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May 26, 2006
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Hot June Specials in the Supply Store

It's warming up here in the northern hemisphere and we're celebrating summer by giving away t-shirts on all orders over $100 at our BookCrossing Supply Store. Let us surprise you with a shirt of our choice and you can wear it to show your BC pride. Next, with hot weather comes travel and vacations — get a free pack of BookCrossing postcards with the purchase of any Extreme Kit and send Ballycumber 'round the globe from your favorite destinations! AND, we're extending May's specials for the month of June so you can continue to receive a free Lapel Pin or Window Clingy with the purchase of another. Whew! How's that for steamy?

Bibliochef of CookCrossing???

BookCrosser barkus alerted us to a mention of BookCrossing at Cooking with Ideas where the reader is encouraged to "Eat. Drink. Read. Think." The site is described as a place for the bibliochef in all of us. We agree that BookCrossing is one of those finer things in life. We'll be checking back at the blog to see about Bibliochef's quest on our site: to investigate [BookCrossing's] relation to cooking. Sounds like a cooking themed bookring, bookbox or RABCK is in order!

And while we're cooking, folks may want to click on over to the Release Challenge Forum and join in on the The Chef's Challenge, hosted by eggiweg. A special thanks to editorgrrl, for calling the challenge to our attention.

Creativity Corner

We were utterly and totally charmed by the rendition of our beloved Ballycumber done by Australian animation artist Mike Jones of Piperdog Design. Piperdog Design is a family business, which includes daughter and BookCrosser michyj. Here's hoping that we see more cartoons and designs from this talented family! (And in the meantime, wings for a month on us!)

In The News

Here is just a little taste of some of the news featuring BookCrossing recently:

How Does Your Bookshelf Grow? Announcing Tending Our Garden -- Our Newest BookPlate

A book is like a garden carried in the pocket. ~Chinese Proverb

Let your books show off your love of literature and of gardening and all that blossoms with our 15th edition Tending Our Garden bookplate by Leticia Plate. Click on over to our Supply Store, where you can order this beautiful plate today. We still have limited stock of earlier edition labels as well. Every purchase and donation you make at the store directly supports the BookCrossing movement, helping to cover costs for the hardware, software, bandwidth, and of course humans to keep the site and database running smoothly. Help support BookCrossing by making a purchase of one or more Release Kits or perhaps just a pack of Bookmarks, Bookplate Labels or Sticky Notes. Grow for it!

And just to make it a little easier for your garden of books to grow, we've increased the number of wings that can be awarded with a group order at the Store. Click here for full details.


My first, and very rewarding, RABCK experience
by starrdust (starrdust)

I wrote the following on the Make A Friend RABCK Challenge thread, after finding out I was the lucky winner of the drawing made by SCOUT-FINCH, and thought it might be a good experience to share with a wider audience:...

[read it all at]

A short -but-sweet story about a new BookCrosser
by maid-of-kent

I am delighted to discover that one of the books I registered has been found by an 8-year-old who instantly joined BookCrossing....

[read it all at]

This Poor Little Book Was Lost For 10 Years!
by Vikki (caffcaff)

When I was going through a box of books I recently bought from eBay, I came across a book called Tubbercurry GAA - A History. It had no ISBN, looked self-published and was full of pictures of groups of members and so forth....

[read it all at]

Parting with friends
by quinnsmom

Au Revoir, Flaubert! Do Svidanya, Tolstoy! And as for you, Jack Kerouac, it's time to get On the Road. Steinbeck, see you later. Oh no! I can't let you go, Inspector Morse! Or you, Inspector Maigret! Oh great Cthulhu, you MUST stay! ...

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

Talk about a comprehensive journal entry...
...for tempestsans:

This AF went to a lot of trouble to track down some wild books- and seems to have spread a lot of information about BookCrossing in the process! [But they haven't signed up... yet, anyway. Hmmm.]
by GoryDetails

The Secret Life of Bees helped AF deal with loss of mother
Lucybrown released "The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd back in December 2004. Today an Anonymous Finder journaled: "I lost my mother last year suddenly, it has been hard for me to accept at times, reading of Lily hepled dull the pain somewhat."

[edited because I forgot the URL]
by editorgrrl

A quick wild catch--and AF found a book he'd been seeking!
James Herriot's Dog Stories:

It was caught soon after I left it, and the AF seems delighted!
by scavok

Amsterdam newbie journals book released by Gizmopuddy. Wonderful journal entry!
This guy in Amsterdam joined Bookcrossing because he found a book that was released there by Irish Bookcrosser Gizmopuddy. His first journal entry ever is wonderfully elaborate!
by Moem

A Mega-Michener release book checks in after 3 years.

Today a book from the Mega-Michener project took checked in. It hasn't been lost- - this book, which was released on a park bench in Pennsylvania, has been passing from reader to reader for three years. :-)

by annulla

Young reader impressed and enthused by campground release.

by Trekwoman

Another catch for Cody!
This year my release for Cody was caught & the finder has signed up!
by alrescate

Book travels from Wales to Namibia in a month - incognito!
Somehow this book has wound up in Namibia after being released in Wales. Actually, there's no story behind it, but I found myself wondering what might have happened: Did a wealthy surgeon pick it up and take it for a light read on his trip to a Golf tournament? And note the eerie bit about "this book was given to me"- - after all, it's called- - but you read the rest yourself and make up your own mind...
by LemmiSchmoeker

Skyring's recent water release is caught
But I think the AF is a bit confused.

Congrats Skyring!
by MaryZee

Another near-record-breaking catch, 3 years and 11 months later...

The book was released by patch21, and is (so far) that person's only release- if they were waiting for a catch before they tried releasing another book, they had a good long wait {wry grin}. I hope they're still around to get the journal-entry notification!

[I see that this is another case of someone who found the book soon after it was released and then just hung on to it for a very long time before opting to journal. There seems to be a syndrome at work there!]

[[Oh, and for those who are wondering- the longest release-to-catch interval that I know of is four years and a couple of months( ; there have been lots of three-years-plus catches reported in Site Watch, but so far only one four-years-plus.]]
by GoryDetails

Bounce, bounce. 10 Nov/02 to 30 March/03 to 21 May/06
This, my friends, is the reason we BookCross.

"What a neat idea this book crossing thing never heard of it before!!!"
by Grorser

Interesting release notes
by annulla

This book has been released a few times in the wild and been caught and journalled!
by IrishBookFan

A September 2003 release caught and journalled!
This was sent to Granny Coy for her OBCZ box:


by scavok

"I was so excited that I called my mother and my husband..."
by ResQgeek

SSM 35

SSM 35 Remembering Our Past on May 28

In the US, life is gearing up to slowing down to a summertime mode. Memorial Day Weekend often kicks off the start of the season by encouraging us to remember our past. Even if you live elsewhere in the world, we encourage you to join us in remembrance and participate in SSM 35 Remembering. Consider releasing a book related to the past either by title, content, or by place of release. It can be a book related to local history, genealogy, family history, immigrants, left at an area historical society, museum or memorial. Or you can choose to remember those lost to war or disaster. It can be a book that reminds you of a favorite aunt, or recalls the day you met your sweetheart. The choice is yours. Wings for the idea are granted to aimee85, surfenkitten and ResQgeek, who each suggested the theme. If you need a hint to help you know what to do for the SSM, click here. And be sure to pop on over to the SSM Forum to post what you release and your results. The link to SSM 35 is here.

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