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November 08, 2005
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Things We Are Thankful For

BallyPilgrimBookCrossing members in the U.S. will soon be celebrating Thanksgiving, and the BookCrossing Support Team figures that's as good a time as any to express a bit of thankfulness.

Here at BookCrossing we are quite overwhelmed by and thankful for the wonderful support and feedback we receive from members. Every piece of incoming mail is read, we promise. We are thankful that your ongoing support through the BookCrossing Supply Store has kept the site going. We've lots of new ideas to upgrade and improve the site. Every purchase at the store brings us that much closer to making those ideas a reality. When you click through to our partners to buy books and magazines, that helps too. As we move into the holiday season, please consider doing a spot of your shopping with us. We'd be most thankful, and so will the recipient of your good will.

Mary Whyte, BookCrossing Artist, to be featured in American Artist

One of the first artists to be featured on a BookCrossing Book Plate was Mary Whyte, an artist now living in the Charleston, South Carolina area. The December 2005 issue of American Artist features an article on this talented artist which includes a picture of "New Book" which was on our label. Mary's fabulous children's book, Alfreda's World was just released in paperback. She has illustrated and authored numerous other books, so next time you are at your local bookseller, be sure to check out this talented friend of BookCrossing. Her work is on display at Coleman Fine Art in Charlesotn. You can visit the gallery while at the 2007 BookCrossing Convention in Charleston!

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like That Time of Year

Whether we are in the northern hemisphere or the southern, one, there's no doubt that the holiday season is quickly approaching. But don't fret! You can still get gobs of cards and greetings from lovely BookCrossers worldwide. It's easy! Click on over to the forum and participate in the annual International Holiday Greeting Card Exchange. New names are being taken until November 18, so you've still got time to join. A big tip of the mistletoe and holly to anderal and LadyGothic for organizing this wonderful exchange.

If you're looking for some other holiday delights, TexasWren has once again gone above and beyond, and created a page for sharing the lovely holiday ornaments that BookCrossers participating in the annual ornament exchange are in the process of receiving.

Somebodies and Nobodies Goes International

On November 7, 10 m-bags containing nearly 750 copies of Somebodies and Nobodies headed overseas to Australia, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Sweden Switzerland and UK. Big thank yous to Katti, Moem, Diamondlucy, boreal, felicia-fairy, yogie, sillesoeren, running-gal, mfa, Potat1556 and Netstation who volunteered to receive and help distribute these books upon arrival. You've got wings on us for a bit!

If you missed the original offer to receive an m-bag, and no one from your country has volunteered to receive an m-bag and you are willing to receive/distribute approximately 75 copies of the book that come in an m-bag, use the "contact us" link (choose the 4th option of "This is just FYI- no need to reply to me") to send your name and mailing address to us. We will put you on a waiting list should more books become available. And, thanks to all who responded to our repeat offer for a free copy. Don't forget to pop into the forum and let your voice be heard about this book.

In The News

First off, we have this piece up online at Distrito23. BookCrossing as Never Neverland? Ron as Peter Pan? We literally like it!

In the "Better Late Than Never" category, we now have a link to a bit of the Webby presentations. Click here for a Fox news clip, and here for a picture of Ron and host Rob Corddry of The Daily Show on the big night. And Heather is seen giving an acceptance speech here. Remember, the speeches were limited to five words only.

(For links to some of our favorite recent articles and links to some of the BBC BookCrossing Broadcasts, click here)


What stories are your books telling you?
by ResQgeek

Even a casual visit to the Forum should be enough to reveal that many of us share a great curiosity about the adventures of our books once they leave our hands. You see it when a journal entry is made for a book that was released into the wild months or even years earlier, often far from its current location. We wonder how the book traveled from the release location to its current environs, how many people read it along the way and what other places it visited en route. But have you ever wondered what happened to your book before it came to you, before it became a BookCrossing book?...

[read it all at]

Meeting BookCrossers in Brazil, Canada and Turkey merci!
by Penelopita

I would like to tell you about one of my favorite activities (after Reading and Releasing, of course!): travelling and meeting BookCrossers around the world! Before visiting a new country, I search the BookCrossers there, send a PM to the most "active" ones and sometimes this leads to a real-life meeting !...

[read it all at]

My first 5 wild releases, a foray into BookCrossing
by Brock Henry (Entropical)

I have heaps of books, most of which I'm never going to read again, yet I keep them. Each time I move, I curse them, and I can remember cursing the exact same books last time I moved. What's worse is every time I move I have more books, more to curse....

[read it all at]

BookCrossing DOES make the world a better place!
by Ikkes

Last Friday, I handed a book to a stranger on the central train station in Amsterdam. Of course, I asked the stranger first if he wanted a book!...

[read it all at]

An English Expat BookCrossing in Austria
by Amberkatze (Amberkatze)

Let me tell you a little about myself before writing my story. I am Welsh, female and I love reading. I never liked reading when I was younger, but when I decided to make a radical change in my life, I found books a comfort. The radical change in my life was moving to Austria -- Vienna to be more precise. I have been living in Vienna now for 6 years. I go home to the UK at least once a year (and come back with a suitcase full of books) but I love this city and want to stay here forever. Anyway, enough about me! Back to the important thing! my BookCrossing story!...

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

Nuneaton -> Brussels -> London - Double Jumper
Thanks to Mastulela for wild releasing one of my books in Nuneaton- and leading it to be caught twice and going on a journey around Europe!
by weebly

"My Golden Retriever 'caught' this book"

This is probably one of my favourites that I've received so far. I love that they'd never been to the park before and end up finding a book.
by LazyDaisy0413

Third new member from this book
If you've ever wondered if it is worth releasing Readers Digest Condensed Books, here's the answer..
by k-j-h

Wildcatch in Spain....
with newbie from Kansas!:-))

I left the book in Santiago de Compostela in a hostel....I'm back home, but the journey of the book is not yet finished!:-)))
by Sunneschii

Hi -Jacked book

Book left in playground has been hi-jacked and taken from New Zealand to the Netherlands
by lytteltonwitch

Just love the enthusiasm of a new member!
I always love it when a wild release brings in a new member. This new member made my morning when I read the journal entry. I am thrilled that Winnie-the-Pooh has a good new home.

by kbgoffe

Proving, yet again, BC increases book sales
This person found The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency, loved the book and went out and bought all the other books in the series.
by swan-scot

"Hooray for Bookcrossing" -Book caught after 3 years and 2 months!!

And found by a bookcrosser on the other side of "the pond"!
by boreal

x.p: Woo Hoo!! Wild Release *Caught*, Taken Home & Journalled within 45 min ...
of Wild Release!!

x:p to Site Watch as recommended from Book Talk Forum:

by ladiibbug

New member goes hunting...
.... and I get two catches!!
by Jare

Re: Wild catch - woo hoo!
Well done again, I know that you have good success in encouraging people to join!!!
by Purple-lilly

Re: It's now been found!
That's great!

by Anne-Elliott

Great Releases!
I really enjoyed looking at all the pictures! hope you get some good catches, you deserve them for all that thoughtfulness!
by shaunesay

Book caught by a very enthusiastic anonymous finder
I posted this catch over in the release challenges forum a while back (book was released as part of the Sept. "you're such an animal" release challenge) but I thought it might be appreciated over here, too.

An extract from the journal entry: "This is very exciting to me.... a library of the universe! Magnificant!!!"

Although I love Stephen Jay Gould so many people are just not into non-fiction books of any kind. I'm so happy that leaving the book on the NY Times rack did the trick and the book found an appreciative reader! :-)
by ahimsa

Tripped up by a serial killer

by annulla

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