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October 26, 2005
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And They're Off! NaNoWriMo 2005

We wish a hearty "Good Luck" and "Write On" to all the BookCrossers participating in this year's NaNoWriMo. Beteljooz has started a message board over at YahooGroups for BookCrossing participants in NaNoWriMo. Come share writing tips, vent, seek encouragement/vibes, share a snippet of your brilliant writing, update your latest word count or just take a break from the race to November 30 and 50,000 words. The group name is "Ballycumber's Mad Dashers" and can be found here. Even if you are not participating, stop on by and see what your fellow BXers are up to and how far along they are in their burgeoning novel.

For anyone not familiar with NaNoWriMo, it is the NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth competition, where you attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. For more info, check out

Dunedin Data: New Zealand Convention 2006

There is a great deal of discussion in the forum regarding the best flights and accommodations for the Dunedin, New Zealand Convention being held on February 17-19, 2006. A chapter of busy BookCrossers in that beautiful land are planning a smashing time. Be sure to check in the Conventions and Meetings forum for all kinds of good advice, including Skyring's wisdom on where best to book your seat in the plane to have the best views on approach. Also, check our Convention News page. Thus far the attendee list includes folks from Australia and the US in addition to the locals. If you can't make it there yourself, why not send along a little something to grace the goodie bags or be given as a prize for a convention event? Contact one of the organizers, rarsberry, boreal, or KiwiJan for details.

Bally comes in BIGGER sizes now!

Our Supply Store Manager tells us there has been a clamoring for larger size shirts in the Supply Store. So, to test the waters and see if there really is a call for the Bigger Bally, several of our wonderful BookCrossing Tees are now available in XXXL and XXXXL. (We've carried most of our styles in XL and XXL already.) If this is something you want, need, desire, must have, then be quick like a bunny, and order from the store! And remember, if you are of a more diminutive stature or frame, these 100% cotton shirts make great sleep shirts!

Depending how these roomier versions of our shirts fly off the shelves, the Store Manager will better be able to judge if there is indeed a call for these sizes. If they sit on the shelf, then we'll probably only have them available as special orders, but if they disappear, not only will the Store Manager be one happy camper, but so will you, as you'll be wearing your BookCrossing love for everyone to see. All purchases at the Store go to help keep BookCrossing a free site. We thank you for your continued support.

Creativity Corner

Hats off to some very clever folks over in the German Forum. If this picture didn't catch your attention, then perhaps the Member Article by Oedi02 will. Check it out!

In The News

Since our last issue, our BookCrossing Girl Scouts, picky88 and goldlis, who told us all about their "Reading for Relief" Project in a lovely BookCrossing Member Article, have gotten a mention in the San Antonio Express-News,, and KENS Channel 5. Good luck with the project!

There's an article that has appeared in several papers, focusing on Libro Libre (Free Book) a mostly Latin American version of BookCrossing "to liberate books and seduce minds." You can read more about it via this link to Chicago Tribune, the Arizona Daily Star or the Pennsylvania Times Leader. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. (Thanks to solittletime, who alerted us to the version of this story!)

Finally, this one was sent in by THEMIRAMIS with a link to a scan of the article. (For links to some of our favorite recent articles and links to some of the BBC BookCrossing Broadcasts, click here)



by Karen M. Adrian (needywriter)

For the past several days it has rained incessantly. While most days I take advantage of reading by the sound of rainfall, this time the rain has not subsided, continually tapping against my windows like an unwelcome neighbor, inviting howling wind to join him in his mockery. While most days I will welcome him with a book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, his frequent visits have now become a nuisance and a distraction....

[read it all at]

BookCrossing makes its mark at the first Akron Reading Festival
by TinkEsq

BookFest1On Saturday, September 24, 2005, the first annual Akron Reading Festival was held in downtown Akron, OH. It was a celebration of literacy featuring talks with authors, workshops, children's activities, and more. And it was a great opportunity for a group of BookCrossers, dubbed the Rubber City Book Posse, to get together for a mass release. ...

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...und hier ist das neueste:
by Oedi02

Letzte Woche hab ich endlich getan, was ich schon lange wollte: ich hab mein Auto in ein BC- Mobil verwandelt. Dr

[read it all at]

Making sure *every* suburb in our city gets books!
by AussieNisi

On 19 August this year I had a sudden brain wave (yes, it happens occasionally!). Canberra, Australia’s capital city, has many active BookCrossers, and many suburbs were popular for releases, especially around the main shopping and office areas. However, out of around 100 suburbs, 44 had never seen a BookCrossing wild release, a pitiable state of affairs — and a perfect Release Challenge!...

[read it all at]

A Medal Of Honor
by Carl Hershey (mrherce)

Bermuda is the location of my latest “BookCrossing Moment.” This fine collection of islands off the eastern coast of the United States, with its colorful, white roofed houses, seemed like the perfect place to release a few of my books. So, armed with a registered copy of Reversing Thrust, I headed down the gangplank of our cruise ship and marched about the town of St. George....

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

Catch! One day short of 3 years in the wild
by MrBones

One of my books is now travelling on the BBC GMR Bus:

The BBC GMR Bus has its own shelf: and it says:

Welcome to the BBC GMR Bus. The Big Yellow bus is often seen on the roads around Greater Manchester. We're slowly going to build up a supply of books and will act as a mobile Crossing Zone. SO tune in to BBC GMR to find out where the Bus will be this week.

by thebiblioholic

Nice journal for Jonathon Livingstone Seagull
by RockDg9

From a member to 2 new members to another member
I was delighted to hear about this books travels... all true wild releases! I'm stoked!!!!
by lmn60

What the perfect book for a wild release!!!
I just saw this on the recently released screen...
by bflybabe

Respect the Marmot! From France to NZ in a two months
by red-calla

From Winnipeg (in the centre) to the east coast and then to the west coast
of Canada:
This is what I love about BookCrossing. You never know where the books will end up.
by gypsysmom

"If you get your hands on it, read it!"
Only my second or 3rd wild catch, so I was very excited when firefaery first journalled it. Then came her second entry just the other day- and WOW it shows you just what Bookcrossing can do! Read both entries by firefaery
by rainwolfe

Persistence pays off
I have left lots of books in our cafeteria. This time I left the book in the area reserved for family members who have relatives in surgery. Caught, journalled and she joined!

edited to say thank you to Carrie for giving me a box full of books. She had a garage sale and she could not sell them.
by varykino

QUICK CATCH: ATM + The Giver=New Member
I had a really bad day yesterday, so I decided I would release a few books to cheer me up. It was pay day and I needed to go to the bank and I remembered that I had The Giver in my book releasing bag. The idea of leaving The Giver at an ATM made me chuckle, so I left it there.

Went home, registered the release, and less than 3 hours later, it was caught and journaled by a new member. She says, "We have read about Bookcrossing before and are excited to be involved."

by ofortuna0675

Book lost in mail gets journaled! Yay!
by TracyShannon

I never dreamed I would actually find a bookcrossing book in the wild
The other day I rescued two books from the salvation army's book shelves. Today I opened the book to see a bcid penciled in on the flyleaf, and a beautiful turtle woman bookplate half hidden under the dustjacket flap.

In my almost 3 years of bookcrossing this is the first book I have found in the wild.
by nimrodiel

Wildly delighted for ShuChan (here in Edinburgh) who
with only seven books registered has had a double jumper with TWO ~ not one but ~ TWO newly inspired joinee’s following in her blazing trail!

Woo hoo :-D

by rainbow3

Australia to Arizona, and found by the perfect person...
Mom the Quilter found this book in Australia, and brought it to visit her Quilting daughter in Arizona..the book has already been enjoyed by two receptive readers on opposite ends of the globe- where to next?

Instant gratification
Enthusiasm like this is *such* a blast:

(ETA: I've had good results from releases outside video stores.)
by Shard02

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