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December 2, 2005
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Special Holiday Offer for People Who Want to Feel Smart

Doubly good news for Bookcrossing fans! First, visit the mental_floss home page at where you can learn about the quirky new magazine that's winning rave reviews. While you're there, check out the store, where you'll be eligible for a 15% discount on any purchase you make between now and Monday December 5, (at checkout, just use the coupon code: BOOKCROSSING). And here's a bonus: If you sign up for the mental_floss e-mail newsletter between now and December 5, your name will be entered in a special holiday drawing for one of 25 great prizes: five copies of mental_floss's latest HarperCollins book, Forbidden Knowledge — five copies of mental_floss: The Trivia Game — five copies of the new Collins Gem book, Instant Knowledge — and ten of the truly hilarious (and exclusive!) T-shirts. Lucky winners will be notified via e-mail the week of Dec. 5. Good luck!

Send a Token of Your Love, Book Aid International Style

Our friends at Book Aid International are at it again, with a marvelous way to get books into the hands of those without them. A book token is a wonderful gift, but this is a book token with a difference. You can give the gift of a token ‑ but people in the developing world receive the books! All it takes is a donation to BAI to send books to the developing world in honour of the person of your choice. Click here for details.

Sneak Preview of New Label With Your Holiday Order at the Store!

Don't forget to stop by the BookCrossing Supply Store for wonderful holiday gifts for the booklovers on your list. Tee shirts, release supplies, bookstrings and fun things, caps, backpacks and totes — just right for holiday giving. And if you aren't sure what would be the perfect gift, try a gift certificate or Wings for a year. One size fits all! Now through December 15, get a sneak preview pack of our not-yet-released new label! Yours free with a purchase of merchandise totalling over $100, or for a purchase of Wings for a Year plus $75 dollars worth of store merchandise.

Creativity Corner: A BookCrossing Advent Calendar

Clever BookCrossers are coming up with ways to mark the time until they can celebrate Christmas: BookCrossing Advent Calendars. This is the second year that dotdot of Helsinki, Finland, will be doing a BookCrossing Advent Calendar (click here to follow her progress.) KatColorado in Zürich, Switzerland has her 24 books picked out for release. Her calendar is here. Nice-cup-of-tea, also of Zürich, has an Advent 2005 Release Challenge going, too! One tree, 24 books, how many catches will she get? Even if Christmas is not the holiday you celebrate, it will be fun to see what books are revealed and released as the days of December tick by. Calenders from previous years, brought to you by the very talented German BookCrossers, can be found here. Ornament made by dotdot as part of the BookCrossing Ornament Exchange 2005. BookCrossing Charms available in the Supply Store.

BookCrossing and 364 Other Ways to Change the World

On December 5, which is also International Volunteer Day, a new book will hit the shelves, 365 Ways To Change the World, by British author Michael Norton, proposing some easy, fun, and unique ways to start a movement for change. The December 11 entry involves leaving the book in public places to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise — anyone ever heard of that?! For more information on the book, click here to read an article on Norton and his book in the UK Guardian, which includes information on how to obtain the book, or you can click through to one of our bookseller partners from our site, and support BookCrossing as you go! (ISBN 0954930916; Available via the International/UK branches at this time.)

In The News

We did hear BookCrossing mentioned in the non-print media a bit recently, especially on BBC Radio Coventry, Guernsey and of course, ever faithful Shropshire. Our own JimOnTheRadio, who has the distinction of being the most talked about DJ on BookCrossing, has faithfully continued with BookCrossing Updates on BBC Shropshire. That wild sound of applause you heard from the forum was for the hundreds of British pounds raised for the big UK fundraising day for Children in Need. Listeners, including many online BookCrossers, pledged cold hard cash for the numbers of books (65!) released by BookCrossers Mrs-FB and MrF-B and the total number of steps recorded by pedometer (Almost 15,000!) that the two took whilst releasing.

Denver's CBS4 is talking the talk now, too. With all the books wild released there, it was just a matter of time! Be sure to click the video link on the right of the screen to see the clip!


"My name is Miriam, and I'm turning into a BookCrossing addict..."
by miriam2

In the past few months, I've developed a new obsession, and unlike endless games of Civilization or New York Times crossword puzzles, this one isn't just fun, but can actually benefi

[read it all at]

Help for Hurricane Victims: Reading for Relief Project
by picky88 and goldlis (picky88)

Last month we told you about our Girl Scout Service Project to help get books to hurricane survivors. Since then, donation numbers have exceeded 4500! Our Gold Award project, "Reading for Relief," has shaped up to be an overwhelming success. With the help of the Internet, a San Antonio Express News article, a KENS 5 news blurb, and the newsletter, over 4600 books have arrived from nineteen states and two foreign countries (Canada and the United Kingdom), even the United States Department of the Interior sent us books!!...

[read it all at]


by FutureCat

What do you do with 75 Reader's Digest Condensed Books? If you're a BookCrosser, then the answer is easy: "Release them!" But if you're lytteltonwitch, you come up with something a lot more creative......

[read it all at]

Garden Festival release grows to Miracle-Grow® proportions
by Holly (kz4ufo)

Several months ago I planted a seed to BookCrossers about my plans to have a BookCrossing booth at the annual Garden Festival at Heathcote Botanical Gardens in Fort Pierce, Florida. Well, that seed grew from a goal of three hundred books to an orchard of eight hundred books. And thus, the Garden of Readin’ booth was born....

[read it all at]

GERMAN SUPPORT SITE A WINNER! wins DBS Award for "The Better Page"
by Wyando (BCNewsletter)

There was excitement in the forum as the on-air race began for the finals in the DBS "The Better Page" award. The German BookCrossing support site, has been in the competition, surviving several elimination rounds in a contest held by German-speaking Internet Radio

[read it all at]

The Ideal Gift for Booklovers this Christmas!
by BookAidInternational (BCNewsletter)

Book Aid International is at it again, with a marvelous way to get books into the hands of those without them. A book token is a wonderful gift, but this is a book token with a difference. You can give the gift of a token ‑ but people in the developing world receive the books! Just five easy steps!...

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

I love this guy, and I've never met him....

Never mind the hundreds and hundreds of books I never hear from again- - every once in awhile one of these comes along!
by kestralwing

Survivor finds book !
by MaryZee

I'm happy with this wild release and catch, from SC to MD to MA....

You never know when you'll hear from a book just out of the blue.
by kiptrix

Serendipitous catch?
I mentioned Bookcrossing to a friend, oh, ages ago, who was mildly interested but not, say, excited by the concept... Then I get an email from a now very excited friend- he'd found a BookCrossing book! In the wild! *Sigh* So jealous- I've been a member for 3 years and not a single un-hunted-for wild find...

Read all about it here:

by Koalabare

My book found some displaced Katrina folks

by dancing-dog

Helps with a romantic date
I loved the entry on this book,bookcrossing is now a matchmaking site
by lytteltonwitch

"A very lonely book sitting on a park bench" is picked up by a bike rider
by yvensong

My first catch!
I released my fourth book this afternoon, and someone journaled it right away! And they joined, too! I was so excited when I looked at my profile and saw that I had a catch, that I nearly jumped out of my chair.

by scriptophobia

Released any books yet?
So have you released any books yet?

Hope so,
by wackthedrums100

Words and music, what a great catch

This caught my attention on the side panel as it was a book I'd really enjoyed a while back. Nice catch for book and music lovers alike!
by inkognitoh

Wonder how this one got from SF to NY ...?
by countedx58

I just love that when it happens! And am extremely jealous of it too!
I was looking at this book for a good many minutes in the Recently Released books and now I spotted it at the Recently Caught! And it's not been given to a friend or relative! It's beeen actually caught in the wild by a person who joined! Isn't it lovely? And just plain outrageously lucky at the same time? :o)
by apapsa

From UK to China!
Really pleased with this one! Lucky book!
by Anne-Elliott

Once again, the right person found this book...
by kiptrix

You REALLY never know where your books will end up....
by LoveTeaAndBooks

SSM 30

SSM 30 December 4, 2005: Celebrating Children

If you missed SSM 30 on November 27; don't feel badly — we did too! Our hardworking team got the information on the site in time, but it missed our last Newsletter. Because we think it was a great idea, sent in by great BookCrossers, we voted for a repeat of the event this coming Sunday December 4. (Don't worry, we're still planning an end-of-the-year SSM!)

To refresh your memory, as holidays approach, SSM30 celebrates one of the greatest gifts of all — children. So grab a book geared to or about children that celebrates what is special to you. Maybe it's a childhood favorite or a new classic like The Polar Express. If it's holiday-themed, so much the better. Leave your book where you think a child is likely to find it, or perhaps a place where an adult will find it and read it with a child. Maybe a public playground or a park. (And if you should want to release on Saturday so that there's more chance that a child will find it, it's OK by us!) This idea was sent in by eireannaigh, who received wings for the month. Similar ideas were also submitted by abismithy, katiesmama, dolphingirlie and turbobarge, who also received wings for their contributions. If you need a hint to help you know what to do for the SSM, click here.

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