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September 15, 2005
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It's All About Helping

There seems to be a theme cropping up in much of the content of this week's Newsletter — how you can lend a helping hand.

BookCrossing has broadened the view for many of us — made more personal problems that are a world away. Please be sure to read the article by GlamKitty which gives some very real ways to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. There are also some very heartfelt threads in the forum which can point you in the direction of relief assistance, too, such as this thread begun by Abbynormal92243. Thanks to all who have posted suggestions and given links to help.

We would be remiss if we didn't also give you some links for information on Bowel Cancer Prevention, especially since we are getting ready to auction off our Alli At the Beach painting, and have featured Alli, and the recent trek her parents took several times lately. A Google search on Bowel Cancer Prevention will yield a great many results, but we will highlight Cancer Research UK as that is where Alli was from.

And finally, take a look at the offer from Mark Nichols — Founder of our partner, Telphonic — who has a way for you to help BookCrossing!

BookCrossing Goes Back To la Escuela

We were just over the moon when BookCrossing (the noun) made into the dictionary, but now it appears that the term is even more mainstream. Word came to us from the ever-alert RaquelC that BookCrossing has appeared in the Spanish Selectividad exam. She tells us that "Selectividad is an exam that all young people who want to be admited to University must pass. The exam consists of different exams (one for each subject), and this year, the teachers of English language have decided to talk about Bookcrossing! This is a funny thing and it shows BookCrossing is growing up very fast in Spain. We hope to grow up even more!"

Congratulations! May all your exams be passed and all your books be journaled!

BookCrossing In Cultural Theory: Take the Survey!

Thinking about going back to school? Here's an easy way to touch base with your inner student — help a Doctoral candidate and talk about BookCrossing all in one swoop.

BookCrossing member Lynne McNeill — a.k.a. CrazyCatLady — is a Doctoral student in Folklore Studies with Memorial University of Newfoundland. She is writing her dissertation on BookCrossing and other similar activities such as GeoCaching and LetterBoxing. As she notes, "BookCrossing is an excellent example of a whole class of contemporary activities that deal with the concepts of travel, space, and community in a global society."

You can help out and be a part of the research by taking the survey at More information about Lynne's doctoral dissertation project and contact information can also be found at the link. Your participation is voluntary and your information confidential.

Own A Piece of BookCrossing History

The original art for the 9th Edition BookCrossing Book Plate Alli On the Beach is up for auction on eBay at no reserve:

Alli on the Beach by Patrick Yesh

In this beautiful piece of art, the various subdued hues and intricate detail blend to create a portrait of a young woman reading at the shore, as the skies above reflect her love of life, adventurous travel, the African people and landscape. Painted by artist Patrick Yesh, two paintings were made for Alli's parents as a memorial to their daughter who died tragically young after suffering from bowel cancer. The first painting was lost in the mail between the US and England en route to Alli's parents. Yesh created a second version to replace the lost tribute. When the original turned up back at the artist's address, he donated it to BookCrossing to help support the site.

Alli's parents have just completed a walk through the UK to promote Bowel Cancer Awareness and Prevention. You can read about their experience here.

Listen Live or Listen Again--BBC Radio is Big on BookCrossing!

Following the runaway success of BBC Radio Shropshire's BookCrossing feature, there are now to be weekly updates on the Jim Hawkins (aka JimOnTheRadio) Mid Morning show. It will be live after 11:00 AM (BST) every Friday. Week by week, there'll be updates on numbers of members and their thoughts, caught and released books, interviews and some live wild releasing — courtesy of Laneycakes and the radio car. You can listen live via the web at or tune in if you're in the area on 96FM.

Lest you think that Shropshire is the only area of England to have caught the BookCrossing fever, we are pleased as punch to point out one of our favorite BookCrossers, SwanOfKennet, on BBC Radio Berkshire on Monday September 12. Details are in this thread in the Announcement Forum. Click here for the Radio Berkshire website.

In The News

It seems that Molyneux and Cosmogenist are busy spreading the word to the 2000+ Open University students in the Oxford Abingdon and Witney area. There was a recent mention in the OSUA Newsletter giving a bit of info on BookCrossing. Even more fun is that almost as soon as the OSHU Newsletter went out, new members began popping in to say hello! Come welcome spokespoet, the first of these new members, brave enough to post in the forum by clicking here.

The International Herald Tribune noted "The practice of sending a message in a bottle has gone out of fashion, lost to the decline in ocean travel and rise of surer methods of communicating. But the impulse to reach out to strangers has not disappeared." BookCrossing and a number of other Internet-based ways to reach out to others are mentioned in this lovely September 9 article, which also appeared in The New York Times.


Iniciativa faz parte do Ano Ibero-Americano da Leitura
by Nauthiz

Na América Latina, 2005 foi escolhido como o ano da leitura. Todos os governos envolvidos têm organizado eventos e realizado iniciativas para promover a leitura e aumentar o acesso aos livros. Bibliotecas foram inauguradas, campanhas de televisão foram ao ar, especialistas se reuniram em congressos para discutir novas ações... mas a lista de atividades comemorativas ainda inclui incentivar o BookCrossing. De acordo com o projeto Viva Leitura, o estado do Paraná irá libertar 1.000 até o final do ano. Se você mora no estado, ou vai viajar para lá, fique de olhos abertos. Quem sabe você não comemora o ano ibero-americano da leitura com um livro libertado pelo Viva Leitura? Leia mais em (em espanhol pdf)...

[read it all at]

When you Combine GeoCaching and BookCrossing
by Donna Scholz (DonGar)

Double your pleasure, double your fun! I started GeoCaching last December when my husband gave me a long-coveted GPS handheld device for Christmas. Right away I started using the Internet to look for hidden "treasures" within 10 miles of my home... rapidly finding a dozen hidden caches containing trinkets, coins, gadgets and gizmos... but no books! ...

[read it all at]

Books Disappearing in Seconds
by Kate63

My last two books were picked up within seconds. I put the first one down and walked away, but quickly turned around just to see if anyone would take it. It had disappeared, and I did not even see anyone nearby!...

[read it all at]

$25 Bookcrossing Gift Certificate with New Telphonic Membership
by Mark Nichols (marknichols)

Dear BookCrossers,
As you know, the future of BookCrossing depends on generous members like you who choose to support it in creative ways. As a token of our appreciation for your support, Telphonic is offering a special through the end of the year for all BookCrossers who sign up for long distance services with us-- a $25 BookCrossing Supply Store gift certificate (valid for 1 year) and wings on us for your first month of Telphonic service. ...

[read it all at]

Donate Your Books To Survivors Of Katrina
by Deanna Dahlsad (GlamKitty)

Books For Katrina Survivors As a publisher, naturally I believe in the power and importance of books and their ability not only to entertain, but to empower and heal as well. That's why we at Ephemera Bound, the publishers, editors, authors — all avid readers ourselves — wanted to do something to help the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, by means personally significant to us. We have teamed up with other booklovers across the world at to contribute to the relief efforts with, a book donation program for victims of this disaster....

[read it all at]


Want to write for BookCrossing? If your article is accepted, you could see it featured here in the next newsletter. What topics do we need? Anything about books, reading, or BookCrossing — tutorials, release and catch stories, well-traveled book stories, funny BookCrossing experience stories — you get the idea. Write it up, then submit it here:


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

Berlin Oboe player catches Japanese POW book written by S African released in Wales
I released 8 books on a long train journey across the UK in July. Just had my first catch registered by an Oboe player in the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Hoorah!
by mance

A BookCrossing Baby!
I got a journal entry for a book I didn't recognise. It turned out to be one I registered in my very first days of bookcrossing, back in February 2003, finally checking in from a free barrow outside a second-hand bookseller's shop!

It seems I neglected to make release notes at the time, so the story between then and now remains untold. But the delightful part is that the bookseller "gets" BookCrossing!
by Skyring What a wonderful idea!
Nice catch for ResQgeek- it may have even beaten him home!
by MaryZee

'I forced myself to read it and it was a real treat' -- great catch for jmcbeth!

I love this one! They hadn't read a book in 20 years (I think that's what s/he said) -- I love it!
by Antof9

"What a nice start to the day!" A happy commuter catches a great book...
...from WindsorLibUK's mass release:
by GoryDetails

A journal entry almost three years later. x-post
There's always hope when a book is left to be found.
by jmg49

"I was thrilled to learn that I was apart of it's journey"
I released 4 books yesterday. Of the 4, this was the last one I expected to show up so soon.

The AF has since registered as a new member.

by ofortuna0675

"it brought a smile to my heart"
Great catch for bernicewolseley:
by Cpetersky

My shoe fence release turns up in Singapore

It is a good place for catches too, almost every book I have left there has been journalled.
by boreal

This enthusiastic new member already has wings!

It is always nice to see a book turn up after a several month hiatus!
by Ri

I found this book floating along the river...
Wonder where KiwiKat released this book?

by sqdancer

Here's one to keep me going
This is a nice catch for a relative newbie. Made me feel good and glad I joined bookcrossing.
by Barbaras

Bem-vind@ ao BookCrossing, aneladam!!
Podes começar por visitar o site de apoio em português (cortesia da bookcrosser syrin!) para te familiarizares com os termos aqui utilizados!

Boas leituras e diverte-te!
Qualquer dúvida, é só perguntares aqui no forum, há sempre alguém pronto a ajudar! :)
by Elsita

"...random books turning up in random places and enticing random readers..."
This finder certainly 'gets' bookcrossing "I guess that is what BookCrossing is all about really- random books turning up in random places and enticing random readers who'd maybe never otherwise take a look.
by swan-scot

A Catch for Kiptrix! 12 months in the wild and the book checks in!
I went to do some OBCZ tidying up today and found this book on the shelf, along with about a dozen donations to our very small OBCZ shlef. The title caught my eye, as I am a participant in Secretariat's September "You're Such an Animal" Challenge, and I am only participating with books I have on hand-- budget is tight! It was a prenumbered label, so I couldn't tell until I got home who released it.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that it was Kiptrix, who had rescued the book from a library discards group, and released it **12** Months ago! She is also participating in the challenge this year, and taunts me daily with her release notes that are just out of my driving range in this time of gas conservation...

I, of course am delighted that I have another book to release, but am keeping my fingers crossed that Kiptrix gets credit for this catch in the challenge. She deserves it!

Woo Hoo!
by bookczuk

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