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September 8, 2005
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Bookcrosser sind auch kreativ

The creativity of BookCrossers is no surprise to us. What was a most joyful discovery, though, was the wealth of wonderful photos and playful puns that abound over at the Austrian BookCrossing site. We're not entirely sure who is the genius behind it all — but suspect a great many wonderful BookCrossers. Inspired by the wonderful photos, labels, banners, posters and other art work we found at the Austrian site, we took a virtual stroll around the other non-English mirror and support sites. Even if you are language-impaired, as a large part of the Newsletter team seems to be (gulp!) you still can appreciate the enormous talent that flows in this community. And between Spanish 101, Elementary German, French for Dummies and Alta Vista web-based translations, if you don't speak the local lingo, you still might be able to work out what is being said! Thanks all for the inspiration. Wish we could remember where we saw the alphabet soup photo saying "We love BookCrossing"!

Challenge Yourself

If you've been watching the side bar for recently released books, you might have noticed a huge number of animals heading out into the wild. Last September, Secretariat proposed a wildly popular (intentional pun — sorry) challenge to release books with animals in the title. She graciously agreed to host the Second Annual You're Such an Animal Challenge this September. To date there are 140 participants, but it's only too late to join the menagerie when the calendar flips to October. Denny08 and Chryso are helping Secretariat with the challenge; Denny08 is keeping track of the release numbers and Chryso has made a great chart to keep track of accomplishments. Several BookCrossers have designed labels (including the one pictured left, by DanesnBoxers) for the herd to use. So sit back, and watch the stampede go by!

Maybe you want to keep your animals, though. That's all right! Several other notable challenges are occurring in September and throughout the year. Cruise on over to the Release Challenge Forum and join in the fun for one or more! Below is just a sampling of some of the challenges currently taking place:

Helping After the Hurricane

Image hosted by Photobucket.comBookCrossers around the world are asking us for information on how to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Our best advice is to follow the advice of experts: contribute time or resources to a reputable charity focused on hurricane relief. At the moment, the focus is on providing financial resources to move people out of the devastated Gulf Coast and move food, fresh water, medicine and recovery help in. Around the world, many folks are holding fund-raising events to benefit the relief efforts and the hurricane victims. To find a reputable relief agency, try heading over to Put in "hurricane disaster relief" in the website's search engine. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) also has recommendations for where to donate cash including American Red Cross — (800) HELP NOW (432-7669)/English or (800) 257-7575/Spanish and your local United Way. Catholic Charities and other faith-affiliated organizations are accepting donations of cash and volunteer services. Habitat for Humanity is also involved in the recovery effort. (Please be careful about responding to email solicitations for charities and make sure you are sending your donations to a reputable organization and not some wicked-hearted soul posing as one. Unfortunately, there are a lot of email scams springing up already.)

And of course, once people are out of immediate danger and no longer short of life-saving interventions, we can send books. There are lots of BookCrossers organizing shipments to the area (visit the various forums for threads). A good rule of thumb is to to check with someone at the proposed destination first, whether it's a BookCrosser or an organization, and only send things if you get a definite response indicating that items would be welcome and can be received and distributed without detracting from rescue efforts. Until then, please keep the victims of this and all disasters, nature-made or man-made, in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

How Do You Say 'WOO HOO' in Finnish?

Congratulations to our friends in Finland on the new forum Foorumi suomalaisille bookcrossaajille here on BookCrossing! The number of Finnish BookCrossers grows daily, thanks to the wonderful members who already belong. Television, newspaper articles, word of mouth, books in the wild and Finland — what a great combination to spread the word of BookCrossing.

In The News

BookCrossing is groovy, baby! But don't just take our word for it! See what's posted at Thanks to JJDavis for letting us know about that one!

Polliejean recently wrote an article about BookCrossing (which unfortunately is not available in the online version) for the first issue of a new bilingual magazine, Pulse.

Last, but definitely not least, if you have a hankering to hear the dulcet tones of BookCrossing Co-founder Heather or the delightful voices of Netstation, laura0141 and a few other BookCrossers, be sure to check out BBC Shropshire where you can read all about a wonderful interview, and, if you have RealPlayer, hear it as well. Brilliant job, all!

P.S. Check it out! BBC Radio Shropshire has started an OBCZ! Leave a welcome at the forum here for BBC-Shropshire.


Not to mention the feet, feet, feet, feet ....................
by Whitestar for Allistar (Allistar)

Well, 56 books, 1057 miles and seven weeks later, we (that's Rob and She, Allistar's mum and dad) can truly say, "we done it!" And what an experience!...

[read it all at]

The Journey of One Book

When I first joined BookCrossing just a few short months ago, I never thought that any of my books would get much further than England, the country where I live....

[read it all at]

Mark endeavors to find out the colour of his kitchen table
by Mark O'Neill (camelot-de)

Six months ago, I had a serious space problem in my home. I had books everywhere – on shelves, on tables, the floor, you name it, there was a book there. Then one day, after I had tripped over a large pile of books, I began for the first time to look critically at my inventory....

[read it all at]

My vacation in a nutshell - a meet-up, a crazy hunt for OBCZs and NO LYME DISEASE thus far ...
by aliaskris29

Weeks before my solo trip to Boston, Massachusetts, I started to prepare. I posted my vacation date on the message boards to inquire about a meet-up with local BookCrossers. ...

[read it all at]


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Wild books released by our members are being caught all over the world, every day! Our site watch forum is where members post news of great wild book catches. Here are some of the best from the last few days...

I know the secret to getting a journal entry
Every time I have a bad day.. well a really bad week; I get a journal entry. A cosmic reward for not running away. One tech was on vacation and the other one called in sick for the week.

by varykino

This Newbie had a busy day yesterday!
A newbie found one of my books yesterday.

She joined (Arlene31) and journaled the book. She then registered one of her own and released it in the same spot she found mine. It was found and journaled….by me. [I couldn’t resist.]

Anyway, I’ve already been in contact with her via PMs; she’s really nice. She’s already printed labels and is scouring her bookshelf for more books to release. She’s also gone out hunting again.

by LazyDaisy0413

This is a cute catch; seems the boyfriend thought the book had cooties...
by GoryDetails

I got a catch!!
I released this book a couple of hours ago and it got picked up!!
by Gooberguts

Memoirs of a Geish - canada-usa-Nicaragua and a new member!!
I left this book in Boston last month while on vacation! and this is the second wild release catch out of 20 or so books!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH! i am on cloud nine!

you can read all
the entries at anytime.
by aliaskris29

A nice catch of Peter Rabbit in Leeds
by Secretariat

AF praises Bookcrossing but requests better books!

Well, he/she is right, this certainy wasn't my best book to leave. ;-)
by Greyflank

Nice catch by a soldier
This one just popped up.

Very nice to see a book find a welcome home.
by cmbohn

FREE Box pays off!
Several months ago my community had a yard sale going on. I placed a couple books at my friend's and neighbor's places in their "free boxes". It was a total of 4 books (one at each place as I didn't want one person to grab all the books). I had two entries right away, but never heard about the other two.

But tonight I got one more!

That was really neat- the person must be a seasonal resident! :)

I haven't been releasing as much (saving books for my mass fall release) so I haven't had many wild catches lately. So this "old" catch is a nice treat. And it shows that Free Boxes really do pay off! ;)

by kz4ufo

Northampton Green Festival Catches - check it out

This is a catch and a new member for caffcaff but I hear a rumour she's had two more! I'm only jealous 'a little bit' heh heh: )

Plus photos of the day.
by inkognitoh

Another catch from the chambered cairn
My fourth catch from the 7 I've left at a local chambered cairn over the past 3 years:
by swan-scot

jenptcfan gets 1st catch ever *and* a picture of the catcher...
by raycansella

Now, *this* is just too cool!
I released several books at various places on my grand cross country trek in mid-July. These two books were caught by the same person at two different places!
by avanta7

My Balzac went from Lausanne to Paris to Montreal!
I spent the whole week trying to find the right place to leave this! By chance, at the Rodin Museum, I saw a statue of Balzac and placed the book on an empty pedestal nearby.

cmyk-girl says she found bookcrossing to be contagious and released a book herself right away!
by silentmiaouw

when all you have is a book....
nice catch!
by pam99

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