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March 21, 2006
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Welcome To Our Newest Forum, Scandinavian Style!

BookCrossing welcomes our Scandinavian BookCrossers and all their friends to a brand new forum. Click on over to the Scandinavian Forum for BookCrossers speaking Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

Noting" But The Best-- BookCrossing Notepads Now in Stock in the Store

notebook-preview2Where did I put that list? Now you can make those grocery, to-do and book wish lists on the new eye-catching BookCrossing Notepads. The 3" X 5", 50 sheet pads are perfect for keeping by the computer. Tear off half the pad and give some to a friend! Click on over to the Supply Store and order some today. (Picture coming soon. We promise! Thanks to all the BookCrossers who participated in the creation of these pads via the forum discussions with Heather.)

Looking To Toronto

conventionlogosquarecompressedThe North American Convention, which also celebrates BookCrossing's fifth anniversay, is coming up quickly — April 21-23. If you haven't registered yet, there's still time to claim your spot in the fun. Simply click on over to the Convention's web page and register today! The Canadian Crowd is sure to have a great time planned for all attendees!

Heather Gives an Update on the Supply Store

If you've had questions about Supply Store shipping of late, be sure to read the article by Co-Founder Heather Pedersen. In it she outlines some of the plans for the store as BookCrossing enters its fifth year.

Starting A Whole New Chapter

woosang's bouquetFirst off, a hearty congratulations to Australian BookCrossers Woosang and gunzel412 who tied the knot on Valentine's Day. Their meeting and romance predates their involvement with BookCrossing, but their wedding day was celebrated by local BookCrossers flooding the town with love stories, and many BookCrossers attended the wedding. Too bad the bride didn't toss a book instead of the bouquet, as, rumor has it, Sabavana caught it! An article about the event is online here, courtesy of Skyring.

In The News

BookCrossing has been Globe-Trotting again. Here's the roundup.


BookCrossing Co-Founder speaks about the Supply Store
by heather

Hello BookCrossers! 2006 has been a rough year for shipping and we extend a heartfelt apology to those who have suffered mispacks, delays and lost packages. Without belaboring the "whys" of such a disservice (hint: basement flood/act of God), DHL 2006 new rules (no postage alternatives nor competition in our part of the world), poor packing hire (my fault), inadequate staffing (restricted budget doesn't allow for large staff), I will simply give you the "whats" and "hows" as in "what" we are doing to fix it and "how's" it going to affect you.

  • Out with the bad and in with the good! We've made some staff adjustments, and Sandy joined the BC Staff very recently (as in today!) She will be trained with with extreme diligence to pack with accuracy and attention to detail.

[read it all at]

2006 BCNZ Convention, Dunedin
by Sherlockfan

Oh! What a splendid convention!...

[read it all at]

How BookCrossing helped me make Zurich my home!
by Helen Palmer (nice-cup-of-tea)

This week I celebrated my first BookCrossing Birthday. True to my screen name, Im sitting down at my laptop with a nice cup of tea and thought Id reflect on my year with BookCrossing. When I joined in March 2005 Id been living in Zurich for about a year and was feeling a bit lost. Like so many ex-pats, wed moved country because my husbands work had transferred us here. I knew that moving country was going to be hard, I just didnt realise how hard! Although I was fluent in German, I had trouble understanding Swiss German and without a job, it was hard to make social contact with people or to really make friends. ...

[read it all at]

TWO newspaper articles within a two-month period! WOW!
by mississippimom (mississippimom)

Our local newspaper, The Memphis Commercial Appeal has run two BookCrossing articles within the past two months... We are on a roll!...

[read it all at]

The challenge of BookCrossing Challenges
by bookczuk

As a BookCrosser, one often hears of release challenges. Someone throws out a challenge to release so many books with such and such a theme, title, color, and zany BookCrossers rush to join in. There's an entire forum dedicated to it for those who want to add that particular spice to their BookCrossing life. One current challenge is the Oh, The Places We Can Go Release Challenge, hosted by Secretariat: find books with well-known places in their titles and release them during the month of March....

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

The first time one of mine has been geocached...
and I'll be interested to see what happens to it now.
by solittletime

The Catcher recognised the people in this book - for real!
This is a fantastic journal entry- made even more special that it is from my Dad!!

This book was in a box of books I was sending to my Neice Sandyundead for wild releasing- and my Dad's eagle eyes spotted it. He doesn't often make journal entries so I am honoured. He is going to send it to an ex colleague who now lives in Norway who has silimar experiences.

Tales from the South China Seas: Images of the British in South East Asia in the Twentieth Century
by Charles Allen, Michael Mason category Biographies & Memoirs

BCID: 3646028 new journal entry | make release notes

status (set by sandysgrandy): traveling

2 journalers for this copy...


Found the book in Durham and opened it at a page about the Selangor Club in Kuala Lumpur which I had visited in the 1950s and 1960s. The book took me back to those days, even mentioning someone who had been a passenger on the ship on which I was serving as a cadet/midshipman, and into the homes of rubber planters, similar to those I had visited. A wonderful book of reminiscences. I also share the satisfaction of having trained young Malay, Indian and Chinese Malaysians who now successfully run the countries amd commerce of Malaysia and Singapore, all of whom welcome us as friends.
by weebly

Shows up almost three years later...
Eyes of the Dragon

This is my longest release to catch ever!!!
by cestmoi

"it quite made my day "
I loved this journal entry so much I just had to share it!
by Rivercassini

2 years and 3 months later this book was finally journaled!

Funny enough that this book was only journaled when packing for moving.
by Katti

Good catch and journal entry for Freesia...
by kiptrix

'I dodged his punch and bolted out the door' -- great catch for pigsooie
Did you see this hilarious JE for Harry Potter?
by Antof9

Two years minus one week later....
I thought this one was a goner! What a surprise to find the journal entry in my email this morning.

by abs

Making up for lost time.
One of my stagnent books, from the OBCZ> to the Bus Exchange > two US States, in two months.
by gaboyd

"Book last seen working on it's tan. . ."
First tramping, now relaxing.
by carnelian-rune

A wild release story, a catch, a new member, & an amazing coincidence!
X-Post-- originally in Announcements

Many months ago, LadyGothic, a prominent Canadian BookCrosser, introduced me to the HouseMouse Children's Books. I bought the collection and released them one by one on a recent trip to San Antonio, home of previous Fort Worth Convention organizer First-Noel and avid BookCrosser Choclaholic, among others.

One of them was caught and journaled by new member trixielowrise.

Now it gets really amazing! trixielowrise lives in Toronto, home of the pending North American BXCon!

I PM'd her and invited her to meet us at the convention, of course!
by whimzykat

Warmest Fuzziest wild catch ever...

I never thought an old battered hardback copy of "Plato for Pleasure" would be popular at a London train station, but how wrong could I have been? This is my 3rd catch from a wild (non-OBCZ) release in 2 days, and only my fourth or fifth in 3 years- but it won't get any better than this!

by Rillaith

Good Catch & New Member!
Pleased with this one!
by Anne-Elliott

Two books, two years, one new member!
This may be my coolest catch yet. I released two books together in June of 2004. I saw them being picke up by a couple of young men but never heard anything more. They were journalled this weekend- still together! And the journal entry (the same on both books) is pretty neat. See for yourself- -

The third and final book I released that day was caught and journalled immediately:

I'm doin' the happy dance on this pair of catches! Remember it took almost 21 months- don't lose hope!
by WarEagle78

Unwanted book finds perfect reader!
Journal entry 4 by xxxx(0/0) from Griffith, Australian Capital Territory Australia on Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Just had to post this catch.

This was a 'self-help' kind of book that I was given (as part of a box of books- I didn't take it personally!), and had no use for at all. Turns out it was just the thing for someone else:

Thank You to Jensel who left this book to be caught by me, I was waiting for my naturopath and I am sufferring deeply with the issues arising in this book and can't believe I found it.
I hope it settles some very deep wounds I have had since childhood. I read the first few pages and started crying as the problems experienced by these people are exactly what I have been going through my entire life. I will keep you updated on my progress.
Thank You once again.

by Jensel

SSM 34

SSM 34 You Ought To Be In Pictures -- March 26

We know everyone expected the obvious for a March SSM — St. Patrick's Day, Start of Spring, 120th anniversary of the invention of Coca Cola (March 29), but we decided to think outside the box. Instead, we invite you to participate in SSM 34 You Ought To Be In Pictures by releasing a book related to the motion picture industry on March 26, the anniversary of the day that the Eastman Dry Plate and Chemical Company manufactured the first motion picture film. Pick a book that has been made into a movie, or that was written from a movie, one that centers on Hollywood, Bollywood, Indie films, actors, producers, directors — the possibilities are endless. Where to release it? Well, the obvious place is near or at a local movie house, but the choice is yours. Wings for the idea are granted to eireannaigh, who sent us a link to a website that helped us come up with this idea. If you need a hint to help you know what to do for the SSM, click here. And be sure to pop on over to the SSM Forum to post what you release and your results. The link to SSM 34 is here.

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