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April 27, 2006
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May Specials in the Supply Store

What a great response we've had with April's specials! As the calendar flips to a new month, our Supply Store manager is brimming with new ideas but is stuck on giving away free product! Everyone loves a bargain and especially getting things for free, so for the month of May we are offering buy-one-get-one-free specials on window clingies and lapel pins. Place your order during the month of May, and double your BookCrossing delights. You can give your "extra" to a friend or keep it yourself — either way the serendipity is two-fold!

Writer's Digest honors BookCrossing

Image hosting by Photobucket"You can log onto the Internet any day, at any time, to talk with fellow writers, locate writing resources or just have some fun." Thus says Writer's Digest who have chosen BookCrossing as one of their 101 best websites for writers for 2006. Check out the full list over at or in their May issue.

Recent News

Recent news reports about BookCrossing:

MegaBookCrossing in Suisse Romande

frenchNous organisons un mégabookcrossing en Suisse romande le samedi 1er juillet 2006. Au Signal de Bougy dans la région de Aubonne. Ce n'est pas loin de la frontière France-Suisse depuis Genève, et facilement atteignable en voiture ou train-bus. Vous trouverez toutes les infos sur le blog créé pour l'occasion à l'adresse suivante. Le Signal de Bougy est un parc vert, avec plein de jeux pour les enfants et des animaux de ferme dans leurs enclos. Une très belle journée de découvertes et de lâchés en perspective, à laquelle tout bookcrosseur est cordialement invité!

Merci, speedy80 for providing us with the news, link and logo.

A Little Twist of Texas

Coming soon, to a bookshelf near you! Last year, BookCrosser, Markeroni Founder and intrepid Motorcyclist Linda Raven Moore (aka WhiteRaven13) had BookCrossers around the world watching as she did a solo ride by motorcycle from the West Coast of the U.S. to the BookCrossing Convention in Forth Worth, Texas. She's documented the journey in a forthcoming memoir: A Little Twist of Texas and is offering a special "buy one get one half price" deal to BookCrossers. Interested BookCrossers can now purchase two books for $21($13.95 each normally) plus shipping. $2 of price goes to Book Crossing. One copy can be signed; one or two copies can be registered. The book is the story of Linda's solo motorcycle ride to the Fort Worth convention in 2005, and all the unexpected twists and turns in the road. Take advantage of this special "For BookCrossers Only" offer by visiting this link.

Midwest U.S. BookCrossing Campout

What do you get when you mix eireannaigh, mysterylady36,and BountifulPots together? One great BookCrossing idea, that's what! Come join these three BookCrossers and their families June 23-25 for a Midwest BookCrossing Family Camp Out. You don’t have to live in the Midwest to join in the fun at Kanopolis Lake, Kansas. Scheduled events include a book tent, a meet and greet bonfire, scavenger hunt {with prizes}, a potluck dinner and spooky stories around the camp fire. We're told that Kanopolis State Parks have beaches, picnic areas, trails for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain bikes, picnic shelters, shower buildings, ATV trails, as well as many historical sites for those of you who Snarf. And for you geology buffs, there are caves and Mushroom rock.

The cost is $8 for base fee overnight camping permit, $6.50 day vehicle pass and $5.50/$7.50/$8.50 for the utility hookups depending on how many utilities (water, sewer, and electric). R.S.V.P. by May 20 and be sure to let the organizers know if you are going primitive or by RV; they will be reserving an area so that everyone can camp together. If you will not know by that date, no fear, walk-ins welcome! But please R.S.V.P. if you can by sending a private message to eireannaigh. Click here for more details.


Bringing BookCrossing to the White House Easter Egg Roll
by ResQgeek

Yesterday, the White House hosted its annual Easter Egg Roll, and my family was among the thousands who crowded onto the South Lawn to join in the festivities. And for the second year in a row, I brought a few books along to release, putting the White House on the BookCrossing map....

[read it all at]


by Claire (cuteklur)

I have just joined BookCrossing and I think that it is the best idea since sliced bread! I love the idea that the fates take a hand in your book's journey. ...

[read it all at]

The Pleasures of Reading and.....
by carol00

Two of my favourite things are books and chocolates, and I suppose one could liken books to chocolate. During the act of the opening of a book, or the unwrapping of chocolate, there is the same adrenaline rush of anticipated pleasure, which is to come. ...

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On the last night of the Race to Three Million, madness ensued...
by lottiotta

On the not-particularly-dark-and-stormy night of April 16, there were four of our BookCrossing community back for the upcoming start of our uni termtime here in Swansea, Wales. Gerald, our beautiful house in the Uplands area, became a hub of BookCrossing lunacy! Frantabulous, Al3xa and I had all previously joined the Race to Three Million - and WelshElfDai just felt like lending a hand....

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The Convention....From A Brits Perspective!
by Vikki (caffcaff)

I arrived in Toronto on Thursday night after a horrendous experience in Immigration & Customs where I was reduced to tears! (It went something along the lines of "What do you mean you're coming to Canada and you don't know anyone, apart from scary Internet people and you want to leave books all over the place?") Not a good start to the weekend, but I soon recovered by the time I got to the hotel where I unpacked and had a wander. I was feeling pretty lonely so luckily I remembered Skyring's real name, got reception to call his room and dragged him down to the bar for a drink, where we were joined by Ottawabill, mojosmom & GoryDetails. I was in bed by 10 (well, come on it was 3 a.m. in the UK!)...

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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

Left out on a rainy night... Discovered on a rainy morning.
I never thought I'd hear from this little book again. Yet, after a year, I have. I left this stormy Lawrence tale out on a thundering night in Atlanta and it washed up near Peace College in North Carolina on a rainy morning. How amazing!
by cordelia-anne

An eager new member
A great catch in the wild has netted this new member, eager to participate and is spreading the news:
by bluenoser

AF praises Bookcrossing and instantly becomes member
This new member (who was first announced on the side bar as an Anonymous Finder and apparently become a member after leaving the journal entry) praises the idea of Bookcrossing: (in German)


"First of all, a big praise for the idea... never heard of it before, and I'm very thrilled.
Found the book during my work in the organic food shop- was about to fill a shelf and thought, what's that there, how can anybody leave a book HERE?! Was about to ask the co-workers whom it belongs to, but as an old bookworm I can't put a book away without at least glancing inside, and so I opened it after all and found the Bookcrossing sticker.

Though I would probably have neither bought nor borrowed this particular book, I will now read it despite everything and then NATURALLY depose it in a nice place :o))"

(Edited to remove two embarrassing typos in the last paragraph.)
by LemmiSchmoeker

Anonymous Finder follows up with themed release
by yvensong

Nice catch for SoLittleTime
which reported in over a year later. This book was definitely found by the right person-
by MaryZee

Your life little book is an empty page that Anonymous Finders want to write on....
To write on!

This is possibly my cheesiest ever release and catch to date. I'm slightly bummed that it got caught before I made release notes because I would have gone to town on them but I have uploaded the pic to the original journal entry. I wonder if it was Rolf who found Leisl? Bwah hah hah!

*these are a few of my favourite catches*
by inkognitoh

One of my White House releases checks in
by ResQgeek

tale of two bookrays...they just keep going!
i've been watching the journal notes for these two books for--well, years now! i started a bookray for a copy of "Like Water For Chocolate" that Zareba sent me....halfway through the ring, it disappeared in the midwest. So i found another copy to pick up on the bookray again, and it continued on its way. a few months later, SpiffyGirl (from Kansas) found the book in a coffeeshop in New Jersey. (remarkable if only because New Jersey is my home state...) Meanwhile, the second book finished out the ray, and has completed another since. Both of these books were originally registered in 2003! It's amazing how some books just keep going. if only they could talk....
Book One:
Book Two:
by surfenkitten

THREE & ONE-HALF years later . . .
by mojosmom

Released in Southampton UK, caught in South Africa, by honeymooning BCer!
This has to be one of my best catches yet! This was released in West Quay Mall, Southampton- and has been caught on Table Mountain, South Africa! And by Chelseagirl who is on her honeymoon as well. It looks like it is on it's way back to blighty now.

I wonder what it's story is- how did it get to South Africa????

This is what makes Bookcrossing so great! (As well as the fantastic people of course!)
by Grunthos

a 19th month rlease calls home
a great catch for antof9
by nimrodiel

WelshElfDai is so funny!
Look at one of the books he registered for the Race to 3 Million! (2 days and 62,025 books to go... :S)
by lottiotta

What an ingenious wild release and catch! I'd get a kick out of opening a drawer and finding a book!
by IrishBookFan

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