse, and school failure. The youth members named themselves the “Diamonds”, stating that they are valuable gems. ...

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

"Been a member for ages but this is my first catch! :)"

My first catch of a series of releases in Dublin, where I stay a few days at the moment. Had also a very interesting and joyable meetup with some of the irish bookcrossers last thursday. Anyway, this journal makes me a bit smile: It seems that this member (not part of the meetup mentioned before) since 17. Oct 2002( !!) was looking for a bookcrossing book to get finally a catch.

And once again a proof that so called non used member accounts should not be deleted at all :)
by Wyando

Almost three years later!
One of my long-lost releases from the first summer after I joined BC has resurfaced with an AF entry! Almost 35 months in the!
by ResQgeek

"I wanted it to be a bookcrossing book ...I had taught my...class all about it

What a nice catch!
by inkognitoh

Released as a tourist, got a catch from another
This Finn went to Stockholm and released a book, and a couple weeks after that a Romanian girl tells she's caught it. :) How cool can bookcrossing be? (And where are you, Swedes?)
by Dropi

A catch and a new member
It has been a long drought; no wild catches in awhile, so I was thrilled about this one.
by watchcat

"This book was sitting on the windowsill of the apartment I am moving into."
"This book was sitting on the windowsill of the apartment I am moving into. The apartment was already vacated. The book was the only thing left."
by annulla

Wild release that in turn caught two new members!
Nice catch for RBiegun!
by tobysrus

From a penguins feet to sailing on a boat!!
by rarsberry

Dog person catches my cat book and joins!


This book has had quite an adventure...
by libertine101

"This is a really nice thing..."
Nice (and quick!) catch for anetinvt:
by GoryDetails

Carl Hiaasen serendipity
Nice catch
by wickedlazy

Nearly 2 years to cross over the road!
Wonder where it's been? Got a new member,though.
by dagon

Was the book really sitting *there* all this time?

Love the picture with the release notes, too!
by saidenuj

Three wild catches for me today! Wowzer!
Rabun county Georgia vacation release (Chocolat) is now in California

Tuesdays with Morrie connected an AF with "the important things in life"

Specimen Days released at the Farmers Market caught an AF

AND I heard from a stalled bookring. I'm a happy girl!
by bookczuk

Newbie locked herself out of her apartment and was happy to find this book

one of the best new journal entries I have read in a long time. Congrats daemonwolf!
by Geegal

SSM 37

SSM 37: Strictly Independent - July 30, 2006

Now before you go fussing that an SSM focusing on Independence is very Ameri-centric, we want you to know that we did our research and found that during the month of July, at least 17 countries celebrate Independence Day. And that doesn't even include nations celebrating National Day, Revolution Day, Liberation Day or Bastille Day! So in honor of all this celebration, we're offering you the chance to participate in SSM 37: Strictly Independent. Find books with the word independent or independence in the title or theme (like Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey's A Woman of Independent Means or any one of the eleventy-billion books called Independence Day. We'd even count A Bad Case of Stripes; arguing that many a flag has a stripe or two on it!) Leave a book in a place representative of independence, freedom or liberation for you. And if you've gotten the book from an Independent Bookseller, then you get a gold star! Our support team member who thought up the SSM theme for the month and did all the research on Independence Days in July donated the wings granted for the idea to cinnamon-girl, who, with her husband, started a website to help promote and identify independent booksellers. (Read more about it here.) If you need a hint to help you know what to do for the SSM, click here. And be sure to pop on over to the SSM Forum to post what you release and your results. The link to SSM 37 thread in the forum is here.

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