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June 15, 2006
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And Now a Word From Our Italian Friends

The administrators of have shared the following with us:

We are very proud to present, our BookCrossing support site in Italian.

The purpose of the site is to offer help and explanations on the features of for Italian speaking BookCrossers. The site is not intended to be a proxy for the original site, meaning that through it you can't log in to or manage any kind of data stored there, but you can learn all you need to know to use the original site.

We are extremely grateful to Pelodia for the work that in big part was on his shoulders, and to all who helped us creating the site, reviewing the contents or in any other way. We are certain there is still some work to do, mistakes and oversights to fix, so if you spot them just drop us a line and we'll do our best to correct them.

Kidnapped Book!

Our stroll through the forum revealed this tale and a nice reminder. Nitejar recently took out her snazzy new convertible car, and brought a book along for the ride. As she explains, "[I] am prone to leaving non-valuables on the seat such as my cheap shades and maybe a book or magazine. This time though someone has reached in and pilfered my book!" The kicker? It wasn't even registered yet, so future travels are undocumented. Simpleton had us roaring with laughter though at a possible journal entry from an AnonymousFinder:

Yeah, I swiped this book from your car today, and seeing that it was registered with BookCrossing, thought I'd journal it. I see that you were not finished reading it, as your bookmark was stuck in at page 248 of 303. I felt a little bad about, you know, stealing from you and all, so I wanted to let you know — the wife runs away with her dentist, the dog dies, and the husband drives his car over a cliff. Bummer of an ending, thanks a lot for ruining my day with such a downer book.
So, remember — label your books before they leave the house. You never know who might pinch them! (For the full forum thread, click here.)

The Supply Store Celebrates With YOU!

Whether the month of June finds you celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival, Midsummer, National Aboriginal Day, Juneteenth, Wimbledon, or even Kupalo, why not head on over to the BookCrossing Supply Store and fill a cart with BookCrossing's finest. Our shirts and caps are great and our book release supplies are all exclusive to the store. Remember, our June specials are still running through the end of the month. And, our Supply Store Manager tells us that after TexasWren's fabulous article, the Store now has its own section under "frequent questions" (left side bar, under "home", for those who forget where the FAQs are.) It's not complete yet, but it's a start!

A Book, A Donut and A Cuppa Coffee

If you were out and about in London, Ontario at the beginning of the month, you might have seen an unusual sight — a book, a donut and some coffee. Jeremyjohn, Co-host of the A-Channel morning show tells us that at the beginning of a two-hour live show they released Piece of My Heart and then set a camera on the book (with a donut and coffee nearby to help attract attention) and the book was caught within an hour and a half! The book is now headed on to Prince Edward Isle, courtesy of an AnonymousFinder. The show's website is here.

In the News

BookCrossing has garnered a mention here, there and and everywhere (to keep with our SSM 36 Beatles theme):

Miss Getting to the Toronto Convention? Check Out the Videos!

Jfroebe is a man with a mission. He has been busy transcoding the video of each session that took place during the 2006 North American Bookcrossing Convention in Toronto, Canada. Three videos are currently available on the Internet Archive ( The first video covers the Freedom to Read session presented by Anne McClelland and Franklin Carter. You can also catch Sonora's presentation on BookCrossing: 2007 and beyond, OttawaBill's talk on Mass Releasing and author Warren Dunford. Video not your thing? We're told that podcasts are available, too. For more information click here or here.


Giving a booksale a whole new focus
by boreal

Every May for the past 26 years the bookworms of Dunedin have come out in force to attend our city’s 24-hour book sale. The sale is held to raise funds for the Regent Theatre and the theatre itself is the venue; there are thousands of books on tables up and down the aisles and on the stage and the stock is replenished throughout the 24-hour period. This year, Dunedin BookCrossers decided that we should plan an event around the book sale and after a bit of discussion we settled upon having a book scavenger hunt. Rarsberry and I came up with a list of 20 things for people to hunt for as well as three extra categories. Here is what we had to look for:

  1. A BookCrossing registered book
  2. A book published before 1940
  3. A novel with a vegetable name in the title
  4. A book in Maori
  5. A book with a picture of a frog on the cover
  6. A book about clocks
  7. A book with “Elvis” in the title or a picture of Elvis on the cover
  8. A book with an author beginning with X
  9. A Book by Agatha Christie
  10. A NZ children’s book that has won or been shortlisted for the NZ children’s book awards (it should have a sticker on the front cover)
  11. A book with the word “purple” in the title
  12. A book with the name of a bird in the title
  13. A book that includes your first name in the title
  14. A biography or autobiography of a singer, actor or someone in show business
  15. A book of zodiac signs
  16. A book with an alliterative title i.e., Dan’s Dangerous Desire (at least 3 or 4 word title)
  17. A fiction book with a country name in the title
  18. A book with a body part in the title
  19. A movie tie-in novel
  20. A book about Africa (fiction or non-fiction)

[read it all at]

Books and Candy Go Together, Especially When Candy Freak is the Book
by BigKat

Sharing my books with others is lots of fun but prior to Candy Freak, I’d never bought extra copies of a book at retail prices just for BookCrossing purposes. Yet I bought three copies of this book and started them on rings; how did that happen?!?...

[read it all at]

BookCrossing - the game that generations can play!
by wubbaducky

I'll admit I'm terrible at this wild release thing. I still can't get past the "they're going to call me back to tell me I left a book behind" feeling, but I was determined yesterday that I was going to release a couple of books in London while I was there yesterday and in places where people could easily find them. Well, my Mum wanted to know why I still had books with me when I'd already dropped by the post office, so I explained to her that I wanted to release them -- one on the Piccadilly Line and the other anywhere in London. She knows about my "hobby" and she even refrains from calling it an obsession. I suppose she's just relieved as she thinks it's a start of a cure for my book-hoarding habit. After all, as a child, I would have fought tooth and nail before any of my Enid Blytons or C.S. Lewises left the house, let alone got given away. She expressed her concern that someone might think it was a bomb. I scornfully laughed, although I couldn't help wondering if I would see my book on the news later on that night as a bomb hoax. But now she was interested. Nay, she was hooked....

[read it all at]

First Wild Release catch out of 61! Don't give up hope!
by BunnyLady

After 61 books registered and released to the Unofficial OBCZ box I've been keeping updated at my local library, I've finally gotten a journal entry AND a new member for us here at BookCrossing: 13 year old "rosyrox". ...

[read it all at]

Many anguished screams are hurled my way, as are enthusiastic displays of delight
by Karats

Some of the sounds you hear most often around me are: Awwwwww Geeeeeeeeeeeeez ::sniffle:: did you really have to do that???? Waaaaaaaa, Oh you are such a Meanie, Holy Moly and Well Phooey are heard as often as Woo Hoo, WoWzers, YaHooo, Yabba Dabba Doo!!, Fabulous and AWESOME! ...

[read it all at]

If the Dignity Movement can make it to the bestseller lists. . .
by BCNewsletter

In October of 2004, BookCrossers were pleased to be given 5,000 copies of Robert Fuller's book Somebodies and Nobodies, in partnership with The Dignitarian Dialogues (read more about it here). A year later, another 3,500 copies were distributed to BookCrossers around the world (article here)....

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

And another book finds the right reader at the right time:

Nice catch for CozCoz!
by GoryDetails

" I am so excited to have finally "caught" a book!"
then they joined!

Nice catch!

turn the page,


psssssst... I remember the link o_0
by book-spy

BX books are “common property”?
That’s close enough for me -- a good shot at the concept (and great enthusiasm) from someone who had never found a release before:

by Dunzy

"The whole idea was so novel"
That is the finder's pun- not mine. This is another catch from the Toronto convention. The finder joined and is taking the book on a trip to release it!
by aimlesst

This cat is traveling!
by mojosmom

It was fun seeing this kitschy cover in the sidebar
The book is called "Bad Hair." Behold the power of the mullet.

"I found this book on a bench inside the art building at Yale [University in New Haven, Connecticut, USA], outside of the Green Gallery. I had to go there as part of my job to hang some artwork for a high school art show. I was in an annoyed mood until I found this book, especially after I read the inside cover and realized that someone actually wanted me to take it! It made my day. There is some really, really bad hair in the book! I will probably take it with me when I move out to Colorado at the end of the summer. Maybe I will leave it somewhere exciting along the way, like a rest stop in South Dakota. I hope the next person is as amused as I was to find it."
by editorgrrl

"so jazzed about finding this book"
by ResQgeek

After a long time without any journaled catches, I got three in one week!
And to make it even better, all three joined.
by awakeagain

Lovely catch for Kategory (almost 4 years)
From California to Spain- to Germany?
by MaryZee

CATCH: This book is travelling by bus!!!!
Very nice AF catch.
by aris1

SSM 36

SSM 36: Will You Still Need Me? Will You Still Read Me When I'm 64? June 18 2006

ssm logoMany a BookCrosser has turned the pages of their life to the tunes of The Beatles. On June 18, Paul McCartney, whose titles include musician, song writer, author, and activist, turns 64. To honour Sir Paul, we invite the BookCrossing Community to participate in our SSM: Will You Still Need Me? Will You Still Read Me When I'm 64? Dedicate your release to Paul McCartney and the Beatles. Find books that echo a Beatles tune or remind you of where you were when you heard one of their songs. Release a title with with the names of one of the Beatles in it or as an author. Find a release location that brings the Fab Four, rockers, the sixties, or anything that you can find the tie in for. It'll be our way of sending a postcard, dropping a line. Wings for the idea are granted to mssaver. If you need a hint to help you know what to do for the SSM, click here. And be sure to pop on over to the SSM Forum to post what you release and your results. The link to SSM 36 is here.

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