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October 05, 2005
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Forging ahead with FirstBooks

Our Reno is a busy man. He recently participated in a conference call with New York Times bestselling authors James Patterson and Scott Turow, brought together by Kyle Zimmer, of First Book. Much of the conversation focused on the book community's response to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and Book Relief, an industry-wide effort to distribute books to the victims of the Gulf Shore Hurricanes. Ever the advocate for literacy, literature and BookCrossing, Ron has worked out an arrangement for BookCrossers to participate in the project. As publishers and authors are donating books (nearly 5 million books are pledged to date!), the big need is not for actual books, but for financial assistance to get the books from warehouses to the people who need them. BookRelief has set up a special donation page just for BookCrossers. Every book "sponsored" by a BookCrosser using that page will be labeled with a pre-numbered BCID belonging to a BookRelief member account, so that all those books will be trackable at BookCrossing. The 50 cents (USD) sponsorship per book also covers the shipping from publisher to New Orleans (or wherever), into the hands of an underprivileged child.

Germany's Mirror Site Makes the Next Round in Contest

For those of you following the competition, The German Site for BookCrossing, hosted by Wyando has survived several elimination rounds in a contest held by German speaking Internet Radio Now, they'll be moving on to the semi finals, where 9 of the original 149 websites will go head-to-head. Details are not yet available, but will be posted in the forum as soon as they become known. For more information, click here.

Looking For Something To Do?

A recent prowl of the forums has revealed the multifaceted and fascinating world of BookCrossing. If World Space Week didn't catch your fancy, how 'bout one of these?

World Space Week Blasts off!

The keen-eared listener got a chance to hear a real live rocket scientist speak on World Space Week and BookCrossing last week! Our very own UrbanSpaceman was on BBC Shropshire's Weekly BookCrossing Update, speaking with Jim Hawkins (aka JimOnTheRadio) and Elaine Muir (aka Laneycakes). If you missed the piece, never fear! There are links available to listen to past broadcasts here. And if you're around mid-mornings on Fridays (BST), give a listen to the show! You can listen via the airwaves or via the Internet. World Space Week runs through October 10, so you still have time to join in and celebrate World Space Week with other BookCrossers!

In The News

The articles just keep rolling in. We've heard that BookCrossing is making news in these places and papers. With so many recent articles, interviews and happenings, we'll be providing a summary list for you, soon, to use as a resource until we can get the media page officially updated. In the meantime, for your reading pleasure, we present:

P.S. The BBC has caught BookCrossing fever and we're getting a mention on many stations. We'll be including links for the spots on our news summary list that is in the works.


Questions answered, and another chance to take the 'BookCrossing in Cultural Theory' Survey
by CrazyCatLady

Hello everyone! The kind folks at the BookCrossing Newsletter have given me the chance to extend a huge "thank you!" to everyone who has participated in my survey (for those who don't know what I'm talking about or who didn't get to take the survey the first time around, click here for last month's Newsletter article). I was overwhelmed by the response, and am so grateful for all the well-wishes I received. What an incredibly supportive community! It will be a while before I can sort through each and every response, but a brief review of the responses to the final, "is there anything else you want to tell me?" question indicated to me that lots of people had similar questions, so I thought I'd address some of them here. ...

[read it all at]

...over and over again!
by Dokie

I am travelling around the world and I hope to see more of it!...

[read it all at]

Some helpful (I hope) answers and suggestions about release notes and shortcut lists
by GoryDetails

The following are some often-asked questions about the release-note process on BookCrossing; I'm not claiming that my answers are the only ways to do things, but I have tried to explain how the site works and why some options are more helpful than others. [Much of the following has been posted in the Newbies or Release Techniques forums in the past; feel free to browse those forums if you have other questions.]

When do I make release notes and when do I just make a journal entry?...

[read it all at]

What the sudden onslaught of 2000 books to register and release can do to your life
by Unbalanced

I thought I'd just go and visit an auction last Saturday morning in Canberra. It was advertised in a hurry, and consequently the items for sale were not catalogued in time for a complete listing. However, one of the many items they mentioned was books....

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

KC RenFaire

It was a St. Louis convention t-shirt that attracted her attention.

We weren't the only active Crossers at the Faire, but I daresay 4libros released more copies of Peter Pan that day than anyone. Release pics to be added soon.
by Peregrin

'feel like part of something bigger in this world' -- great catch for duklyn

I loved the writing of this AF! I'll just quote this small part, but the whole entry is fun to read:

You get to feel like part of something bigger in this world and know that we are all connected in some way.

(and of course, it's another "you're such an animal" release challenge release)
by Antof9

A wedding catch
Unfortunately I didn't get to see this young lady when this one was released but she sure has given me a great picture.
by MadamMuck

Thanks for the book, and can I buy you a coffee?
Could this be the start of something?
by mojosmom

quinnsmom has a sense of humor! Check out her wildfire-themed release :)

Even in the midst of fires just blocks from her house, a dedicated bookcrosser is releasing, and doing themed ones at that!

Glad you're still safe, quinnsmom!
by Antof9

2 years to travel from Minnesota to Wisconsin via Med Center and garage sale

Just saw this AF catch on the sidebar- - TWO YEARS!

Perhaps this catch will encourage zigzag49 to become involved again?
by Antof9

A happy AF and the books is travelling again!
I liked this journal and the A-F's enthusiasm!
by felicia-fairy

Yea! My second catch from my Birthday release, and they think BC is cool!
"I think this program is just to cool,I think that it is very creative and will inspire young kids as myself to read more."
by TexasWren

I was so glad to see this one check in after 4 months!

I had really thought this book would catch someone's attention and inspire them to journal but a number of months went by and I didn't hear from it. Then, almost 4 months to the day after I released it, I get a notice that there was a new journal entry. My faith in this wild release process has been restored.
by gypsysmom

A nice catch for Weebly from the You're Such an Animal fun...

They have now joined "this club"; congratulations!
by kiptrix

Why do other people find all the good books?
Talk about a catch in the wild!!
by cathyinoz

Microwave-quick catch for caffcaff - clever themed release, and a new member...
I got a kick out of this one:
by GoryDetails

Is it my lucky day or what???
First this controlled release:

And now this wild release, which has kept me smiling all day! I had this book in the car to bring to our meetup on the 18th, but left it down at the Battery instead. After we left Rising High, and the rain started, bumma and I went to check on the books I'd wild released, so that none of them got soaked. All but one were gone. Now this one checked in! I'm really excited!

I knew the author was from Converse College, and almost had saved the book as one for the stack of "South Carolina Authors" that I have growing in preparation for the convention. Serendipity that I released it, I suppose...
by bookczuk

She gets to play too!!
Sometimes, even when you are pretty sure a catch is coming, the actual journal note makes you hug yourself with delight...

Welcome Jarbaby74!
by bookczuk

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