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January 09, 2006
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Convention Updates

Point your browser over to the Conventions and Meetings Forum to find the latest in convention news. The North American convention in Toronto has launched a new website that has loads of information for all. The Toronto thread is here. If UK is your preference, check this thread. And for New Zealand, coming up in February, click here. We expect Australia and Europe to chime in soon. We will be updating our Convention Info page shortly as well.

A BookCrosser's New Year's Resolution

Heck with losing weight and getting fit! What BookCrossers everywhere have resolved is to release more books! To help you find even better ways to release your books this 2006, we thought we'd highlight some of the fabulous challenges gearing up or ongoing in our Release Challenge Forum. Danesnboxers is hosting year two of the very popular Never Judge a Book by its Cover challenge. Each Saturday a book cover is posted as the theme for the coming week. The object is to find books with the themed cover for the week and wild release them. Or perhaps you'd like to join the A-Z last name release challenge 2006 hosted by RainDrop162004 or the 52 Towns in 52 Weeks challenge hosted by pam99. There are tons more fabulous challenges in the forum. Check it out!!!

Fly with a Flock of Friends

It's a new year and a great time to refresh your wings. We have many options. There are Wings For a Year, and wings for a month with any BookCrossing Supply Store purchase or donation. And now we have two new options as well — two ways to take flight with a flock of your friends. Why not Wings for 12: a month of wings for a total of twelve BookCrossers, or Wings for a Year plus 6: get wings for a year for yourself and a month of wings for six of your friends. Please, please, please include ALL screen names you wish to have "winged" in the "Comments" section of your order. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee you will receive them. Thank you!

And while you're over at the Supply Store, why not fill your shopping basket with some of our exclusive release supplies for all your BookCrossing needs?

Mail Call

Just a quick reminder that postage rates are rising this month in several countries, including Canada and the US. Make sure to double check that your notes and packages to BookCrossing friends have the proper amount in postage before mailing.

Top 100 of 2005

If you read the article by dolphingirlie on the best read of 2005, then you should be fired up for the latest project on the busy calendar of BookCrosser WhiteRaven13. You may recall that in 2004, WhiteRaven13 partnered with grover3d to mastermind a BookCrossing Top 100 Favorite Books list of the year. WhiteRaven is carrying on the tradition, starting her engines for the work for a 2005 list. Read about the project and volunteer your help here and cast your votes for the top 100 here. If you know of a BookCrossing group (i.e., Yahoo or Google, or one of the forums in various countries) and can post or translate the information there, let folks know you've done so by posting here.

On The Radio And In The News

Scads of National Public Radio listeners learned about BookCrossing on the December 19 edition of Market Place. Many BookCrossers, caught in daily commute, got to hear Heather on the popular NPR program. An audio link is here.

"Bills, books make online community" in an online article of the Annapolis paper The Capital which features BookCrossers JadaAn and Nicoleetal along with a Where's George fan or two.


How my Daughter Became a Wild Book Spotter
by ResQgeek

Getting a journal entry for a book you've released in the wild is exciting. Where is your book now, who has it and what are they going to do with it? Sometimes the journal entry is detailed, and provides lots of information about the adventures of your wild book. Other times it's cryptic and you're left wondering how your book traveled to its new home and what happened to it along the way. Wouldn't it be nice to know what your books are doing between journal entries?...

[read it all at]

Books travelling from hand-to-hand across Finland
by Hanna (mirz)

We active BookCrossers in Finland use each other quite often and sometimes even tease each other with heavy burden. You see, we have a "BookCrossing courier service"....

[read it all at]

Forum Participants Weigh In
by dolphingirlie

On December 22, I put the first post up in the forums. The idea was simple. BookCrossers could vote for their favourite read of 2005, either via e-mail or by sending a Private Message. Soon the votes were piling in. I was really pleased to see that BookCrossers were voting for books from all across the board of genres: choices ranged from Les Misèrables by Victor Hugo to The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith, from Bleak House by Charles Dickens to The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. ...

[read it all at]



"Rankism Rankles." "I would have fought Rankism, but my boss wouldn't let me." "The fact that you make more doesn't mean you're worth more."...

[read it all at]

How we Made an International Meetup
by lizzyblack (lizzyblack)

Imagine a night out with some BookCrossers. Pretend it is a Christmas Meetup. You just know it will be a lovely night. But wait -- there’s something more. Come along and see....

[read it all at]


by mmjrules

On December 24, BookCrossers from Athens decided to sing carols…but the Bally-Carols rather than traditional Christmas carols!


[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

book caught 39 months later and a new member too
by meganh

Catch and New Member!

They were so excited that they had to come home and journal it!

by YokoSpungeon

A wonderful catch for someone with no library in town.
by TracyShannon

First catch from my book tree
A group of us decorated a tree on 23rd December and it was great fun.To start my new year on a positive note I got my first catch from the tree.
by lytteltonwitch

Recognised the author, liked the Bookcrossing idea and wanted to participate
Go, you good thing. This AF sounds like she's steps away from becoming 'one of us' lol
by inkognitoh

Three countries in four months!
But how did the book get from the Fargo Aquarium to Winnipeg- swim?? I'm even intrigued to learn how a British BCer visits Fargo..that's quite a hike!

from london to the gambia
it took well over a year, but what result! hopefully the one time bookcrosser who released it may be encouraged to take part again?
by nrrdgrrl

Another themed released at the grocery store gets journalled.
I left "Shine On, Bright & Dangerous Object" by Laurie Colwin at the grocery store last night with the knives, shredders, and slicers. A new member has journalled it today.

It was not too long ago that "A Little Chicken Soup For the Soul" was anonymously journalled after I left it with the canned chicken soup in a different grocery store.
by guinaveve

Book travels from Texas to Arizona, the long way round
by MaryZee

A Camp Victory catch in the combat zone by a 'jarhead'--

Great journal entry!
by kiptrix

They may be doing it as AF but the book seems to be traveling ...
I was just grinning from ear to ear as I read the newest installment for this book. I am so thrilled that the book is getting to travel (and is getting journal entries along the way).
by crrcookie

Serendipity striles again!
Isn't it incredible how many times a released book ends up with just the right person?
by bluenoser

Look how quickly this book is getting around.
by bluenoser

Book goes missing for 18 months and ends up in a coalmine!
I love this one- its been found by an AF and then re-released, somehow ending up in a coalmine.

I think this proves that books get re-released a lot but not always journalled.
by felicia-fairy

My first Taxi Catch!
Ok, since I turned my cab into an OBCZ, I'd had other catches, but this is my first one to be journelled!

I'll have to watch the lost and found for the book, if he does indeed return it. I'm almost certain the other taxi drivers won't know what else to do with a traveling book.

For more details, see this thread:
by Greyflank

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